Earth Day… countdown to DEATH DAY! As the world stands in ignorance as the end of life on Earth in 20 years stares at it from the Sun whose history has shown that it can coble up any planet all the people ponder on what to do. As the Ice Age ends in 2023 as no more summer ice floats in Arctic’s oceans due to Russia’s attempts to warm up their whole country every year with multiple military maneuvers across their whole country that added much warmed to their area of the Earth which caused the weakest ice on Earth, permafrost, to melt and flow into the oceans in the Arctic. This permafrost melting water entering the oceans has been going on since the 1950’s when humans started flying jet engine planes instead of propeller planes. Also humans in the 1950’s started using rockets. Today we are shooting up rockets every week and flying over 100,000 military and passenger jets a day worldwide everyday! The heat of the rockets exhaust ranged as hot as the SUN for the SPACE SHUTTLE and around 5800 F for rockets. Jets are gigantic vacuum and heating machines that sucking up our molecules in our atmosphere which the planet needs to create keep Earth’s washing machine and water maker running which are clouds and rain. The heat of the exhaust from jet planes ranges from 800 to 1200 for passenger jets and from 1200 to 2500 degrees for military jets. Jets can suck up, heat up and pollute enough air about every 2 minutes to fill an enclosed Super Bowl stadium. The pollutants emitted by jet planes do not mix well with molecules that are normally in our atmosphere. This causes less inclination for clouds and rain. Our Earth’s atmospheric washing machine molecule mechanism has been under attack since the industrial revolution. However in the 1950’s we humans upped our attack on our Earth’s atmospheric cloud and rain making molecule apparatuses with jets and rockets. Then lately in the last 10 years we started increasing the amount of rockets flown yearly which caused more hot air in our atmosphere.

The warmer waters from melted ice from the poles travel around the globe and as they melt the South Pole’s ice in 2025 it will begin to collapse in mass. Then waters throughout the world will flood the low lying areas of the planet. People will drown and nuclear plants will be destroyed and it’s radioactive waste polluting the world’s oceans and water ways. Civilization will collapse as everyone and every animal thereafter will forever have to scramble for water and food. This is your world starting in 2023 when the North Pole has no more summer ice. The Earth will quickly progress from one disaster after another as tornadoes, hurricanes, droughts and rainstorms travel around the world causing havoc. Volcano eruptions will happen numerously as water enters the Earth and turns up the tea pot pressure on volcanoes worldwide. Once the cloud system disappears in about 2030 due to not enough trees to provide what nature needs to make clouds then the Sun will bake and evaporate all the water from the Earth within years.

You can stop it if EVERYONE stops flying jet planes and rockets of ALL kinds. Then we have to stop using combustion engine machines of all kinds, end fracking, repair leaking gas wells and more which I will soon write about. Also very important that we do all we can now to save all the ice in the North and South Poles. We will do this by collecting all the melted water from melted ice in the poles whenever possible, wherever possible and refreeze the water in the winter months. We will turn return the then refrozen ice to the valleys of the poles where we will layer it in hanging sheets over all the ice in the North and South Poles. WE will chop up and anchor large detached icebergs back onto the mountain ridges where they will stay to cool the waters. We can also redo all our dwellings with this thing called ‘Cool Walls which will cool and heat all our dwellings. We could also equip all our homes with this new gadget that takes hot air out of a room. Install these in all homes and we will use less air-conditioning. Also there is this new paint out called Super White Paint I believe. When a dwelling is painted with this paint the Sun’s rays are reflected off the dwelling which keeps the building cooler along withy the environment. Then we have to shade the south side of our dwellings as much as possible to keep the hot Sun rays off the dwelling during the summer time. Shade the walls as well as the roofs. DO IT OR DIE! Read my Facebook Page for the whole story.