We can solve the problem of global warming melting the ice of the world by when ever possible to take the water after it has melted and collect it somehow in containment. Attach vacuum pumps to suck up ponds and streams of melted ice water and collect the water. Then store the melted water somehow and refreeze it during the dark cold days or winter. You would need to refreeze the water into curved blocks of ice with many twisting portholes so to allow wind to travel through the blocks. Take the blocks of refrozen ice water and assemble them in a hanging vines of some kind that we will hang in all mountain ranges with glaciers worldwide. We will hang these blocks of ice a few feet or so above the glaciers so to provide a cushion of cold air year round to keep the glaciers cold which will greatly stop them from further melting more. Tilled the blocks so that melted water is collected and stored for future refreezing. Take long hoses to transfer the water to different areas. Use helicopters when needed for assistance. Helicopters can vacuum up the water into other helicopters that can collect the water and then move it to a ship or land where it can be stored until winter when the melted ice water will be refrozen. I’ll write more about this later. But we have to IMMEDIATELY start doing this NOW! Doing this is the ONLY way we are going to preserve whatever benefits the Ice Age has given us humans and all other life. Soon when their is no more ice in the waters of the North Pole in the Winter months there will also be no more winters as we now know them and a whole new weather system will overtake the world. We will then be in a world where tropical hot weather being experienced right now at the Equator regions of the world will extend all the way up into northern Canada area. We will have no more snow or very little snow in most places as rain replaces snow. This means no more water from melting snow covered mountains. This means many dry streams, creeks, rivers and lakes during times of no rain. Animals and those people that rely on getting water from melting snow will be getting a lot less water. All the water on Earth is going through a process where the Sun will constantly bake the Earth with it’s hot rays and try to evaporate water. As the Sun rays reach the Earth’s atmosphere the battle begins! The Sun is out to take all the water from our planet as Suns have done with many planets like Mars and Venus. Our atmosphere creates clouds that prevents the Sun from taking all the water from our planet. However we humans have created these jet engine airplanes that are actually gigantic powerful vacuum machines that heat and pollute the very air that is needed to create clouds! We are also sending up numerous rockets worldwide which is greatly adding to the amount of heat in our atmosphere! We can end global warming in 1-3 months if everyone in the world would stop flying rockets of all kinds and stop using jet planes of all kinds. We can easily go back to using propeller airplanes for air travel. It’s either you do as I say or you will all die within 20 years as all heel breaks loose worldwide as the new climate you humans are about to face will start in about 2-3 years when there is no more ice in the North Poles waters during Summer months. This will cause the waters of the oceans to warm up drastically. This will cause the South Pole to melt faster. This will cause the South Pole’s ice to be melted enough to have massive blocks of ice in the South Pole to go crashing into the water. Notice how ice cubes float in your drink? Think about that BIG ice cube that the South Pole got ready for us humans to enjoy! The tidal waves will take out cities worldwide! Islands will be gone in a minute! Welcome to your new world! Thought I’d give you all a glimpse of it before it knocks all of you on your asses! Now what are you going to do about it! I tried to get President Biden and Vice President and President to be Harris to listen to me but they choose to ignore me. You all better not ignore me and do what I say or you can all bend over and kiss your asses goodbye! Read my Facebook Page at https://www.facebook.com/ron.mccune.3 to see more details about this subject and more.