I sent a request to NASA for them to read my Facebook page to see why all jet planes and rockets are the main reason we have global warming and how we can stop global warming if we all worldwide would stop flying jet planes and rockets of all kinds. NASA sent me a response that stated saying that jet planes and rockets are not the cause of global warming! NASA is killing us all with their industry of rockets use! Either shut down NASA or NASA and the jet planes and rockets will burn up our atmosphere which is the reason we now have global warming! It’s time we shut down all the airports and rocket launch pads worldwide with LEGAL traffic jams of all kinds so that we can end global warming forever! If people can’t get to their flights than they don’t fly! Are you willing to help me get this done by not flying jet planes anymore and request a flight on propeller planes only or are all of you going to continue to kill our planet with your jet planes and rockets? Locally shut down your local airports with massive traffic jams! Airports are public property that all of us can visit without flying so spend your whole day visiting our airports shops and roadways. PARTY 24/7 at every airport near you! Join the PARTY! Read https://www.facebook.com/ron.mccune.3 for full details on how we are going to end global warming in 3 months or less! Either join me or you will all DIE from global warming! We cannot delay any longer what is needed to stop global warming because in 2023 the North Poles oceans and waters summer ice will be depleted to a stage where winters as we know them will be no more! Without winters us humans cannot survive on Earth as we now live! The tropics will extend throughout the whole planet without winters! We all will be living in climates that resemble Africa and Arizona! Either join my plan to end global warming or you all DIE!!!!!!!!!!!!