When are you going to read about my theory that we can end global warming if everyone would end flying jet engine airplanes and rockets of all kinds! On my website solutionstoglobalwarming.com and on my Facebook page https://www.facebook.com/ron.mccune.3 I have conversations with Microsoft’s AI computer Bing and Google’s AI computer called BART and the AI computer called CHAT GPT and I get all of them to show how the heat exhaust from rockets of all kinds and jet engine airplanes has accelerated the heating of our atmosphere since they were first started to be used in the 1950’s when they were invented. If we were to eliminate that heat that their exhaust emits our atmosphere would cool down enough so that the ice and snow on Earth would not melt like it has been since the 1960’s when their exhaust heat started to amass in our atmosphere. We live in a bowl of air that surrounds our planet. The Sun alone can’t melt all the ice and snow that is being melted now without help from something on Earth that us humans are doing which is flying jet planes and rockets. Heat evaporates moisture and clouds need moisture in mass to produce enough clouds worldwide that are big enough to shield our atmosphere from the Sun’s hot rays that are daily heating up our planet. Clouds are the most important thing on Earth because they alone provide enough shade from the hot rays of the Sun as well as provide us with a constant supply of water and also are the only thing that cleans our atmosphere of many harmful pollutants. There are about 160,000 jet engine airplanes a day flying in our atmosphere. We are also flying many war rockets as well as flying space rockets somewhere on Earth almost every day it seems! The heat in our atmosphere has overpowered the colder air that comes into our atmosphere from outer space and the cold air that the world’s ice and snow emit into our atmosphere. We had no major global warming problems before the 1950’s yet we had the industrial revolution, worse pollution, WW1and WW2 and many other wars before 1950 and coal burning furnishes in almost every home and industry! Those happenings happened and the Earth didn’t get affected enough for the world’s ice and snow to drastically melt! Jet planes are gigantic vacuum machines in the sky that acts like a blender and blends all the molecules in our atmosphere which causes the Earth’s atmosphere to heat up more than it normally does before 1950. The heat from these jets and rockets accumulated enough by the 1970’s to show that our global atmosphere was becoming warmer. Since the 1970’s our Earth’s atmosphere gets hotter every year! We are now at the ending of our Ice Age that our Earth had for thousands to millions of years. I present theories about what will happen once the North and South Poles melt enough, which is happening now and will be melted enough in about 2-3 years, to have a major environmental problem. I explain that our cilivization worldwide will collapse as everyone worldwide will raid the grocery stores and empty them out of food because farmers will no longer be able to grow enough food to feed the planet’s populations. Our banking systems will collapse as everyone’s property values collapse. The ability to get food and water will be so difficult to get that the plutonic plague will engulf the Earth’s human race as millions die from lack of food and water. All of these things and more I discuss on my website and Facebook page. So read it and see what I have to say! Pass along my messages to the world if you agree. Ignore and regret it. the choice is yours!