REBEL’S Daily Reports

Just read where NASA is out spending more of our taxpayer money doing another expensive investigating of something in outer space that wouldn’t help us taxpayers one damn bit! Wake up everybody! Us taxpayers have payed trillions of dollars over the years for nothing more than pictures of outer space and moon rocks and now NASA, the biggest waste of government money, has decided to chase a travelling rock in space just to get some rock particles and all they bring is a shovel that can hopefully only pick up a candy size piece of rock? Did NASA ever hear of a vacuum pump or sticky stuff ? NASA could of sucked a lot more than it could of picked up and just what kind of loose particles can anything pick up on a flying rock in space going really fast!

Folks, we got a coronavirus situation going on and we need a lot of smart medically trained people to deal with this coronavirus problem as well as many other medical problems we got. We need to put our energy and money into taking these smart minds at NASA and get them and other smart people to become doctors, scientist, biologist and numerous other professions that will definitely help us all. This space stuff isn’t doing anything much for us taxpayers to make our lives easier. Sure we do get some good out of having a weightless laboratory in space on the International Space Station but this financing expensive space picture taking business and financing the expensive unrealistic fantasies about living on other planets ventures NASA always seem to perpetuate is not good economics! America is broke and us taxpayers have got to stop funding NASA’s multiple fantasies and instead ask Walt Disney World to finance their dream world. Oh Walt is good at making fantasies seem real. It’s time us taxpayers stop believing in NASA’s fantasies and save a buck while we are at it! Read https://facebook.com/ron.mccune.3 for more info about a lot of things.