As the world foolishly gawks and cheers at the marvels of it’s destruction as another extremely hot (3200 degrees) and polluting (tons of pollutants) man made object called a rocket is blasted from ground zero and shot through our most precious and most needed and most vulnerable and most easiest to destroy part of our planet, that part of the Earth that gives us our life, our clouds, our rain, our oxygen, the upper atmosphere, where certain temperatures where maintained by nature until us humans decided to fly these hot rockets and also switch from flying propeller airplanes and switch to these very hot and very polluting and very strong and very gigantic vacuum cleaners called jet planes!

With all the rockets of all kinds that we have launched and continue to launch and all the jets that we have flown it’s no wonder we have global warming! We can easily and permanently end global warming in 1-3 months if we all stop using rockets of all kinds and stop flying jets of all kinds! If we all did this our atmosphere would immediately cool down which would stop the melting of Earth’s permafrost regions as well as ice glaciers and all ice and snow on Earth! This would create an ideal situation where our atmosphere would then take the water that the Sun evaporates and turn all those numerous molecules that you look up and admire this thing called our atmosphere which is actually our Earth’s air producing machine and our cloud producing machine and our rain making machine and our Earth’s only umbrella from the Sun which in case you don’t know it is trying since gthe beginning of time to steal all this precious stuff called water from the Earth! Those clouds are preventing the Sun from stealing all of our Earth’s water. Every moment of every day that Sun just pops up over the horizon and sheds its hot rays at us. Luckily us humans live in this bubble called an atmosphere and we got these clouds to save us, ain’t that right everybody! Without these clouds we are doomed! Ask people in deserts if you don’t agree. Go live in the desert for a long time without our manufactured comforts and rely on nature and you’ll agree we need to stop this global warming thing! We got to do all we can immediately to stop putting heat into our atmosphere and we got to stop polluting our atmosphere as much as possible immediately! If we all stop flying rockets of all kinds and stop flying jets of all kinds we can immediately stop the heating of our planet! Let’s do it and live in peace and forever free from the fear of global warming and the end of life on Earth!