Wake up everybody to reality. Civilization just had its change in the way we of do things again. Kind of like how the world changed from riding horses to riding automobiles. The end of the steel and cement industries massive sales days are over very soon which means global warming will be less of a problem as soon as we get our butts in gear and rush this invention onto the marketplace that MIT just invented which is a new way to make plastic that makes the plastic I believe it said is 5 times stronger than steel, lightweight, bullet proof and many other amazing features. This new plastic will replace the way we build bridges, autos, planes, police and army protection equipment, housing and many other things. This new plastic will enable people to go to a local store and buy their home that will come in a box. This very inexpensive home will be made of this new plastic like tiles of different designs that you assemble to make the kind of house you want. You’ll be able to easily built up to 3 stories. After that you’ll probably want some professional help because you can build 100 story buildings and taller easily that have wind tunnels for wind turbines to generate its own electricity! These new plastic buildings as well as plastic mountains will also help bring down cold air from the upper atmosphere which will help cool down the Earth and help create clouds and rain and shade which the Earth needs right now to help end global warming. More on my Face book page about how we are going to within 3 months end global warming forever! JOIN!