Looking at this weather map makes you realize that with all the increasing fresh water in our oceans from melted ice worldwide worldwide and all the hot weather worldwide our world’s climate is going to be raining immensely in certain areas of Earth and dry in other areas if we don’t bring down Earth’s temperatures. Our planet’s atmosphere is picking up a lot of moisture from the Sun’s evaporation powers. More fresh water in the oceans can create one storm after another coming off of Africa and having that storm pick up power and moisture as it travels from Africa to the America’s where the storm hits land somewhere. The islands and coastlines are going to see a lot of damage yearly as these now more powerful storms take aim at the Puerto Rico area and then travel upwards towards the Gulf of Mexico or up the Eastern sea board. When late September or early October the big storms will one after another travel through the Central America area and wreck havoc like never before. America, you better get ready for a mass exodus of people fleeing the flooding from Central America hightailing it to America every year as this global warming situation we humans have created changes the weather patterns of Earth right before our eyes instead of years or decades from now! Folks, Mother Nature is going to give us a weather system unlike anything Earth has ever experience before! What we humans have created is a atmospheric recipe of heat and pollutants in our atmosphere which Mother Nature can only create situations that in reality is happenings in Nature that is leading to the end of life on Earth! Once our atmosphere is destroyed to a certain point life on Earth can no longer exist. You may think that just because today things haven’t reached the panic point but Mother Nature is showing us the problems we are creating and if we don’t fix this global warming problem then Mother Nature will take all that heat and pollutants we humans emit everyday and melt all the snow and glaciers worldwide. This is going on right now and by 2023 the North Pole will have no ice or very little ice in the oceans and water ways of the North Pole area. Mother Nature is immediately going to respond and yield much milder winters in the Northern Hemisphere. This will cause much less snow which means much less water from melting snow during Spring, Summer and Autumn. Many parts of the earth will have water problems. Many other things are going to go wrong as Mother Nature takes us all on a path to the end of life on Earth which is going on right now if you ALL would wake up and see reality! Or you can ALL die within a decade or two as the Earth’s atmosphere collapses and all life ends on Earth as it has on Mars, Venus and who knows where else! Sun’s have a way of giving life and taking life! What do you want to do everybody, do you want to live or die!