Don’t mess with Mother Nature! Mother Nature owns the skies! Don’t heat up Mother Nature’s atmosphere and make it harder for Mother Nature to produce clouds! Mother Nature has enough problems keeping the Earth cool enough so that the permafrost, as well as all the ice and snow on Earth stops melting! For, if it wasn’t for Mother Nature’s clouds, all life on Earth, including us humans, would not be able to live here anymore on this beautiful paradise all of us are gifted to enjoy. We live on a planet that is unique in this vast universe. The Earth is like a bubble planet. All life on this planet Earth can exist only because we have this bubble of atmosphere to live in. We are the bubble people! There is no other planet for us humans to live on. And if many of you want to keep giving money to people like Elon Musk, owner of Twitter, Telsa, and maker of Space X rockets and Jeff Bezos, owner of Amazon.com and is the maker of the Blue Origin, maker of one of the largest outer space rocket companies then you will continue to have global warming. These two uncaring, selfish, self-centered, egotistical ultra rich individuals are destroying our planet with the rockets they make! Stop doing business with their companies so that we can drive them broke! When they both stary losing money then they will have to stop destroying our planet with their rockets! It is either we live here on Earth or we humans, as well as all other life on this planet, will not be able to live at all because we are destroying the most important thing on Earth! Wait, let me ask all of you a question. Just what is the most important thing on Earth? Come on, let’s see how knowledgeable you are about what the reality is when you talk about nature and global warming. Well, clouds are the most important thing on Earth! Clouds are our Earth’s Mother Nature’s only defense against the hot Sun, Earth’s Mother Nature washing machine and Earth’s Mother Nature water making machine! Without clouds there is no life on Earth! I want all of you to realize that there is a battle to the death going on between that extremely hot gigantic ball of fire we call the Sun and our clouds. Suns burn up everything on every planet that it’s deadly rays can reach. The Sun is the only thing that can create global warming and the clouds are the only thing that can prevent global warming! Clouds are the Earth’s only thing that can provide enough shade from the Sun to prevent global warming. Luckly, we have the clouds. Clouds are the Earth’s only defense against the Sun burning up everything on this planet and evaporating all the water from our planet. Take a look at Africa and other desert areas of our planet and you will see what damage the hot rays of the Sun can do. Clouds provide us with areas of the planet to live. Lack of clouds create lots of problems. Clouds start out as a water molecule vapor emitted from mostly the trees and from vegetation and also the water vapor in the atmosphere. Trees drink the water from the rain and suck up water from the Earth with its tree roots. As the water molecules travel through the trees they are purified and then after being digested the water is then belched into the sky by the trees in the form of water vaper. As the combined water vapor moisture heats up and rises from the Earth into the area of Earth where clouds are formed, they accumulate and form clouds. Floating water vapors in the sky bunch together to form clouds. Clouds are like floating cotton candy in the sky, flying around and attaching their floating water together to form clouds. Sometimes clouds are formed in the sky but yields no rain. Then the clouds travel through our atmosphere until the Sun evaporates the clouds and all its moisture as more water is robbed through evaporation, from the Earth, by the hot Sun. Sometimes the water molecules floating around in our atmosphere accumulate enough water vapor molecules to form clouds that are big enough for our clouds to produce rain. Clouds start out as water vapors. Jet Planes and rockets create heat that causes water vapors to decrease in our atmosphere. Decreasing water vapors makes it harder for Mother Nature to produce clouds. No clouds mean no rain and no shade from the Sun! Also, clouds and its rain are also the only way for Mother Nature to clean out our atmosphere! Our planet Earth has had a lot of volcanoes erupt over its time and distribute a lot of pollutants into our Earth’s atmosphere but our good ole Mother Nature just turned on the rain and cleaned out atmosphere every time. So remember, Clouds are our only hope to rid ourselves of the problems of global warming. Trees are the main thing that provides water vapors for Mother Nature to produce clouds. Jet planes and rockets are the main cause of vacuuming and heating up of our atmosphere! Jet Planes are the only thing we humans use that with blend all the air in our atmosphere which in itself causes the temperature of our atmosphere world-wide to constantly rise. If we all stop flying jet planes and rockets of all kinds then the temperature of our atmosphere will get colder. Once the Earth’s atmospheric temperature gets colder, then the permafrost around the world will stop melting. Once the permafrost stops melting then global warming is over! We can easily bring down the temperature of our atmosphere in 3 months if we all started flying propeller airplanes instead of jet airplanes. Also, we will have to stop flying rockets of all kinds. Let’s just do it and end global warming!