It is time for everyone to rise up and immediately end global warming. We must end global warming this summer, 2023 or else our planet may not be able to stop the melting of the world’s ice. Once those big icebergs in the South Pole start moving towards the oceans waters then it will be too late to stop the ending of the ice age which means that the planet Earth will have no more winters. Civilization as we know it will not be able to survive in a world of no winters! That is why it is important that we end global warming immediately. I explain all of this on my website solutionstoglobalwarming.com.

So, it is important that we have a plan that will immediately end global warming and I have just the plan. However, I will need for all of you to join me in initiating this plan that will surely end global warming immediately. The plan is for tens of thousands of people to go to the largest airports in their area as petitioners and ask all the people who are going to fly or have landed to not fly jet planes anymore. We will pass out broachers or flyers explaining why jet planes are a major cause of global warming and why we have to go back to flying propeller airplanes only. These flyers will also explain how global warming started in the 1950’s when jet planes and rockets first started being used by humans. We will also show how jet planes and rockets vacuum system, heat, pollution and blending affect is causing our planet to heat up more so than anything else we do.

And if we were to stop flying jet planes and rockets of all kinds then the temperature of our atmosphere would automatically start to cool off. After a few months of everybody on Earth not flying jet planes and rockets the Earth’s temperature will become colder which will help facilitate the creation of clouds. Once clouds cool the Earth more than Clouds will absorb more moisture and create rain. Once we have rain then the raindrops will further cool down the Earth’s temperature. Once the Earth’s temperature cools down to what it was before the 1940’s, which it will, then global warming will be over!

But first we must close down the world’s airports. I America we legally can as petitioners. So, let’s do it first in the USA and then we will get the movement started in Canada as well as North and South America. Once we get started on this shutdown of jet plane traffic our clouds will start forming, rain will result and the area of North and South America will again return to a place where clouds and rain is abundant. But first we must close down the airports. Join in this movement! Get the word out to everyone in every way that you can. Spread the word that we are going to shut down our airports. Build up the festive times needed to create a place for petitioners. Eventually WE THE PEOPLE will end global warming by doing this. If we don’t, we will end up with a planet that none of you can live on!