I made a posting a few postings ago that shows a picture of storms circulating over the Atlantic Ocean just off the eastern coast of the U.S.A.. I want to add some thoughts of mine to that posting.

First of all the photo shows how at this time in this global warming spiral that our planet is experiencing now, that nature reacts to what us humans are doing. We humans have since about 1960 been flying jet planes and rockets of all kinds. These jet planes have been vacuuming up our atmosphere every day since 1960! These jets also heat and pollute our atmosphere which causes our cloud and rain making apperatise to not work right and collapse or manufacture less clouds and rain. There are about 90,000 passenger jets and many, many military jets every day vacuuming up and then heating up and then polluting that most important part of our atmosphere, the cloud and rain making area of our atmosphere.

Rockets of all kinds are another man made device that is also adding immensely to our global warming situation. The heat and pollutants emitted from rockets and jet planes is way too much for Mother Nature to overcome and has since the 1960’s been exhibiting warning signs through global warming which we have been ignoring!

As these jets and rockets fly around the world they are collapsing the atmospheric sandwich making mechanism that nature uses to create clouds and rain.