to see how to permanently and easily end global warming.

This article shows that we better all join in a plan that will surely end global warming immediately before it’s too late. The Earth is a planet that has an atmosphere that allows us humans and all other life to live here. This atmosphere must be maintained properly or it can be destroyed and then all life on Earth couldn’t exist. Us humans have got to understand that the area of the sky where clouds form and everything above those clouds to the outermost part of this atmospheric bubble that surrounds the Earth and allows all life to live on this planet must be left alone and shall not in any way have any kind of device, object, plane, rocket or anything else up there that would heat up or vacuum up anything at all which would naturally be air! That air from the clouds on up is Earth’s cooling system and cloud and rain making system. Warning! Don’t mess with that system that Mother Nature has created on Earth that allows clouds and rain to be made for if you do, which you have done already, you will have devastating results which we are having right now. We humans have destroyed the Ice Age and I got some bad news for all of you. The Ice Age is over and in about 2023 there will be very little if any floating ice in the waters of the North Pole region from the months of March to December about. Less cold air and more hot air in our atmosphere will result in the balance of hot and cold molecules in our atmosphere worldwide. As these massive amounts of hot molecules move around the globe they will cause massive storms and droughts in certain areas. As we keep putting jet planes heated exhaust, which is 800 to 2500 degrees, and rockets heated exhaust which can reach 5800 degrees, we have created more heat into that area of the clouds and the area above it which is not good at all because that part of our planet holds the most important part of our planet, our Mother Nature’s clouds and rain making apparatus. Then these jet planes we use also are gigantic vacuum machines and we are flying more than 100,000 of these military and commercial flights around the globe daily vacuuming up all that needed moist molecules that Mother Nature needs to make clouds and then heating up those molecules that Mother Nature needed to make clouds and then rain and then polluting those molecules so bad that those molecules can’t make a cloud molecule any more! That allows more of the Sun’s hot rays to reach the Earth and thus helps increase global warming! Since the late 1950’s we have sent about 5038 rockets into space. That’s a lot of heat! Our Earth’s atmosphere gets only so many cold molecules from space and from the ice and snow on Earth. If everybody on Earth would immediately stop flying all kinds of rockets of all kinds and stop flying jet engine airplanes of all kinds then the Earth’s temperature would stop getting so hot where it causes the global warming problems we now face. That would be so because once we stop flying jet planes and rockets then the Earth’s cloud making apperatise would increase and create clouds in mass because of the condition Earth is is now with all that is happening. These new massive amount of clouds would block the Sun’s rays which would also cool the Earth. Then these massive amounts of clouds would create massive amounts of rain which would help people to be able to grow crops and live in a new world’s climate that Mother Nature will be creating from the actions we humans create for Mother Nature to have to deal with as it evolves from what it is given to evolve into what it will be! The future is yours to create everybody! But a warning! You better do it right! You are leaving the Ice Age and entering a whole new age that could result in a very beautiful place or the end of all life on Earth as Mother Nature’s cloud and rain making apperatise is destroyed for good because of human activity. There could come a point in the near future where fires and droughts destroy enough trees and vegetation worldwide so that there isn’t enough trees and vegetation on Earth to create the molecules in mass that are necessary for the atmosphere to create clouds. Once that happens then the Sun will just bake all life and water off of the planet as the Sun has done to Venus, Mars and Mercury! Wise up folks and save yourselves! Stop flying rockets and jet planes! Go back to flying propeller airplanes! They don’t vacuum up and heat up and pollute like jet planes do! Doing these two things would drastically slow global warming to the point of stopping it! Then if we were to also stop using combustion engine vehicles and start using electric vehicles we would surely end global warming. Of course we would also have to do other things like plugging up all leaking gas lines, remaking chimneys and exhaust towers so that more heat and polluting particles aren’t being emitted into the air. This could be easily done with new ways of thinking and devices. If we were to remake industrial plants smoke and exhaust smoke stacks go through a mass where the smoke and exhaust heat go through a maze of twisted paths that take the exhaust first through a multiple twisted and turning pathway that is encased in water from flowing rivers. This cooling channel ports may run for thousands of feet or even a few miles. Then the fumes will be blown through a maze of pot plants and other vegetation which will remove harmful particles out of the smoke as it travels through it. Then we will wash the smoke as we release it into a pool of water. We will then take the smoke and force it though a bunch of filters to remove more harmful molecules. Then we will force the air to spray forcefully through a maze of resonated pot walls that are heated so that the pots resin catches any particles in the air. Then we will again run the air and smoke through a cooling maze before we send it through a 30 feet underground thin layered metal tubes that will then lower the temperature some more before we again shoot the air and smoke through another maze in a pool of water before we let the smoke and air out into the atmosphere. Doing this should cool and clean the exhaust a lot. We also have to redo our dwellings so that they are better insulated. We can do this easily by doing the following. We could put clear plastic or clear plastic sheets or wrap over the windows on the inside of your dwellings. Just don’t cover the whole window frame. Just cover the glass part of the window. You want the air that seeps through the window to add humidity to your room. You are just coving the glass part of the window because you are only trying to prevent the cold of the glass window from transferring it’s coldness beyond the glass window. If the window area is still cold when your hand is held close to it then maybe put a warm clouth of some kind over only the glass area of the window. Make something like a nice looking mini curtain that you can adhere somehow to the window’s glass area. You may have to tape the plastic or curtains on. You can remove it after the cold season. Then you must feel all of your walls, ceiling and floor. If any feel cold to the touch in cold weather then you have to either better insulate your place and if you can’t afford to do that then you have to insulate your place from the inside. You do this by putting thick enough curtains, drapes, trapitries, multiple sheets or blankets on the walls or ceilings that are cold. If the floor is cold then get area rugs to cover the floor. Keep the warm air in the dwelling and keep the cold air and cold air out as well as make the dwelling so that the walls, ceiling and floor aren’t adding to the coldness in the room. The problem with most dwellings is that this basic common sense way of maintaining heat in a dwelling is not done and that is why our heating cost are high. Then in the warmer time of the year we have to redo our dwellings so that we have windows or ventilating air vents on all sides of the dwelling so that air circulation is always maintain so that dwellings will not get so hot during warm times and also help fight off colds and flu that is caused by stale dried out air that has lots of bad molecules floating around that can and does make people sick. Then in warm weather we have to shade our dwellings by putting a covering of some kind a foot or two over our roofs so to stop the Sun from baking our dwellings. Vegetation plants of some kind would be great for that covering I think. Then we have to start using the energy of Mother Nature to help us live in our dwellings. We need to make individual or multi home windmills for dwellings. We have solar panels for dwellings. Why not windmills too. But that is all stuff we can do after we stop the major reasons for global warming which is rockets and jet planes. So what do you say everybody? You want to save yourselves or watch your world go through a hell on Earth in 2023 as the Ice Age ends and a whole new climate for the planet is created!