I always say to understand nature you must understand it’s molecules. A rooms temperature can be easily controlled if we control the temperature of the molecules in the room. If we put wall paper like wrappings on the walls and ceilings that prevent the transfer of hot or cold temperature this would eliminate the ability for rooms to get cold or hot from walls. Then if we put in these Cool Tube walls in rooms that cool and heat then we will have an enclosed environment where the outside air temperature doesn’t affect the inside air temperature. Then if we also make furniture and beds with the Cool Tube design we could sit and sleep comfortably inside. Then if we were to put fans that pushed that warmed or cold air around the room we would have a comfortable room. WE could even make better Cool Tubes that use the energy of the Sun and wind to also help cool and heat the room. We could make towers of Sun heated and night air cooled water or oil towers that we use to circulate water or oil to be heated or cooled and then circulated throughout the Cool Tube and furniture. The Cool Tube walls and furniture could have connecting systems that allows them to be moved in the room or to any other dwelling if one decides to move. People could actually start their own companies now and get rich selling these new type of walls that heat and cool. Plus these Cool Walls are actually much better for our environment because they don’t subtract water content from our Earth’s humidity which is good because the Earth needs all the humidity it can get so that the Earth can create clouds which are the Earth’s ONLY defence against the hot rays of the Sun and also clouds are Earths ONLY rain/water producing thing on our planet! Without clouds we are doomed! We have a much worse global warming problem now because the Earth doesn’t have enough clouds to stop the Sun’s hot rays! Get ALL rooms worldwide enclosed in Cool Tubes and we will see the planet get cooler. Stop flying those gigantic cigar shape vacuum/heating and polluting machines we call jet engine airplanes and start again flying propeller airplanes we would immediately start seeing a cooler planet. Jet planes exhaust temperatures ranges from 800 to 1200 degrees for passenger planes and from 1200 to 2500 degrees for military planes. Plus they pollute our atmosphere! ALL of us on Earth live in this bubble that we call an atmosphere that surrounds this floating gigantic rock we live on called Earth! The cool air molecules of outer space invades our bubble daily but it is only so cold. I read where the temperature in the upper atmosphere use to be around 32 degrees below zero. But us humans have been putting up these jet planes and also rockets which is heating up our bubble. We either stop it now or soon all the ice and snow on Earth will have melted and we are then in for a whole new weather pattern worldwide which we will not like! Also we have to stop driving combustion engine vehicles and start using electric vehicles or other means of transportation. If we stop using rockets, jet engine planes and combustion engine planes then the Earth’s humininty would increase and clouds would form and then there would be less of the Sun’s hot rays reaching the Earth. Then we need to Cool Cube our homes. Doing all this will surely end this global warming problem without even having to shut down any industries pollution problems!