To add to all of our problems with global warming, we have to also figure in a very important reason why we are having an increase in the Earth’s atmospheric temperatures. That other reason for an increase in global warming is those thousands of satellites that we now have flying around in our upper atmosphere. Those thousands of satellites are using the most harmful fuel known to mankind to power their engines to follow the Earth as the Earth revolves around the Sun. All of that heat from all of those thousands of satellites constantly burning the most dangerous fuel on Earth has to automatically cool down the temperature of the air in the space where these satellites fly. Warmer air up there where satellite fly means warmer air down here on Earth. The laws of physics is proof that that is true. We have to get interchangeable long-lasting batteries to provide power to move these satellites around space. Also, we need to figure out a new way to send satellites into space. Perhaps we can send a large propeller transport airplane flying as high as it can and then release something that will give lift to the satellite until it reaches a certain point after which we will then use remote control battery power moving space vehicles to move the satellite into position in space or to change batteries on satellites. Or we could just use a cord that will be connected to Earth and would go all the way up into the area where satellites fly. Somehow we would have to figure if this idea would work. But we have to do something about these satellites because they are burning fuel, which is heat. Heat is what causes global warming. Global warming started in the 1950’s when weapon rockets and space rockets of all kinds as well as jet planes of all kinds were introduced into our Earth’s atmosphere. Satellites were introduced into our atmosphere about the same time but in the last 50 years the number of satellites in space has greatly increase. So, satellites as well jet plane and rockets have got to go as much as possible so that we can lower the temperature of the air in our atmosphere. We have to go back to only flying propeller airplanes so that we can immediately decrease the temperature of the air in our atmosphere. Once the Earth’s temperature comes down a little and the all tyhe jets stop flying around the world then clouds will form all over the world. Once clouds buid up and get big enough to create rain then again the Earth’s temperature will come down. Once the clouds overwhelms the Sun’s ablity to contact most of the Earth then the Earth’s temperature, as well as the temperature of the waters of our planet Earth, then the Earth will cool down enough to be able to have a temperature that will not melt permafrost. Once the permafrost stops melting then that means that the Earth’s atmosphere has once again returned to being able to maintain the weather systems that we have had for millions of years when all this ice that we now have on Earth was created at the beginning of the ice age we are in. We are on a path that will end this ice age we live in. Once those big chunks of ice start following of the South Pole and start travelling into the Earth’s waters then the ice age is over as well as cilivization! For you humans will never be able to organize a cilivization that will be able to deal with the world that will ensue once that large piece of ice falls into the Earth’s water ways. It will be total world chaos!