Adding to all my miseries as I travel around in my old car, I now have major mechanical problems which makes my financial situation worse than it already is. I can’t do much if I am financially broke from having to repair my old 1996 car that has many mechanical problems. Can’t do much if I can’t get around. Can’t advertise anything about global warming and how my suggestions will not only end global warming but also show all of you how we can live more in harmony with nature in our quest to build anything or how to do anything better. Put being broke and ion very poor health leaves me no ways to achieve my goals of ending global warming as well as the many other things that I would like to do before I get put into that human oven that all of us poor people use to be turned into dust.

Some of the other things that I would like to get done is to have some feeding program set up for the Polar Bears in North America. If the Polar Bears and other bears and animals can’t get to the seals and fish to feed then it’s time that we humans brought the fish and seals to the animals on land! Also we will do the same for the elephants of Africa. We will set up water pumps and feed stations throughout Africa that will provide food and water for the animals as well as compensation for damage done by animals to farmers and others. This way the animals of the world will get help!