Sadly in about 10-25 years it will be the lack of water that will drive all animals AND HUMANS on Earth on a wild goose chase as all animals AND HUMANS will search the Earth for water because in about 10-25 years the world’s ice glaciers and snow covered mountains will be all gone as well as the North and South Poles! Streams,creeks and rivers will all dry up because there will be less rain worldwide and no more melted ice and snow water runoff. Once the poles, glaciers and snow covered mountains are gone the Earth will go onto the next stage of the several world wide environmental changes it is now currently going through. Once the world hits the stage where there is no more ice covered North and South Poles and no more glaciers and snow covered mountains then the Earth will enter a stage where the Earth will not be able to produce enough clouds worldwide to shield the Earth from the Sun. Also the clouds that you see will not be enough to produce rain as clouds are then reverted into being just environmental water sponges in the sky sucking water off the Earth and waiting for the Sun to evaporate and make that water disappear from the Earth forever! This process will go on till all water on the surface of the Earth is evaporated by the Sun. Now there is only one way to stop this disaster that is happening now and will get a lot worse in about 6-12 years. Read http://www.facebook.com/ron.mccune.3 to see what you are going to have to do to save Earth. Or you can bend over and kiss your asses goodbye in about 25 years!