I am letting all of you know that my health is getting really bad and that it is a struggle for me to do anything. I am now in a 3-month flareup period of an ongoing case of chronic cellulitis that I have had for the last 40 years. The doctors have given me the strongest antibiotics that they have, and the treatment has left me very weak. Being that I am nearly 72 years old, disabled, in poor health, diabetic and I can barely walk it makes it very hard for me to do anything that requires physical energy. Also, I am homeless and living in my old rundown car, that has no air conditioning, and being that I also have second degree hypothermia, I am suffering big time. I tried to get local government help to help me get a place to live but they will not help after requesting help. I am on my own to live and die in the streets of California! That is where my life is right now. I do not have the energy to do anything! I am too sick from all of my illnesses to muster up the energy to lead or participate in any kind of physical activity. You folks are on your own to fight this plan of mine to end global warming. I have a struggle just walking a block. I have the energy level of a 92-year-old man and walk like a 92-year-old man. This lifestyle of living in my car has been killing me and eventually will. My health is bad. I need your help to get this plan of mine started that will surely end global warming. You folks are going to have to be the ones that will have to go to the airports across America, and the world, to teach the truths that I have written about on my website called solutionstoglobalwarming.com. I would like to have a mailer printed and mailed out to every household in the world explaining what it is that will be needed to end global warming. We have to convince the world to stop flying jet engine airplanes and rockets of all kinds. It’s that simple! We also have to get these airports closed that fly jet engine airplanes. This will require thousands of people to be petitioners at the airports so to create an environment that will educate people about jet planes and hopefully in some way get these jet plane flyers to not fly a jet plane because of some reason or another. So it is up to all of you to get down to these airports as petitioners and party 24/7/365 days a year until 3everybody starts flying propeller airplanes again! That is the goal folks, so let’s do it! Just get about 20-500 of your family, friends or others and go to a certain airplane terminal like United or TWA. Pick a flight carrier and constantly, 24/7, start trying to get people to sign a petition to not fly jet planes anymore. Give them an eight and a half by eleven sheet of paper that has a copy of one of my many postings about global warming. Give them something to read about that explains what I say about global warming. Teaching jet plane passengers the truth about the harms of jet planes and rockets is the only way to get these jet plane flyers to stop what they are doing! Tell the people that they either do what I say, or they will all die from global warming soon! It’s the truth folks! So help me so that I can help you. All I am looking for is an air-conditioned place to sleep and eat so that I can get off the streets and improve my health. I also need funds to get my plan to end global warming started by all of you. I will need funds for that too. If nobody helps me then will anything get done? You can send me funds through Zelle at your bank. Just send the funds to me at presidentron999@gmail.com. Any funds sent through Zelle at your bank to my email address will automatically be deposited into my bank account. So please help me so that I can help you!