Fraggin Joe Biden pushed for making fragging in the United States when he was Obama’s vice president. Fraggin Joe has been president for 3 years and has yet to stop fragging! Biden won’t end global warming by having everyone to stop flying jet engine airplanes and rockets of all kinds. In fact Fragging Joe has actually caused global warming to become worse since he has been vice president and president! It’s time the environmentalist to abandon Biden and find someone who will force us all to stop flying jet planes and go back to flying only propeller airplanes. That action alone would greatly reduce the amount of heat that us humans emit into the atmosphere which would then allow nature to create more clouds which would help shade the Earth from the hot rays of the Sun! Heat evaporate moisture and clouds need moisture to become big enough clouds to provide shade from the Sun and to provide water for all life on Earth and to clean out our atmosphere from the pollutants like methane, coal burning, cow farts, and other pollutants. I have written about how clouds are the most important thing on Earth and the so-called scientific community and everybody on Earth ignores my advice, so have a wonderful death of your planet and all of you soon as global warming will destroy all life on Earth!