Memorial Day weekend May 26 2023. Hopefully, this is the weekend where the world starts legally fighting back against those that are causing our planet to get warmer, thus global warming. If you would like to help me get these ideas started you can send me funds to help me get going forward on my quest to end global warming this summer of 2023. You can send me money through the Zelle system at your bank. All you need to know is my email address which is presidentron999@gmail.com. Funds sent through Zelle to my email address will automatically be deposited into my bank account. If I have the funds, I can do a lot to end global warming and will succeed this summer! With no funding I am now living in my old run-down car that is getting worse by having to travel around doing all of this on my own, no help from anybody! Then on top of that I am again experiencing another inflammation of my chronic cellulitis that I have been fighting for the last 40 years. After getting IV treatment of the 3 strongest IV antibiotics this time around I am very weak and not up to getting around a lot. I have to have all of you to get up and get these airports closed as well as help get the public educated about what it is that I have to say! The truth must be told in order for all of you to be saved! Once people see the reason why we have to stop flying jet planes and rockets then they will want to do just that. but now they are so misinformed that they meekly follow those that speak not the truth! WE THE PEOPLE can and will end global warming this summer of 2023! Pass the word onto all in every way that you can! WE THE PEOPLE will have a 24/7/365 days a year minny Woodstock festival at every airport that allows jet planes to land or take off. We will allow all of the airports to land all of the propeller airplanes that they want to. We may even be able to get one airport in every city to only fly propeller airplanes thus giving flying passengers and cargo carriers a chance to fly on propeller airplanes without any of the hassles of petitioners. As we look at those that care not one bit in stopping the human race from not flying jet planes and rockets of all kinds, we see that about 60% of our economy is based around the jet planes and rockets industry. First, we have the whole jet plane of all kinds industries and rockets of all kinds industries who most certainly don’t in any way want or are going to willingly give up their desire to sell their jets and rockets. Then we have numerous countries who have many industries built around the use of jet planes and rockets of all kinds. Then we have our governments of the world. All of them are in some way influenced to not ever do anything like stopping the use of jet planes and rockets of all kinds. All of them depend on fast jets and rockets of all kinds so getting our governments of the world to help us in ending global warming. These folks are the main cause of global warming and the biggest obstacle in ending global warming. However, just as we close commercial airports with petitioners, traffic and pedestrians we can also close military bases with the same! I have been to the police and they tell me that we as petitioners can go to any airport and use the public owned sidewalks to ask people to sign a petition. Well, before anyone gets onto a jet airplane, they will get an earful about just what harm that they do to our planet because of their desires to get somewhere quicker on a polluting, environmental unfriendly, Earth destroying flying machine! We will get everyone in the world, especially the flying public, to realize what harm these jet airplanes are doing to our planet. We have to convince the world to go back to only flying propeller airplanes immediately! We need to get all of you to contact your airlines and tell them that you are not flying jet planes anymore and that you will only book a flight on a propeller airplane! Kids, wake up! Kids, refuse to fly anywhere on a jet engine airplane again! You kids can shake up the world and get us grownups from destroying your planet! Tell the grownups that all of you kids everywhere in the world will no longer fly jet engine airplanes! Kids, this is your planet to live hopefully a full life as we all here today have done. Kids, unfortunately many things that grownups do are wrong and need to be done right. But grownups have a way of putting off until tomorrow what it is that we should do today. Kids, grownups don’t solve big problems, they just ignore them as much as they can and live it up today in the best way that they can. Kids and everyone else, unfortunately, these grownups are messing up big time now with this global warming stuff! When you have governments worldwide somehow supporting the jet plane and rocket industries then you see what we are up against. When you have investors, many of them government officials or relatives or friends or any investor wanting us humans to always use jet planes or rockets of all kinds then you see what we are up against when it comes to getting our planet to finally end global warming! We have to persevere as much as possible to overcome those that care not about the harm that they do to us all with their continuation of their desire to fly jet planes and rockets of all kinds!