To understand how jet planes and rockets are the number one cause of global warming just get into your car that has been sitting for a while on a cold day. Notice that fog and ice on the windows of your car, inside and out. That fog and ice is water moisture. To get rid of that fog you turn on the car and then turn on the windshield heater which eventually will heat up that windshield and melt that ice and snow which causes that ice and snow to disappear. Heat made that ice and snow disappear. Direct heat on the front windshield makes that front windshield ice and snow disappear sooner than the rest of the windows. If you don’t have a rear window electric heater system, then your back windshield window will take the longest to defrost because it is farther from the heater in the window defroster in the front window area. So that shows that direct heat on water vapors, fog, ice, or snow can make all of that kinds of water disappear. So, direct heat on the area of our skies where clouds are formed will drastically enhance the power of the heat to make water vapors, or precipitation, or in other words, clouds disappear. The Earth is in a battle with the Sun to preserve life on Earth. Our planet Earth has only one defense in this battle with the Sun its quest to evaporate all the water from our planet and that is clouds. Without clouds there is no life on Earth. These jet planes and rockets are destroying pour planet and must be stopped! We have to immediately put a stop to global warming! And we can immediately put a stop to global warming simply by legally shutting down all public and military airports worldwide. In America we can easily shut down our airports by having thousands of people to go to the airports as petitioners.