With all the talk about what to do about global warming and also because of the fact that now our government is seeking ways to spend government money in order to stimulate the economy I thought I would offer all of you a new way to easily cut down on global warming by showing you a new way to transport yourselves and most anything else from point A to point B. This new transportation system can be easily and inexpensively be installed anywhere. This transportation system needs no roads and will have no accidents so everyone’s car insurance rates will come down along with lower health care cost and much less miseries and a lot more smiling faces and fuller pocketbooks! This new transportation system will be constructed from mostly discarded waste material so the cost will be low. This new transportation system will be lightweight and use very little energy to operate because most of its power will be supplied by solar and wind power which means that this new transportation system will be near pollution free thus drastically cutting down on global warming. This new transportation system will certainly enable people to get around willingly and safely thus encouraging more people to use it. This new transportation system will be nearly fully automatic so one can enter the comfortable, secured, safe, isolated, accident proof, air controlled, music and t.v. and snooze controls transport container made of of free discarded plastic, metals and glass. This new transportation system will be AI computer controlled that will enable you to enter a container made of discarded plastics and some metal. This container will hold 1-2 people comfortably. Containers can be hooked together for 3 or more people, families, groups or not too large or heavy packages. Upon entering or directing the container to a destination you will enter info into a AI computer that will take you or the packages to a certain destination. You can snooze, talk, work, play as you travel to wherever you go. These lightweight containers will enable you to go to work or shop or visit or tour or go to beach or park or go to and relax anywhere in whole urban area where you live. You will be able to either get in your car or ride your bike or skateboard or walk or run to the nearest main road where you can then park your car and hop on this new transportation system. The bike riders and others can take whatever else they need to enjoy their day of adventure in the area they live and put it on the containers that will transport them and all belongings to wherever they want to go. These containers will be comfortable inside with internet connection.

These containers will be move around on a rail system that is used at most factories and airports. The rail system I am referring to is those metal rails that have multiple little rollers on them that enable one to put packages or things on them and push them easily forward. Well, this new multi level roller rail transportation system will be built along or in the middle of major highways, roadways, waterways, alleys in a metropolitan area. We can also build them from one area to another farther away. These transport containers can be elevated to ride above ground traffic which will end traffic jams forever. These containers will travel secured on these roller rails and will be pulled forward by a strong cable that will have a gear on top that will turn forward when the computer orders it to thus moving the container forward. The cables on top of the container is attached to the underside of a gear box that is encased and pulls forward on a gear chain. We can design it like a bicycle chain with a motorized gear that pulls the transport container forward as the container sits on a roller rail. All of these cables and gears will be enclosed to prevent weather, water or damage. These transport containers can be programed to go to a certain spot and then lower the container to ground level by pulley after which people can exit transport container or products removed from container. Or we can have ground level transportation too in certain areas also. But having above ground level transport containers allows us to put more transport containers in transit without causing traffic jams. Ground level transportation systems can only go so fast and take only limited traffic.

This new transportation system will use very very little oil or gas to operate and maybe none at all! That will surely drive down the cost of gas as the marketplace will surely have much more gas and oil on their hands which will lead to lower gas prices and energy cost! Along with lower gas prices and lower car insurance and lower health care cost because of less accidents our cost of living will surely come down as much more money will become available for us to spend! This new transportation system will change the world in many ways but most important it will enable us to finally end global warming if we would just create this new transportation system as well as stop flying jet planes and rockets of all kinds! Doing these things will surely end global warming permanently! Let’s do it and save ourselves! We have to because in 2023 when the North Poles oceans summer ice is so thin that our winters in the Northern Hemisphere will yearly become weaker as the summers overtake our weather patterns and Florida’s and Arizona’s weather pattern overtakes the whole Northern Hemisphere. Then by 2024 the warmer waters of the North Pole will travel to the South Pole which will cause the South pole to float into the ocean! Then surely chaos will happen worldwide as everybody tries to adapt to a whole new world that you humans will never survive as everybody fights for themselves to get whatever they can get. No more world order as money becomes useless as trading is the new norm for survival as systems collapse that use to take care of us all! Wake up everybody! That’s your future! By 2027 all of you will be looking at the end of the world as the Sun bakes the Earth into a Venus and Mars looking planet by 2040! More details on my Facebook Page.