I have written a lot about global warming yet all of you act like we have no global warming at all! All of you talk about global warming but do nothing to stop it as all of you continue on with destroying our planet in numerous ways. Reality is obviously something all of you care not about. As the world disintegrates before your eyes you act like there is nothing to immediately care about. As the world spins into a whole new climate era that will lead to the chaos, destruction, suffering, death and the end of civilization and the world as we know it we continue on with our destructive lifestyles with no regard for our deadly ways of living. So let me try to install some facts into your uncaring minds about just what all of you face.

Let me ask all of you, do you think that the planet Earth can create winters as we have been experiencing for the last thousands of years if we have very little or no ice in the waters of the North Pole during the summers? Well I got some terrible news for all of you. It’s impossible to have winters as we known them if we have no ice or very little ice in the North Poles oceans during the summer. In fact look at the weather patterns when the Earth had global warming that existed before there was massive amounts of ice in the North and South Poles, that is before the Ice Age which we are in now but swiftly exiting into a whole new unchartered weather pattern and all the so called experts are still scratching their heads as we all of you debate about what to do.

A long, long time ago before the Ice Age we are now in Earth had a warmer climate. There was trees in the North and South Poles as Nature grew unchallenged because of the lack of cold air that we now experience from the ice and snow in our North and South Poles. Without that ice and snow in the North and South Poles there wouldn’t have been any real cold air circulating around the globe anywhere. But back before this Ice Age we are in that lack of ice in the North and South Poles didn’t matter because the world back then didn’t have us humans heating up anything. If fact the Earth can survive very well without the ice and snow in the North and South Poles because in actuality the Earth can survive very well if no one on Earth puts any heat or pollutants into our precious atmosphere! Back before our Ice Age the planet had trees and vegetation growing everywhere, even in the North and South Poles. There was no winters as we know them, just a colder period of the time for about 3 months when a little snow may have fallen during the colder times in the far North and South Poles. Back then the Earth must of had rain galore most everywhere on Earth as the conditions back then enabled Nature to produce numerous clouds and much rain. The weather of the tropics of today must of been the weather pattern that existed for most of the world. That’s what happens when there isn’t ice or snow anywhere on Earth anymore or very little ice and snow during the spring, summer and autumn months! The Earth back then had an environment where the atmosphere had

a balance of cold and hot molecules in our atmosphere that enabled our Earth’s atmosphere to create numerous clouds and lots of rain. Today us humans are putting too much heat into our atmosphere with our jet planes, rockets, combustion vehicles and industrial production. We also use jet planes, combustion engines, air conditioners and other things to vacuum out the needed moisture out of the atmosphere thus leaving less humidity in our atmosphere to create clouds which is what is going on today. It’s sad that all of you are going to face a future that will overpower your abilities to avoid the end of life on Earth as we know it.

With each day us humans are putting our planet into environmental stages that never existed before. We have over maximized the Earth abilities to compensate for us humans adding heat and ingredients into our atmosphere which is causing our clouds and rain system to collapse. If we don’t stop adding heat and ingredients that prevent cloud formation then the Sun will continuously evaporate water from the Earth. What we got going on right now is that our Earth is entering a whole new climate phase where the hot molecules of the Earth have amassed to a point where the hot molecules are outnumbering the cold molecules and pushing the cold molecules into bunches which then swirl around the Earth and cause tornadoes, stronger and numerous hurricanes, severe storms and much destruction. Because cold molecules sink to the Earth and hot molecules rise from the Earth with too much cold or hot molecules things will happen to the weather systems as they are doing right now. Right now the hot molecules are amassing over the North Pole during winter months and pushing the cold molecules in the North Pole around the world into lower parts of the planet which causes havoc on weather conditions in the areas affected while also causing more warmer weather to seep into the North Pole area which is not good because then the warmer weather in the North Pole leads to more snow and ice melting.

Since the Earth became habitable millions of years ago the Earth has always maintain the cloud and rain system which was always maintained by nature. However now our Earth is being forced to adapt to an environment where it never faced before so nobody can look to the past to see what the future will be. We are all on uncharted paths as we take our planet, our paradise Earth into an environmental state that will surely lead to the end of most life on Earth soon and the rest of life soon thereafter.

Here’s why. To be continued soon.