Until the 1950’s our planet was lucky to have a cold blanket of air surrounding the whole atmosphere of our planet. That blanket of cold air was never real threaten by anything we humans ever did on Earth because us humans never went up into the sky’s and did anything like we do when we fly jet engine airplanes and rockets of all kinds. We also have to figure in the satellites we now use when talking about heat producing objects that us humans now want to use in our skies. The combination of these three-heat producing machines is adding a lot of hot air into our Earth’s environment. The jets are the worst of all because there are so many every day flying around our planet Earth. Go to flightradar24.com to see how many jet planes there are flying at that moment you are viewing flightradar24.com. Flightradar24.com only shows the passenger jet airplanes in flight and does not show any military flights anywhere in the world. Now when you see that flightradar24.com you will notice that jet airplanes flight patterns are such that they are mainly on certain flight pattern for whatever area of the Earth that those jet airplanes are going. This causes continuous amounts of heat waves from these jet plane’s engines being emitted into our skies at the area where clouds are formed are evaporating the moisture out of our atmosphere. When these jet engine airplanes continuously daily fly over our oceans and large water ways they are causing more damage than if they were flying over land. That is because over land there is trees to add moisture to our atmosphere but over the oceans and large water ways there is no trees so the Sun can have an easier time clearing our skies of clouds threw evaporation. The oceans need a lot of moisture in the skies above them as much as possible. As winds leave the lands of the Earth they need moisture and clouds to make the journey across our large oceans. If there aren’t large enough amounts of moisture in our atmosphere and we also have these thousands of jet engine airplanes flying around our planet and especially our oceans, then we will certainly have less clouds around our planet and especially above our oceans. I have been saying for decades now that the Earth has less clouds, especially above our oceans. But nobody listened. Well, you better now because your time for destroying your planet Earth has now reached the breaking point in many ways! Your time of not acting is no longer acceptable and we must initiate change now to end global warming immediately or all live on Earth will end. And sadly, us humans and our dogs will be the first to perish! I am not going to let that happen! Will you help me stop global warming by immediately, by the tens of thousands, start going to your nearest airport ASAP, as petitioners, and petition everyone you see to not fly jet airplanes ever again! Petition everyone to fly propeller airplanes and let’s stop global warming now!