Over time I have made many postings about what causes global warming. On this posting I would like to concentrate on what we should be doing to create a colder planet and atmosphere as well as present new ideas that would help everyone in many ways. The first suggestion I would loke to present is for us humans to start building gigantic water dams in our oceans that would provide power for everyone in the world! Think about it, we have lots of water in our oceans, but we don’t have any dams in our oceans? Why is that? We use our rivers to build dams that provide us with electrical power, but we don’t use our oceans to provide electrical power. It is about time that we build many dams in our oceans so to provide electrical power throughout the world. Build dams instead of pumping oil! To make these dams safe for fish we can make it so that the water has to go up a steep slope in order for that ocean water to reach the intake pipe for the dam water. Also, we can put screens, vents and other means to prevent fish or ocean life from getting into the dam mechanical operation. Also, we should be having water pipes and air vents put into water ways, rivers, lakes and oceans so to help create colder air and water for residents living near water ways. We could be making the air in our buildings a lot cooler if we were to have that air from the building to be vacuumed up into a large aluminum or other metal tube or even a plastic tube of some kind. Have the tube run underground from the building out into the water way. Once that water or air reaches the ocean or other water way it will automatically cool down a lot! We can have our buildings cooled down from the cool waters of the Earth! We could set up cool walls in every room of a dwelling. And on the outside of the building on the shaded side of the building we could set up outdoor cooling towers that would open at night and close during the warm part of the day. This way these cooling towers could be used to cool every part of the building all day. The cool water could also cool down the air before the air conditioning starts to cool the air thus saving the cost of air conditioning. Then we have to do something about the way the Sun beams down on every building because that hot Sun is warming up the building which is costing you money to power an air-conditioner so to cool down the dwelling. If you were to put a large decorative cloth covering about 3 yards away from the building on the sides of the dwelling that gets lots of Sun rays throughout the day you would succeed in lowering your electrical bill because your building will stay cooler if very little Sun rays are shining on it. The Sun is the only thing that can make something warmer than it is. Keep the Sun rays off of your building and your building will stay cooler. It’s that simple. Perhaps we could start building a second wall of some sort on the side of the dwelling that gets lots of the Sun’s rays all day long. Also, we have to start building pyramids of ice in the North and South Poles. We make ice for our drinks so let’s start remaking all the ice that has melted over the last 100 years! We should be building large pyramids of ice wherever we can in the North and South poles. We should make very large squares of ice and stack them high with spaces between the blocks of ice. This way the wind will travel through the pyramid of ice and get a lot colder as it travels through the spaces in between the blocks of ice. Also, we must assist the oceans in its quest to keep the oceans waters cold enough so to not create any more global warming. We have to send thousands of ships worldwide into the water ways of the North and South Poles and hook them all up with the capacity to make the oceans waters colder than what they are. We can have these ships create ice cubes and slush from the ocean’s waters. We can load up the oceans water with millions of ice cubes every day which should help keep that water in the North and South Poles colder than what it would be if we did nothing. We could put long hoses deep into the water ways that would transfer ice and slush deep into the water ways. But the easiest way to stop the melting of the Earth’s ice and snow is to create clouds which automatically would stop the Sun’s rays from melting and ice or snow anywhere! Clouds are our only hope for ending global warming! If we would all stop flying jet planes and rockets of all kinds, then and only then will we end global warming! Do what I say, or you will all die soon from global warming!