Wake up everybody and save your planet Earth, before you all die! The Ice Age is OVER! Russia and China have been doing all they can to induce more global warming and now the permafrost is melting big time in the Russian area of the planet and now the gasses that were tramped under the permafrost of the Artic region of the planet are now leaking into our atmosphere. We have to power up our cloud making ability of Nature and make it rain worldwide as much as possible so that we can have nature use rain to wash these gasses out of our atmosphere. It’s our ONLY hope for survival! Rain has been cleaning up all that nature has thrown at it and now we must get this washing machine called clouds up and raining constantly so that our atmosphere is cleaned out. The rain will wash the gasses out of the atmosphere so let’s get to work and save ourselves or we will all DIE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Get this melted ice water collected and refreeze it during the winter months and place the refrozen water back onto the places where it can be useful in preserving the Ice Age! WE can preserve the Ice Age if we keep collecting the water from melted ice water and then refreezing the water during winter months. Put the refrozen water in areas where the ice will assist the winds of the North Pole to become colder. Also lay ice blocks in valleys that have ice glaciers. Hang ice blocks over ice glaciers to help keep them cold. Cover all glaciers and areas with ice or snow with sea weed, pot plants or other vegetation that will decay in water easily if it ends up in the water. But do something! Don’t just stand there and talk about the problem of global warming and do nothing! We either save what ever there is of the Ice Age or we are going to face the consequences of not doing anything in about 2-3 years when all the ice in the waters of the North Pole is there no more for about 6-8 months of the year. When that happens then planet Earth will progress into a whole new weather pattern that will wreck havoc on Earth! I’ll tell you about that soon. It scares me that the scientist and experts of the world don’t have a clue on what is going on and how to avert the catastrophes all of you will face soon. I will show you how to avert these catastrophes and what to do as they happen. Sadly no one else is telling you. I tried to get President Biden and Vice President Harris to listen to what I say but they ignore me in every way. So if any of you agree with anything I say please get them and anyone else to take a look at what I say and what I say you all have to do. I hope to soon to set up Go Fund Me accounts to do some of the things I write about. I’ll keep you posted on my efforts. Don’t have a clue on how to do it all but seeing that none of you care to do what has to be done I guess I’ll give it my best shot before that ole big toaster oven bakes me into dust as it does for all of us poor people as we drift into the sunset of life. Good luck to you all, you’re screwed! You all don’t have a clue on what is happening or any idea on what to do about what problems you face!