In my opinion I believe we must boycott ALL business operations of Amazon.com and Tesla Motors because both companies profits are helping to make rockets which I believe is the MAIN cause of why our planet Earth in the last 15 years has been heating up more faster than the normal fast pace it was on since the 1960’s. We are at the end of the Ice Age, at the end game of what to do about global warming! Once there is no ice in the North Pole’s oceans during summer months then that is the end of the Ice Age! Do you understand what that means? That means there will be no more seasons as we know them! There will only be a very long hot period of the year followed by a short period of say 2-3 months of cooler weather because the Earth will no longer have massive amounts of snow or ice on the planet anywhere to provide cold enough air for our atmosphere to use to create an atmospheric environment for clouds to be produce snow but will instead create rain. But lack we so to create water and shade to enable all life to live on Earth! Without clouds life cannot exist on Earth! No more snow in most areas as it is replaced by rain. It’s been reported lately that there is at this moment very little ice in many areas of the North Pole. As the 24 hour Sun starts it’s 6 month cook up of the North Pole watch how our world’s environment starts to change. As we humans continue to add heat from the many sources of heat we create the atmosphere will continue to dry up and there will be less clouds. If we were to stop adding heat to our atmosphere then our planet would create clouds and then rain which both actions of clouds and rain helping to cool the planet. But heat will make it impossible to create big enough clouds that would create rain unless that rain system is produced on Earth in a very little area while more bigger areas of the Earth is experiencing no clouds. If we can shut down the rockets and the jet planes we use then the planet’s cold molecules increase. By us humans not using rockets or jet planes anymore will allow our atmosphere to balance out the hot and cold molecules of the Earth. Once we get Earth back onto a balanced atmosphere the atmospheric cloud producing mechanism will kick in big time! We have massive amounts of fresh water entering our oceans from all the melting ice and snow world wide. This water we MUST do EVERYTHING possible to save it or ALL that water will either be evaporated or turned into clouds and hopefully rain. If the clouds appear that means that there is more water molecules in that part of the sky and the Sun hadn’t sucked up another batch of water molecules from the Earth where that evaporated water molecules will never be seen on Earth again! If those Sun caused evaporated water molecules turn into clouds then they benefit the planet by providing shade from the Sun. Go to any of the hot areas of the planet and see hot nice it is to have clouds! Millions of years ago the planet had no ice anywhere or very little. Alaska is said to have green vegetation growing in it’s area of the planet. That means that warm weather can go all the way to the North and South Poles when there is no massive amounts of ice or snow on the planet to provide cold molecules so to create a climate pattern like we have today. There most like will be very little snow in most parts of the world. After all if most of the planet is going to be hot like Florida or Arizona in about 2024 by then and since when have you seen snow in either of those states? What are ALL of you going to do for water when NOW you rely on melting snowfall for water during dry times.

Since the late 1950’s us humans have been flying rockets. Also about in the late 1950’s us humans started switching to flying jet planes instead of propeller planes. Jet planes are sucking up the moisture out of our atmosphere which causes there to be less atmospheric pressure because water vapor molecules act like pressure producing molecules which create an ideal atmospheric environment where the cold molecules from space meet with the warmer molecules emitted ONLY from what was going on the surface of the Earth.