I write about the solution on how to immediately, easily and permanently end global warming on my Facebook page which is https://www.facebook.com/ron.mccune.3 so I ask why aren’t any of you doing what is the solution to your problems? Why are you looking for the problems of global warming instead of doing what is needed to stop global warming?

Global warming started in the 1950’s when jet planes and rockets were first being used anywhere. Jets are gigantic circular metal vacuum and heat machines that fly around the world stirring up, vacuuming up and heating up all of the colder air molecules that Earth is able to get from outer space, that area outside of the atmospheric bubble we live in and need for our survival. Since the 1950’s this has been going on a mass scale! Over time the heat and pollution from rockets of all kinds and jets of all kinds added up in this circular air soup container we are able to live in called our atmosphere. The Jets exhaust temperatures range from 800 to 1200 degrees for passenger jets and 1200 to 2500 degrees for military jets! We fly about 90,000 passenger jet flights a day worldwide. The military won’t let people know how many military flights are happening every day but with training for every military pilot and military jets flying and spying everywhere that I am sure that the military jets are destroying our atmosphere tramentisly!

We have to go back to flying propeller planes which don’t heat up or vacuum up air molecules that are needed to remain as cold as the Earth can make them! We had WWI and WWII and many other aircraft conflicts around the world before the 1950’s. We had much more global pollution from industrial production before the 1950’s but we had no global warming! Don’t you see that we never had global warming before the 1950’s! Why? We have to keep the air above ground as cold as possible worldwide!

Rockets used in wars are very hot and the rockets used for space travel temperatures range up to 5800 degrees! That’s hot! The internet says up to 2020 there has been 5038 rockets launched ever worldwide. Nowadays we bigger rockets and we are also sending up rockets nearly daily worldwide!

Jets and rockets are the ONLY extremely hot things humans put up into our atmosphere, that part of the Earth where are Earth’s air washing machine operates which is also our Earth’s water proving garden hose and Earth’s ONLY provider of enough shade to prevent that hot Sun from heating up everything on Earth and evaporating all of this stuff we all need on Earth to survive called water.

Heat evaporates water so more heat above our smokestacks from jets and rockets means more and faster global warming.

This planet will cease to be able to support any life on Earth if we don’t stop flying jet planes and go back to using propeller planes and also stop using rockets of all kinds!