Folks, it’s all about the clouds! Global warming today is caused by the Earth not being able to form enough clouds to adequately shield the Earth from the Sun’s deadly heat waves! You can put Earth’s inner mountainous materials into the sky like volcanoes do. As long as you have a certain moisture content in the atmosphere nature will make floating water molecules attach themselves to volcano ash and turn itself in mass into clouds which in mass results in rain! That system of the Sun starting the water evaporation system and the the evaporated water molecules combining with floating dirt molecules which bunch together and forms clouds and then rain has been near totally destroyed by us humans! And what is left of that environmental system that has been around for millions of years is now designigrating before our eyes and will be completely gone in about 20 years all because of what we humans are doing! And that is a fact! Wake up and save yourselves from the hell that all of you will start seeing in about 5-10 years! Read https://www.facebook.com/ron.mccune.3 to read more about this and how you can easily stop this global warming problem! All you have to do to stop global warming is to stop vacuuming water molecules out of the atmosphere with these gigantic super vacuum/heating/polluting machines called jet engine airplanes whose heat exhaust is 800 to 2500 degrees and sucks up, heats up and then pollutes enough of the air in our atmosphere to fill an enclosed Super Dome stadium every 2 minutes! Folks us dumb ass humans got about 90,000 of these civilian jet planes flying around the planet daily! And that figure doesn’t include any military jets worldwide! Then we got these rockets that have immensely increased the acceleration of global warming in the last 25 years because their exhaust is much hotter than jet airplanes! Do you know that the Space Shuttle’s exhaust temperature was nearly as hot as the Sun! Folks, us humans have got to stop putting such hot molecules into our atmosphere from anything, device, contraption or whatever! We got to stop flying rockets and jet engine airplanes immediately so that our atmosphere can again amass enough water molecules together to create clouds to shield the Earth from the Sun! Clouds are Earth’s only shade from the Sun. Clouds are Earth’s natural umbrella. Create enough clouds and us dumbass humans can live as recklessly as we want. You don’t have clouds then you don’t have rain and no protection from the Sun which will then evaporate all the water from the land surfaces of the Earth and then the oceans! Wake up you fools! Stop flying rockets and jet planes! go back to using propeller airplanes to fly! Propeller airplanes don’t vacuum up air or heat up the air or pollute the air like jet engine airplanes do! Also you have to stop using combustion engine vehicles because they too vacuum, heat up and pollute moisture molecules out of the atmosphere! Finally we have to redesign/remodel our buildings so that we don’t rely on heating and air conditioning systems we have now. Air conditioning systems are pulling massive amounts of water molecules out of the atmosphere. Just look at that dripping water that is emitted from all air conditioners. That dribbling water use to be moist air molecules! There is 2 new inventions coming out that any of you can make a lot of money making and selling them. The first thing is a devise that can take the heat out of an enclosed room or vehicle and emit the hotter air out of the room or vehicle or whatever else be it a tent, a box or something else. We need to put this devise in every building, vehicle and anything else needing heat to be diverted. This devise will greatly stop the need for air conditioning. Also combine this heat transfer devise in homes and dwellings with another new thing I believed is called Cool Walls. It’s a wall that has cooling and heating abilities. I said decades ago that the way to get away from the way we currently heat and cool our dwellings was to have walls that can be cooled or heated. Well after all these years someone finally did just that! We have to take these new cool and heat walls and put them in all dwellings. This would cut down on heating bills and cooling bills. It would also stop the vacuuming of the moisture out of our Earth’s moisture content so much. If all of us humans were to stop flying jet engine airplanes and using rockets and then also stop using combustion engine vehicles and stop using the air conditioners so much then I am 100% sure that global warming will stop immediately and forever! Global warming will stop then because right now with all this melting fresh water draining into the oceans salt waters there is much potential for massive water evaporation by the Sun because fresh water is lighter than salt water and thus floats on top of the saltier ocean’s waters. Right now with our present environmental situation if we were to immediately do as I say we should do to cut down on global warming then the environment would start evaporating this fresh water out of the oceans and make massive amounts of clouds worldwide. This would result in the Earth getting cooler because the clouds would shade the Earth from the Sun and the clouds would bring rain and most importantly snow to the Earth. Snow turns to ice over time if it don’t melt so if we do as I say then we could start rebuilding/resupplying our ice and snow covered parts of the world! If we don’t do what I say then you are all doomed!