Disasters always have a domino effect as they as they progress. With every melt of ice or snow or collapse of ice structure the world ignorantly searches for the answers of why. As the human race foolishly take pleasure flights in gigantic vacuum tubes that suck up enough air every two minutes to fill the Super Dome Stadium. These flying vacuum machines called jets then heat up all that vacuumed air in their engines to the very hot temperatures of 800 to 1200 degrees for passenger jets and from 1200 to 2500 degrees for military jets. We so call smart humans fly around 90,000 passenger jets worldwide every day! I can’t get the figures for the military flights worldwide but considering wars, training and observation I’m sure the number of military flights is sky high!

The temperatures of rockets heat up to 6000 degrees! Up to 2020 there was about 5038 rockets launched worldwide. And in 2021 and now in 2022 we are launching more and bigger rockets every day worldwide! And those figures don’t include all the military rockets fired in wars!

Rockets deliver numerous satellites into orbit which use a hydra zine-based fuel which is highly toxic to stay in orbit around the Earth. All of these satellites flying around Earth are daily emitting highly toxic gasses that lingers in our atmosphere. What does that do we should be asking NASA to investigate instead of having NASA WASTE TRILLIONS of OUR tax dollars exploring things that don’t matter to any of us! Who gives a rat’s ass about planets we can’t in any way live on!

Now let’s see how intelligent you are. With all that education you acquired can’t you agree that Jet planes and rockets are the main cause of global warming? With all that heat every day of every year for decades going directly into our bubble of life sustaining air all life on Earth needs called our atmosphere! We can end global warming immediately within 3 months end global warming forever if we all go back to flying propeller airplanes which don’t suck up or heat up or pollute our atmosphere! And we got to stop using rockets of all kinds. If we don’t do this, then Earth will continue its spin into a whole new era of existence for all life on Earth as the Ice Age disappears within the next 5-8 years and the world never again experiences winters anymore! Life in most areas of the world will then turn to deserts as rain as rain will be the only way to get water after there is no snow or ice anymore anywhere for periods of no rain.

Civilization will come to an end as the people everywhere will desperately scramble for survival. Companies will no longer be able to rely on needed goods to make products and able to find workers for factories, stores and all other businesses as everyone wraps their whole life around their family, love ones and neighbors as they daily search for water, food and shelter. As electric grids, gas and oil delivery systems, water systems, communication systems, gas stations, industries go down from lack of fuel and workers the world will quickly spin uncontrollably into the 1800’s Wild West as everyone searches for their daily water and food. Mass starvation and violence will make life miserable for all!

I have a plan to end global warming. This is part of the main part of that plan of mine. Read about the rest of it on my Facebook page at https://www.facebook.com/ron.mccune.3 so that you can understand what it is that you are facing and how to avoid the upcoming end of life on Earth that you humans have caused!