Message of importance to all of you!

I have sent this unfinished posting of mine to President Biden, Vice President Harris and numerous Senators and members of the House of Representatives of both political parties. Been ignored or brushed off by all. So you folks are on your own when it comes to solving global warming! Your United States government has shown no interest in stopping global warming. I will try the rest of the world’s governments to join in my plan to end global warming. Perhaps all of you can join me in trying to get our governments to actually end global warming with a plan like mine or some other plan of theirs which I’m sure we will never see. All we get from governments is a bunch of expensive yak yak yak yak! Ain’t that right Greta!

So let me throw in my opinions about what causes global warming and how to easily and forever stop global warming in 3 months! I also write about many other topics in all of these postings of mine that I have wrote. As time goes on I’ll correct the grammar. I’m not good at this grammar stuff as I unload my mind. So sometimes I raddle on and have to come back later to add and arrange the thoughts and sentences correctly. But don’t let my poor writing cause you to disregard what I have to say to all of you! Your lives depends on you doing what I say! I mean that!

Everything I write about and say on my Facebook page must be checked for accuracy! These writings on my Facebook page are my opinions. I write about what I hear on the real news networks and not on fake news networks like FOX News. I then assemble this information I hear and read about and then figure out what to write about and what I believe to be a better way for all of you to live. Also I’m always adding more thoughts to my presentation to support my case to stop flying jet planes and rockets anymore.

I always said common sense is the best teacher because common sense is the basic of all knowledge. Also doing things the right way and perseverance are the best way to solve problems. So over the years I have tried to get the government, NASA, Boeing, the airplane companies, scientist, environment groups and many others to do the things I suggest that will permanently end global warming within 3 months but have gotten nowhere! So it’s obvious that politicians of both political parties and capitalistic minded people don’t care to take my advice and instead are going to throw humanity under the bus as they make money and play their political games of what to do or say or payed to say or do about global warming as our planet slowly dies.

So I take my case to all the people of the world that we can easily and forever stop global warming within 3 months time! Now that’s a goal all of you should want! With the changes I suggest in this article and other thoughts and suggestions in my postings I show how we can instantly go from a global warming planet to a planet that will have no more global warming problems. Just read the rest of my postings at https://www.facebook.com/ron.mccune.3 that explains in more details all my ideas about global warming and why jet planes and rockets cause global warming. Also I explain why we won’t end global warming till we don’t fly rockets and jet planes any more. On my Facebook page I also discuss new gun laws that control gun violence; how to balance the government with a new lower cost government; a new free education system that teaches everything about everything at any time; a new better and less expensive health care system; free 24/7 babysitting service available 365 days a year for all at your local schools staffed by all the moms and dads on welfare with the help and supervision of a 24/7 police and parent oversight station; how to build better homes that don’t require as much power to live in, how to create world peace between the Arabs and Israel, how to create peace around the world, how to reform police depts. so that there is less confrontation and much more!

There is many reasons for our planet warming up but with changes in the way we live we can stop this global warming problem in its tracks easily! There are many causes of global warming but I’ll explain to you how and why jet engine airplanes of all kinds and rockets of all kinds are the main cause of global warming and why we can never end global warming until we all no longer fly rockets or jet engine planes anymore. And I warn you that if you don’t do as I say your planet Earth will within 2-5 years be going through some major changes in our environment.

In about 2-5 years we will no longer have winters as we known them as our planet evolves into a new climate pattern that will lead to the inability of Earth to support us all in any way.

The Earth has been in a declining ice era around the world since the 1960’s all due to more heat in our atmosphere which is causing the ice to melt worldwide. The weakest ice there is is permafrost because permafrost is the least solid ice. So permafrost starts to melt first as the Earth’s temperature started to increase and melts much faster than solid ice. With no increase in the Earth’s temperature that permafrost as well as all other ice on Earth would of remained frozen instead of melting as it has been since the 1960’s.

Because of all the ice and snow that will be melted worldwide on Earth within 3-5 years from now the North Pole’s oceans and waterways will be mostly consisting of water instead of ice which will cause many bad things to happen. One of those bad things is that the world’s permafrost, which started melting in the 1960’s, has melted over the years since then to expose the ground below the permafrost. That ground now being exposed is releasing lots of gas and also heat from that gas if exploded upon being released from the trappings of the permafrost.

The permafrost of the North Pole started melting in the late 1960’s. That permafrost melting was the beginning of the problems we encountered from too much heat in our atmosphere bubble we live in on Earth. That melted permafrost water has been draining into the ice of the North Pole since the 1960’s. This drainage of melted permafrost water over the decades since the 1960’s has melted the ice of the North Pole so that today most of the North Pole’s oceans and waterways has very little or no ice during Spring, Summer or Fall. And as the years go on the ice that will be in the North Pole during winter months will be a lot less than it was before late 1960 till it is mostly water and very little or no ice.

All of this melted ice water now in the North Poles oceans and waterways has since the 1960’s been has eventually made its way south to the rest of the world. Because this North Pole water is warmer than what it used to be before the 1960’s that North Pole water will not cool down our oceans waters as good as it cooled down our oceans waters before the 1960’s. This now warmer water from the North Pole then makes it way around the world and ends up moving around our planet warming the oceans and eventually got our South Pole area where it has been warming up that part of the world’s oceans and waterways. In the South Pole that warmer water travels under these humongous chunks of ice. That warmer South Pole water eventually cause the ice to weaken in strength causing their to be large chunks of the South Pole’s ice to begin breaking off from the South Pole and drifting into the waterways where it melts. I have ideas on how to stop this and preserve all this ice on other postings of mine on my Facebook page along with many other ideas on what we need to do about stopping global warming. This article would be too long to write about them in this article. So you see that this global warming problem evolved since the 1960’s and what I describe is where we are at today. I show you why it is important that we act today to do things that will immediately stop us humans from putting heat into our atmosphere! Heat is the number one cause of global warming!

Our planet Earth is in a tragic state of evolution that it has never experienced before. What changes in our Earth’s environment always took hundreds or thousands or millions of years for the Earth to change its environmental cycles. Mostly only meteorites or super volcanoes was the only things that drastically changed the way Mother Nature operated from day to day. But along came all of us today and we all real messed up our planet to the point where we need to make a lot of changes in our lifestyles but most important of all is that we need to completely stop putting hot molecules into our atmosphere or we will destroy our planet Earth to the point where it can no longer support life on Earth. It’s the heat in our atmosphere that is causing us to have problems with global warming. And all of this global warming since the 1960’s has put too many hot molecules into our atmosphere which causes all the ice and snow on Earth to melt. All of this will cause whatever ice and snow that is left on Earth to not be able to put enough cold molecules into our atmospheric bubble we all live in to create winters.

Without winters tropic weather will encompassed the globe as it had thousands of years ago. That will lead to a lot of problems that will be impossible for all life, humans, animals and vegetation to overcome.

Our planet Earth has gone through different stages of existence when we had ice ages and when the Earth had very little or no ice anywhere on the planet. Super Volcanoes or massive meteor hits on our planet is what most likely caused ice ages. Today we are living in a time in our planet’s history where we get to enjoy winters. That’s because we have all this ice and snow stored up around the world in places like the North and South Poles and glaciers and snow covered mountain tops and other places where snow or ice can exist. All this ice and snow daily come in contact with most of the molecules floating around our planet’s atmosphere. This allows our planet to enjoy a free air conditioning system from the power of the ice and snow everywhere! All this ice you see on our planet got here from the last massive explosion brought on by that Super Volcano or large meteorite hit on Earth and when it happened our planet Earth’s atmosphere became full of ashes, dirt and whatever else that the Sun’s rays were block out for many many years.

During this time when the Sun’s rays were not possible in any way to reach down to the Earth the Earth’s atmosphere cooled down drastically enough so that all the cold molecules in our atmosphere got cold enough so that the weather on most of the planet cooled down enough so that it got to 30 degrees or lower on just about the whole planet to even zero degrees or colder on most parts of the Earth. Throughout all these times of no sunshine reaching the surface of the earth anywhere our Nature’s cloud and rain making biological apparatus kept on working constantly as Mother Nature spewed out molecules of frozen water from the sky in the form of snow which piled high year after year for thousands of years. Eventually all that snow turned into ice until we have this huge piles of ice scattered around our whole planet today We won’t be getting this chance again in our lifetime to get all this ice around the world to be created again so we better do all we can to save every bit of ice on Earth that we can because once this ice we see is gone then the Earth has no winters anymore! Without all the cold molecules created from ice around the world the planet Earth automatically creates tropical weather all over the Earth! This can cause many big problem! One of those problems is that the water from ice and snow we are causing to melt into our oceans because of global warming will eventually make its way into a big volcano and a super volcano may be made and erupted! Water inside a volcano gets boiled and thus creates pressure as water does in a boiling teapot. With pressure you get a burst, way too much pressure and you get a bigger burst like a super volcano burst! I’m sure none of you want to happen! Also more water in the Earth’s oceans from melted ice causes more weight on these huge plates of rock our continents and islands are on. More weight causes more strain which causes cracks to happen which causes earthquakes which causes more water to enter the inner hotter parts of the Earth which causes more steam and pressure ect. ect.. Also another bad thing happening is that all the lava you see spewing from exploding volcanoes is actually parts of the inner part of our planet Earth which means that the area it comes up from will have something happen to it. The inner core of our planet will work more to compensate for whatever mass lava is distributed to the area on Earth. That must mean that the inner core of the Earth is using up whatever energy it has before it would have if there was no global warming. We are making the Earth do things that it normally wouldn’t have to do. It’s important that you don’t mess with Mother Nature!

Why that is very important is because our planet is on a spin cycle around the Sun. That spin is determined by weight proportion of the Earth. Too much weight in an area puts the spin in a different way you would think. Ain’t that right NASA. Perhaps you at NASA can figure out that thought instead of me. As a spinning top can have it’s spin disturbed by a weight and a tire gets balanced by weights our planet is surely affected by it’s distribution of spewing lava underwater and above water which it then turns into continents and islands. Global warming may be causing our planet to have a new spin pattern which will affect our weather! Ain’t that right NASA and all of you out there!

So you see why it is important that we preserve in all ways possible all of the ice and snow we have on Earth! Our lives depend upon doing just that! Without those cold molecules produced by the ice and snow we have on Earth the tropical weather the Earth would then have would automatically put an unbalanced strain between the hot and cold molecules on Earth as never before in our Earth’s history! The hot molecules would dominate the majority of the molecules in our atmospheric bubble we all live in on Earth and create weather and environmental havoc around the world. And add to the heat created from the Sun our planet today has to deal with the fact that us humans are putting up these flying machines called jet planes and rockets into our atmosphere which are heating up our atmosphere more so than the Sun!

Daily the Sun can only put in so much heat into our atmospheric bubble we live in. The temperature of all the molecules that industry, automobiles and other man made objects emit combined is much lower when these molecules reach the cloud making area of our atmospheric life bubble we all live in than the temperature of the molecules that our planet Earth encounters in our atmospheric bubble when the Earth’s atmospheric molecules encounter jet planes and rockets of all kinds! The heat from jet planes and rockets is much hotter than the pollution our cities emit! The heat from cities cools down immensely by the time it reaches the cloud area of our planet. In no way is the heat emitted from cities even reach the 800 to 2500 degrees exhaust temperatures of jet planes. And surely cities and industry don’t emit heat as hot as rockets! The heat generated by cities and industries usually stays in an area of the planet concentrating on the immediate area and extending outward for around 1 to 3 hundred miles. Wind usually push these man made hot molecules around thus affecting their ability to cause global warming. The pollution in China usually stays in that part of the world and doesn’t extend outward into the rest of the of the planet. The rain does assist with making sure that that pollution doesn’t affect us as bad as it would without the rain. But the heat generated by jet planes and rockets does affect the whole world as they fly around the world heating up our atmosphere. These jets and rockets over the years been like a heat making machines flying around our atmosphere and destroying our planet with their heat as they drop their fire molecules of exhaust into our atmospheric soup we need to maintain at a certain temperature in order to survive!

Jet engine planes and rockets fly in areas of our planet where it’s exhaust temperatures are so hot that it causes more harm to our environment than anything we do! You folks don’t take a complete look at what damage to our environment that jet engine planes and rockets do! You look up at the sky and see a jet plane or rocket and never realize that that amount of air sucked into their engines as the fly. You don’t vizulize what amount of heat that is generated by these jet engine planes and rockets as it travels through our atmospheric bubble we live in that gives us air and clouds and rain and life! You don’t realize the amount of atmosphere we daily have been destroying for 70 years and continue on destroying!

I requested to the government years ago that we get a color chart that shows molecules in the sky and what happens to the temperature of those molecules when a jet plane or rocket travels through them. Perhaps someone can get one made. You would see massive amounts of air molecules being suck into these jets as they fly and massive amounts of heated molecules being blown out the exhaust of these jet planes and rockets. Picture a large V shape area before and after each jet plane and rocket as it flies through our air bubble we all live in, our atmosphere. Each second that jet plane or rocket flies through our atmosphere they poke a hole in our Earth’s atmospheric pressure with their passage sucking in and heating up and polluting along the way. This trail of emitted heated exhaust expands it’s amount of coverage area after the jet engine airplane or rocket flies by. What may have started out as a stream of hot molecules being emitted from the jets and rockets quickly expand into a much larger area of heated molecules as those jet molecules travel and heat up the colder molecules that it encounters. So what starts out as just some hot exhaust quickly turns into a massive heat bubble of expanding heat molecules! This bubble quickly expands into the size of 20 titanic ships in no time constantly as these jets and rockets travel in flight. These huge pockets of hot air emitted by these jets and rockets are like the Glob as the ever expanding molecules of hot air travels through our atmospheric bubble all of us and live depend on and gobbles up more colder molecules and makes them warmer thus increasing global warming. Think of our atmosphere as if it was a bowl of soup that we wanted to keep at a certain temperature in order to make the soup taste right. Add too much heat and the soup boils. Add too little heat and the soup doesn’t cook right. Well our environment needs the perfect temperature for our atmosphere to work right! It’s the temperature of our environment’s atmosphere that is important to maintain at a certain degrees! This trail of streaming hot currents produced by jets and rockets extend around our Earth which makes them the number cause of global warming! Many of these fly routes use by jets extend into the North Poles regions which is the part of our planet that needs all the cold molecules year round in order to be cold so that it can preserve this gifted ice we have now which enables us to live the good life! To get a clearer picture of just what happens when there isn’t much air traffic go view the world’s cloud formation before and after that tragic day of 9/11. You will see a drastic change in our atmospheric cloud formation. When 9/11 happened most of the planes and rockets didn’t fly for about 2-4 weeks or so. In that time when there was no planes flying and heating up our atmosphere our Earth’s cloud making apperatise kick into high gear as the Earth’s skies filled with clouds. This surely caused rain also. The video from that time of no planes or rockets shows that we can in short time stop this global warming instantly if we all stop flying jet planes and rockets. The point is that without the jets and rockets vacuuming up and heating up and polluting our atmosphere our Earth can make clouds which would create rain which would end droughts and clean all the pollutants out of our air like methane, carbon and whatever else us humans emit into our atmosphere while also shading our Earth from the hot rays of the Sun.

However we have a major obstacle in our quest to lower the temperature of our Earth’s atmosphere. That obstacle is President Putin of Russia and the Russian government as well as China’s leaders and governments. Russia has been conducting numerous military drills every year that involves many jets and rockets being used and fired. The Russians every year for years have been holding military drills where numerous jet planes and other polluting propeller planes fly all the way across Russia. All of those planes and ground military maneuvers are conducted every Fall for many years so that Putin can effectively put a layer of hot air over Russia so to heat the atmosphere above Russia. This massive amount of hot air over Russia acts like a warm blanket of hot above Russia for a long time thus lessening the severity of Russia’s winters. This however speeds up global warming and increases the melting of the permafrost in Russia and around the world. Because of all of this Russia is headed for a bad future because Russia I read is mostly a country whose landscape consist of mostly areas with permafrost. As that permafrost melts the ground shifts as well as all the roads, buildings, pipes and everything thing else. Russia will never be able to get out of the mess they are about to face within the next several years as their nation sinks into destruction. So the people of Russia better decide if they want to let Putin ruin their country and the world, our planet, into disasters it cannot survive! Another bad thing that Putin is causing with all of his heat producing parade of military jet planes and other heat producing military hardware is that he is most likely causing our Artic Vortex I believe it is called to react abnormally. Normally during winters the cold air stays in the area of the North Pole. When massive amounts of hot molecules overwhelm the cold molecules it pushes down on the cold molecules thus scattering the cold molecules south into the mid Americas and Europe where it then causes colder winters. But it also causes there to be warmer weather than normal during winter in the North Pole. This causes less freezing of ice and more melting of ice! It’s important that every winter we add to the North and South Poles ice amount in every way we can! That means even saving the water from the melting ice at all times so that we can refreeze that water in colder times and pile that now refrozen ice back onto the land and waters of the North and South Poles. I write about this in more detail on my Facebook page postings.

China is another country that is doing things that is hastening the warming of the planet without much regard for doing so. I discuss in my Facebook postings that Russia and China seem to be teaming up to hasten this global warming situation so that to melt the ice in the North Pole. China wants that to happen because it would offer China a shorter and less expensive route to Europe and the rest of the world for their goods. But China too better watch out because global warming will cause there to be some massive storms in China’s part of the world. Many cities in China are next to rivers and flooded rivers and valleys shall be a regular happening with global warming! Beware China and Russia because your countries will suffer first because of global warming.

We all are spirits of God inhibiting a magnificent body gifted to enjoy life on this beautiful paradise we call Earth. Many people near death have experienced the feeling of being a spirit as they observed experiences around them while outside of their body. So there is something to us besides our physical being which is our spiritual being. Some of you believe in God and some of you don’t. But we all agree that this is is a paradise and that we should preserve this paradise for us all and all life so that our children of the tomorrows and all life have a life and a future too!

Our planet Earth before the 1850’s had a wonderful way of having the atmosphere deliver water from the many clouds around then throughout North America and other parts of the world that had massive amounts of vegetation. North America became known as the breadbasket of the world as farmers ployed our soil till we ruined our land and environment and atmosphere. This happened around the planet as well as it has often happened in times of past when Africa itself was a fertile land instead of the mostly desert it is today.

We don’t want this state of existence that our planet is in today to continue because we are headed for a time when our planet Earth’s atmosphere is becoming hotter which leads to becoming drier which leads to less moisture which means less clouds and rain which means more droughts which means we have no way but mechanically to put water into areas that have no water delivered during the times of no rain. Most rivers, streams, lakes and other areas of the planet get their water from snow covered mountains, glaciers and other areas of Earth that still have ice and or snow in Spring, Summer and Autumn months. So if the Earth has no cold molecules mostly around the planet then Mother Nature takes our planet into a whole new era, a whole new weather system for our whole planet! Thousands of years ago the Earth has had periods of existence when there was no ice or snow or very very little ice or snow anywhere on Earth. You have 2-3 years left to save whatever ice and snow you have left on Earth before it is melted. Remember with all this ice and snow we have on Earth our planet has become a paradise in many ways. That’s all about to end. Without the cold molecules produced by the massive amount of ice and snow on Earth our planet has only the capability to produce enough cold air molecules from outer space! By the time those cold outer space molecules reach our clouds they are warmed up to a certain degree and that degree is where our climate zone will be without all this ice and snow we have down here on Earth!

To understand Nature you must understand it’s molecules. Unfortunately you folks don’t get the big picture about global warming and neglect to see the main cause of global warming. Because of your ignorance all of you are continuing on with your lifestyles and the many ways that it is causing global warming. In seeking what causes global warming we must consider all the facts about Nature and how our whole planet operates as it does and how we live on this planet.

All of you look at polluting operations of humans and constantly focus on the pollutants that we humans emit. You use pass history, charts and measurements of different things and theories to try to explain global warming. Well, for millions of years the Earth has had numerous volcano eruptions and meteorites hitting the Earth that spew numerous minerals, gasses, chemicals and other things as well as massive amounts of fires and heat generated by the meteorites and volcanoes into our atmosphere. Yet the Earth used the rain from clouds to wash our atmosphere clean every time.

I said it before and have to repeat it over and over again, clouds are Earth’s washing machine, water maker and most important Earth’s most important shade shield from the hot Sun’s rays! We have to keep this Earth cloud producing mechanism operating at full strength so that our clouds produce a lot of rain worldwide in order to keep our atmosphere clean and our planet cooled.

Clouds and vegetation are Nature’s only safeguard against the hot rays of the Sun because clouds, trees, plants, grass and flowers provide the Earth with shade from the Sun because they all emit no heat yet don’t allow the heat of the Sun to penetrate the air around the vegetation and trees thus providing a cool zone for molecules on Earth’s surfaces. From the surface of the Earth to the clouds the clouds themselves do not allow the Sun’s hot molecules to reach the whole area that the clouds shade on Earth. That’s why clouds trees and vegetation is so important to our planet’s existence and desired temperature range. Without them our planet heats up from the Sun. If the Earth doesn’t have enough cloud cover then the Sun’s constant daily heated evaporation system, which causes heated water molecules to rise, then sucks up into the atmosphere all the water molecules it can from the Earth’s waters and vegetation.

The Sun constantly evaporates water molecules from the Earth and turns those water molecules into a mist up into the areas above ground level. These evaporated water molecules start their travel up into our Earth’s atmosphere, which is everywhere you look up to the reaches of our upper most level of our Earth’s atmosphere, and start their transformation into what will happen to these evaporated water molecules. On days when it is way too hot, as in Africa, these evaporated water molecules get evaporated from Earth’s water surfaces and before or soon after they can reach the cloud making area of the Earth the Sun then heats up those molecules and makes them disappear forever as the Sun evaporates them. Heat has a way of dying out moisture till it makes the moisture disappear. Just put a pot of water on a burning stove and watch the water evaporate and eventually all of the water is gone. The Sun is doing the same thing on Earth only at a much much bigger scale.

Daily the Sun evaporates all the moisture it can from the Earth’s water and vegetation of all kinds such as trees and grass. The Sun does this to all water on Earth as it did also to Mars and Venus. If the temperature of the atmosphere and Earth are at a near perfect balance between hot and cold molecules, as it had been before the 1950’s, then the evaporated water molecules travel up into the atmosphere where clouds are formed. The cold and hot water molecules meet and form the clouds. The clouds are Earth’s signal that water has been evaporated and caught, bunched together and protected from the evaporation process that the Sun controls. It’s kind of like a sandwich making operation that Nature has going on with these clouds. The Sun heats water molecules emitted from the Earth’s water and vegetation and as heated water molecules rise from the Sun’s evaporation process these water molecules from Earth meet the cold molecules from outer space and together in the cloud producing zone of our atmosphere are sandwiched together to form clouds. If enough water molecules bunch together then the clouds become bigger. If not enough water molecules bunch together then the clouds are smaller and the water molecules that make those small clouds travel the Earth as they await their time when the Sun evaporates those water molecules from the face of the Earth, never to be seen again. When that happens it is not good because droughts happen and deserts are created.

If enough water molecules emitted from the Earth are bunched together to make big clouds then the Earth gets shade and hopefully rain. If those bigger clouds don’t produce rain then those big clouds also travel the Earth waiting for the Sun to evaporate them too. So if you see clouds and don’t get any rain from those clouds then you are seeing the Sun rob more water from the Earth which is very bad during global warming times. How much water from the Earth does different clouds hold I do not know but I’m sure it is a very lot! Take a look at a small amount of water in a buddle, on a rock, on a hot rock, on a slab of cement or roadway, in the shade, in a cave, in swimming pools, in lakes, underground and other environments and you’ll see the process of evaporation. Then figure in how much water our Earth is losing daily from the Sun!

The Sun and the Earth are in a constant battle for all the water on Earth just as the Sun battles all planets with water and atmospheres, which there aren’t any close by. So why are we paying NASA, billionaires and others ridiculous amounts of our tax money for their impossible dreams of living somewhere else while they pollute and destroy our planet Earth all they want as they take the profits we gave them and build rockets that destroy our atmosphere! And now they give joy rides for profit and wild fantasies of theirs! It’s time we boycott the companies like Amazon.com and Virgin Airlines and Tesla Motors, airline companies and others whose profits goes towards making more rockets of all kinds and jet planes! Why are we enabling others to destroy our environment with the profits we gave them so it’s time we stop them by taking away the money that enables them to destroy our atmosphere, our paradise our only place to live, our Earth! And especially when they gleam over their achievements and then brainwash many others to follow their ways.

It’s also time we defund NASA because NASA is helping to bankrupt our country’s budget with their wild fantasies about outer space. What knowledge about outer space that NASA discovers doesn’t really help us all with any way to really make our lives or environment any better. All the things that people say wouldn’t have been done or invented without NASA fail to realize that all that stuff could of been invented without NASA and at a lot cheaper cost! Knowledge about outer space doesn’t make or maintain my house, vehicles, transportation, medical care and everything I do need help with! So much of NASA is wasted on paying many smart people to become expensive sky gazers who don’t help you much at all. We are losing a lot of talent to the aerospace industry. Our medical field and scientific field and engineering and many other fields needed those people to fill their vacancies of talent needed. Us Americans are robbing the world’s poor countries of their talented medical professionals as they migrate to America for better paying jobs! That’s not fair to the world’s countries who need their medical professionals! Instead these NASA people and the likes are watching stars and planets!

But I’m sure NASA would agree that clouds are our best protection from the Sun. Don’t let anything or anyone destroy them in any way! Clouds are Nature’s lifeblood! Clouds are Nature’s only way to make it so that any kind of life can exist on Earth. That’s because rain producing clouds are the only way Earth gets more water. Without this constant rain we get from clouds somewhere in many places of the world our planet would have lost all the water it has.

All the water you see on Earth is either in a liquid state of existence as in oceans, lakes, rivers, waterways or underground or the water is frozen water as with ice and snow everywhere. As that water is transferred from the Earth’s surface due to evaporation three things could happen to that evaporated water which is now water molecules. Some of that evaporated water molecules will either evaporate forever due to the Sun’s heat and man made heat from jet planes, rockets, industries and many other sources of heat and pollution which now contribute to the amount of heat in our atmosphere. Some of those evaporated water molecules turn into clouds but deliver no rain after which sooner or later to be evaporated because of the heat in our atmosphere prevented those clouds from developing into rain clouds as they should be doing! Some of those water molecules do produce clouds that also produces rain. That rain will be our ONLY water that nature will put into many areas of the planet as this global warming escalation expands into more areas of our planet. Global warming also causes the hot molecules to overpower the cold molecules thus causing the cold molecules to bunch together and make a bigger rain or snow storm. When hot and cold molecules are balanced as they were before 1950 you have the ideal climate we had on Earth for the last millions of years. When you directly add extreme heat to the area above the clouds you create an unbalance between the cold molecules coming into our atmospheric bubble that all live depends on to live and the warmer molecules emitted from the surface of the Earth. That cold and hot molecule distribution system disruption is what is the main driver of global warming! That jet and rocket caused disruption is what is making our Earth’s washing machine, our clouds to not form. If there isn’t enough clouds then the Sun will heat up the Earth more so than normal. By normal I mean how the Earth was before 1958.

In the millions of years that Earth has existed in a livable state the atmosphere always had a weather pattern worldwide where there was clouds scattered everywhere except in dry areas of the planet. Even Africa had much vegetation in many areas that enabled many trees to provide shade from the Sun. The Earth was cooled easily back then because in forest we feel the coolness that forest areas bring us. This coolness of the Earth from forest enabled the Earth to never have to experience what it is that we face today with global warming. Earth always had a certain temperature zone which enabled the planet to maintain a climate pattern for millions of years. Humans or Nature never did put anything of any kind up in the atmosphere that resembles what it is we are doing today with rockets and jet planes. The area of the Earth’s atmosphere where clouds are formed and all the area above the clouds to our uppermost areas of our atmosphere never had to experience the use of jet planes engines and rockets of all kinds.

Jet engine airplanes engines are gigantic vacuum machines that also heat the air molecules that it sucks in to the degrees of 800 to 1200 degrees for passenger jets and from 1200 to 2500 degrees for military jets. Propeller engine planes do not suck in or heat any air from the atmosphere. These jets vacuum in enough air about every 2 minutes to fill an enclosed football stadium. Propeller planes don’t do that. Propeller planes doesn’t vacuum in any air from the atmosphere as it flies. Propeller planes only push around the molecules it encounters in our atmosphere as it flies through our atmosphere. Propeller planes do not destroy the molecules of our atmosphere it encounters as they fly around our planet. Jet planes do that. These jet engine airplanes use fuel that pollutes our atmosphere immensely. Propeller planes don’t do that. Our Earth’s atmosphere has a difficult dealing with all these heated and polluted molecules emitted from these flying polluting jet planes and as a consequence our planet ends up producing less clouds because of the heat and pollution emitted from these jet planes. Propeller planes don’t vacuum up and heat up or pollute our Earth’s atmosphere as do jet planes! That’s why it is very important that everybody on Earth to stop flying jet planes of all kinds and start flying propeller planes! Doing this will immediately stop the increase of global warming as we are now experiencing.

I read that around the world there there are about 90,000 passenger jet engine airplanes flying daily and numerous more military jet planes which I’m sure is a lot but I can’t find out how many. All of these jet engine airplanes are mostly flying in area of our atmosphere where our Earth’s clouds are made. These jets engine planes are laying a blanket of hot air molecules all over our planet Earth’s atmosphere in, above and below the area where Mother Nature creates clouds. This blanket of hot air molecules is making the cold air that our Earth’s atmosphere gets from outer space much warmer. Check out flightradar24.com to see how many flights there is happening at that moment of the day. It’s been reported that there are about 90,000 flights a day and that’s not counting military flights or military training flights around the world so this 90,000 flight total is way low. Figuring that there 90,000 jet flights a day having 3 hours of flight time sucks in and burns up and then pollutes enough air molecules from our precious live giving atmosphere of ours to fill 8,190,000 enclosed Superdome size stadiums a day! Yearly these jet engine airplanes are sucking in, heating up and polluting enough of our air to fill 2,967,550,000 enclosed Superdome size stadium! Now this figure doesn’t include all the military jet planes or the estimate of whatever heat is generated by rockets of all kinds. The military armies of the world are flying a massive amount of jets daily as they conduct their wars and observation flights and training flights. Every pilot needs hours of flight training, every battle requires much jet air flying time and rockets. All of this heat produced must be stopped because there’s your global warming! Our Earth’s atmospheric air molecules cannot maintain an ideal atmospheric temperature because of this heat produced by jet planes and rockets! These jet engine airplanes and rockets are burning up the house!

Rockets of all kinds are another man made object that is putting extreme amounts of heat directly into the whole atmosphere from the ground to the uppermost part of our Earth’s atmosphere. I read that there has been 5038 rockets ever launched and the first one was launched by NASA I believe was in 1950.

The exhaust temperature of rockets range from 3200 to 5800 degrees! That’s a lot of heat being emitted into our atmosphere every time a rocket of any kind is launched! Then we have to figure in all the fuel that is burned which is heating and polluting our whole atmosphere more than anything else us humans do! The Space X rockets have 440 tons of fuel used with each launch! Between the heat of rockets and jet planes we have been since 1950 putting too many hot molecules into our enclosed bubble we all live in called our Earth’s atmosphere! If we all immediately stop flying rockets of all kinds and jet planes of all kinds our Earth’s temperature would immediately cool down!

Up until the mid 1950’s we never even talked about the Earth getting warmer or mention global warming at all. Yet since the late 1800’s and all the way to the 1950’s we had the industrial revolution throw much pollutants and heat into our atmosphere. We even had WWI and WWII in which worldwide we had massive amounts of propeller airplanes flying around we had no global warming. That’s because propeller planes use a different kind of engine to fly than the jet engine airplanes use today. The propeller engine airplane doesn’t suck in molecules of our atmosphere into it’s engine in order to fly like a jet engine has to.

Also the propeller planes don’t heat up the molecules it comes in contact with as it flies around the Earth as do the gigantic jet engine vacuum, heat making and polluting and flying passenger transport we use to travel around in called jet planes. and all the PROPELLER planes, (jet engine planes weren’t invented or used yet) and bombs that weren’t rocket driven bombs causing much pollution and heat during the wars. We had numerous other wars too of a lesser degree around the world also. We had coal burning furnishes in almost every home in the world and companies polluting all they wanted. Yet we had no global warming! Not even a hint of global warming! Us humans up until the 1950’s never put anything that could produce heat directly up into the atmosphere where clouds are formed. The smokestacks of industry was probably the tallest or highest things that us humans used that pushed out hot air into the atmosphere. So for millions of years until about 1880’s the Earth only had to cope with the average warm air emitted from the face of the Earth. Back then the earth’s temperature was cooler because there was many more trees, less concrete roads and buildings and less heat being generated by humans for whatever reasons. Then from 1890’s to around the late 1950’s there wasn’t any thing we humans did to directly put heat into our atmosphere where clouds and formed above the clouds to the furthest reaches of our Earth’s atmosphere. But all that changed in the late 1950’s when jet planes and rockets started to be used worldwide. And as time went on the jet planes and rockets got bigger and hotter as well as increasing in amount of rockets and jets flying.

Yet here we are here today freaking out about global warming and with all the so called intelligence of all of you none of you can figure out what caused our present global warming problem and how to stop global warming. It’s really sad!

So let me try once again to explain to all of you just why we have global warming and how we can easily stop global warming easily and forever in just 3 months!

First let’s take a look at these things called clouds. How are clouds made and what causes the clouds to be made. From what we know Earth is the only planet around that has oxygen we can breathe and the right kind of clouds to produce rain made of water. The Earth is a planet that has cold air molecules coming into its atmosphere from outer space. By the time this air from outer space reaches the part of the Earth’s atmosphere where clouds are formed it is at a temperature that is warmer than when that air enters the Earth’s most upper atmospheres but yet is still cold air molecules. By the time these molecules of air reach where the clouds are formed they interact with the warmer molecules being emitted from the surface of the Earth. This meeting of colder air molecules from the atmosphere above the clouds with the warmer air molecules under the clouds being emitted from the surface of the Earth caused a wonderful thing to happen which was condensation which help to create the clouds. Now atmospheric pressure causes the cold and hot molecules to mingle and with some help from ingredients from dust molecules emitted from the surface of the Earth the Earth then creates clouds. This happens because of atmospheric pressure. The colder air molecules from outer space mingles with warmer air from the surface of the Earth and atmospheric pressure presses the colder and hotter molecules together thus producing clouds. The cold air from outer space also butts up against the Earth’s warmer molecules from the Earth and creates wind gushes. With the balance of hot and cold molecules in our atmosphere you have fantastic livable weather on most parts of the Earth as we have had for millions of years until the late 1960’s. With too much heat you have situations and with too much cold you have situations. Situations like tornadoes are formed when there is a pocket of cold air in the atmosphere that is being corralled along and pushed by a bigger amount of hot air as a storm progresses. Situations like hurricanes are much worse when too much heat is held by a storm and evaporation increases because of the increased heat which feeds the hurricane more moisture and rain.

So how our Earth’s atmosphere works is important when trying to figure out what causes global warming and how to stop global warming. That brings us to the point that I am trying to make which is that jet planes and rockets of all kinds are the main cause of global warming. They are the number one cause of too much heat being put into our atmosphere by us humans! It’s either jet planes and rockets go or we all go! All of you have the choice, do you want to live on a beautiful planet or watch our planet die before your eyes? If you want to have a enjoyable and forever lasting future on this planet for all now and into the future we have to immediately and legally shut down all private, public and military airports! We also have to shut down all launching areas for rockets! I have details on how to do this on my Facebook postings. We can legally shut down all of these airports that fly jets and rockets so let’s do it and end this global warming problem once and for all! You kids and young people can help push the adults to stop flying jet planes by refusing to fly in jet planes anymore forever! Kids and young ones, you demand that you will only fly on propeller airplanes from now on! This will force the airplane makers to start making propeller planes instead of jet planes for passenger flights. Kids and young ones, it’s up to you to force your parents, guardians and the world into changing their ways of destruction of our place to live called Earth because you young ones are the ones who are going to have to deal with the environmental mess all of you face! Act now and save your planet Earth and your lives!

By not flying jet planes and rockets anymore we certainly will bring down the temperature of our atmosphere. However we need to do more and one more way to lower the temperature of our atmosphere is to devise a way to make it so that we don’t need our vehicles to get to work or shop. I have a posting on my Facebook page that discusses building a pollution free transportation system that is made up of recycled plastic and aluminum carts that carry people individually or in groups securely and safely and inexpensively and pollution free on a roller bar platform pulled along by a cabal attached from above. These solar and wind powered carts would travel on expressway and flood route canals and major highways and major business areas like cities downtown areas. People could drive their car to a parking area near expressways and enter a cart that seats 1-6 people. Carts can be hooked together for larger groups of people or goods on any kind below a certain weight. People could program the cart to stop at a certain spot close to work or wherever you want to go. Being that this cart system would go to most areas where people go then people will use this transportation system willingly. This would also cut down on highway traffic congestion, traffic accidents, traffic injuries, traffic deaths, health insurance cost and auto insurance cost. I have a posting on this subject on my Facebook page.

I also discuss on my Facebook page numerous ways to build or remodel your home or dwelling to not use so much energy. There are ways to do things to make your house cooler by using this new invention called Cool Walls instead of air-conditioning to cool your rooms you occupy mostly in your dwelling. You can also paint the sides and roofs of your house and vehicles and other things with this new kind of white paint that reflects the heat of the Sun thus preventing the Sun from heating up the thing that was painted. This paint should be for sale soon. Then there is this device just invented that can take the heat out of any room. put this device in all attics and hot rooms.