Read my new webpage at solutionstoglobalwarming.com to see how we can easily end global warming! In the times we are in it is important that we come up with new solutions for the problems we are in. That is truer with concerns of the environment than with anything else. Our environment is coming under assault from humans more so now than ever before. Our governments and our so-called leaders of environmental minds haven’t done anything yet to end global warming and have shown that they haven’t a clue on how to end global warming. I am hoping to educate all of them and you on how we can easily and permanently end global warming within 3 months if we all stop flying jet airplanes of all kinds and stop flying rockets of all kinds. Of course, we will have to do more than that but by not flying jet airplanes and rockets we will then enable Mother Nature to again surround the planet entirely with a cold layer of air molecules from outer space that will help keep our whole atmosphere around the Earth cool enough so that the ice, snow and especially the permafrost on Earth will stop melting! Now that will be an achievement because then it will mean that global warming is over! But in order to survive on this planet us humans will have to do one more thing that is very important! And it scares me that no one else is even talking about this very important thing that us humans have got to do in order to preserve the ice age we live in and all the luxuries there is to have when we have ice and snow on Earth!

The one thing we have got to do immediately is to preserve, protect, and build more ice around the world! WE humans can make ice. We sell it in all grocery stores. Well, let’s start making ice and staking it up frozen in cold weather areas around the world! Let’s take rainwater and turn it into ice. Then we will store it until we can stack it outside somewhere where Mother Nature can keep it cold for another million years or more! Let’s remake the ice that the North and South Poles have lost! We can easily do that! We don’t have to wait for Mother Nature to create more ice! WE WILL!!!

Put the ice in caves in the North and South Poles so that it stays cold until we can move it outside to the cold weather. Make and put ice on ships that will take it around the world so that the ice can be stacked outside. Put enough ice onto the planet so that Mother Nature can get enough cold air from outer space and from the ice and snow on Earth so to create winters! We need that cold air! We can make mountains of stacked ice with port holes between each stack so to create more cold air as the wind blows the air through and onto the ice. We can build large ice blocks that are covered with vegetation or something else so to create shade from the sun. We could build shade coverings for all the ice that we can. This can easily be done on many glaciers because many glaciers have a river of frozen ice between mountain ranges that can easily be covered.

Also we can have the world’s governments use their navy vessels to go to the North and South Poles and put some kind of devise in the water that will make the water colder. Make the water as cold as slush and put it back into the oceans. Have thousands of ships doing this will surely cause the ocean’s waters to become colder. Then take a long hose and run it on top of glaciers and ice packs and have them vacuum up the pools of water that collect on top of large icepacks of the North and South Poles. Vacuum that collect water back onto ships where it will be made as cold as slush. Then send that colder slush water back to where you got it and let it drain down into the hole in the icepack where you got it. Also try taking water from the ocean and making it as cold as slush. Then send it into any drain holes you see developing on the icepacks. Sending colder water down into these holes will enable the water below the ice mass to become colder. Doing these things should help reverse the effects of global warming. Doing all these things and by stopping to fly jet planes and rockets of all kinds will end global warming!