Wake up to reality folks! Your planet is dying before your eyes! The world’s climate conditions are under attack from us humans polluting lifestyles and in about 15-30 years our world’s atmosphere will drastically change from how it is now and how it was for the last millions of years. As much as there are major changes happening today to our world’s climates what we will face in the future will scare the hell out of all of you no matter what political party you are and no matter what you may or may not believe about global warming! The weakest part of the ice system on Earth is permafrost. Hot weather easily melts permafrost. Since the 1960’s on the Russian side of the Arctic Ocean the permafrost in Russia was melting at a more unusual rapid pace. This daily melted permafrost water from Russia has since the 1960’s been draining from the lands of Russia into the Arctic Ocean where it then started to melt the ice in the North Pole. There are videos out there showing the yearly progress of the ice melting in the North Pole. In the videos you can see the draining permafrost water yearly melting the North Pole ice. Over the years this former permafrost now melted warmer water was circulating around the North Pole where it then melted much more ice. This warmer water then started circulating around the globe where it started melting the South Pole. As waves reached out into the atmosphere and took in another gulp of now hotter air in our global warming era the oceans water got warmer worldwide from the hotter air and melted permafrost and melted ice. I wish that our government and NASA would start paying more attention to this planet than other planets and figure out just what is happening here on Earth than waste our tax money and much needed scientific work on things that are going on in outer space because these glaciers melting is a sign of very bad things to come! Think about this, what happens when in about 10-20 years when all the Earth’s glaciers will have melted. ALL people, animals and plant life that rely on water from streams, rivers and lakes will soon have no more water! Our atmosphere will have less humidity which will mean less clouds which will mean less rain which will mean more areas of the world will be without water! As life around the world goes into chaos because there is enough water to plant food or food or water to feed people and animals the world’s order will come to an end! The Sun daily shines on our planet and heats up everything on Earth and as it does it causes water molecules on Earth to evaporate into the sky. That evaporated water molecule somehow can somehow bunch together with other evaporated water molecules where it can form clouds and hopefully rain. If the evaporated water molecules don’t form clouds or form clouds that don’t produce rain then those evaporated water molecules forever disappear! The Sun can and will will make all the water on Earth evaporate as Suns have done numerous times throughout the universe. So you folks better start doing something now to stop global warming because in about 10 t0 25 years the Earth’s environment will no longer be able to support life as we know it. This is a warning, is anybody listening? Does anybody care?