I am very concern and all of you should be too! We just had a meeting of our world leaders and NO ONE has put forward a plan to end global warming that would end global warming! All talk and no action! All of you folks don’t have a clue on what to do to end global warming! And if we don’t do something immediately then in 2023 our nightmares begin for in 2023 we will be entering a whole new climate era, a climate era where there will be no more winters as we have known them, that is unless you do what I say. And I am telling you the truth! The people of the world ae not set up for what is going to happen in 2023 and ALL OF YOU don’t understand or comprehend all that you will face come 2023 and thereafter. President Biden and his administration totally ignore me in every way. They don’t take my calls or answer my questions to them so I ask you too the same questions. Just what are you folks going to do to end global warming? What are you going to do come 2023 when there will be no more snow or very little snow in most areas of the planet during the 2 months of winter we will have around the planet where you live? The rest of the year you will be getting rain only because it will be too warm all over the planet because in 2023 there will be very little or no more cold ice in the waters in the oceans and water ways of the North Pole. Hot air like Arizona or Florida will progress it’s way up North as the heat molecules of the planet overpowers the cold molecules of the planet. The last time the Earth was without ice and snow the warmed of the planet extended all the way up into the North Pole and South Pole! The hot Sun shining all day for six months a year on the North Pole and then the South Pole for six months will make our air and water of our Earth warmer. We have to immediately shut down all sources of heat entering our atmosphere so that we can survive on a warmer planet with a warmer environment! We either do it right or the Sun will take over our atmosphere and destroy it!

You see folks, our atmosphere is really a game of chemistry between the hot and cold molecules. We humans have tipped the scale in favor of adding to more hot molecules to our environment and taken away more cold molecules with our melting of the ice on our planet. This is the main reason we have global warming. Since the beginning of Earth the planet always had an atmosphere that created clouds and rain which are the most important ingredients on Earth that enables there to be life on Earth. Without clouds and rain there would be no life on Earth!

I am scared that all of you don’t understand why it is important that all of us must immediately stop flying rockets of all kinds and jet planes of all kinds. Think about this, rockets and jet planes are the only extremely hot things we humans put into the atmosphere above say 3 hundred yards or more. Heat coming out of smokestacks are about the tallest things we humans have that emit extreme heat or pollutants.

However jet planes and rockets are the ONLY things we humans put up into our atmosphere that is taller than a smokestack and very hot and very polluting! Rockets leave our planet on a burst of ignited extremely hot gasses and extremely polluting exhaust. These rockets leave our planet and for miles into our atmosphere they emit extremely hot temperatures and many pollutants. Rockets exhaust temperature is around 5800 degrees. The Space Shuttle was as hot as the Sun! There has been 5038 rockets launched so far and we are still counting! This extremely hot rocket heat is mixed into a temperature entering our atmosphere that use to be always around 32 degrees in the area where clouds are formed. However rocket heat and jet plane’s heat from their exhaust has increased the temperature of our atmosphere from the clouds and above. As this daily amount of heat and pollutants are added to out atmosphere over time our atmosphere starts to produce less molecules that produce clouds and rain.

Once there is less clouds there is more heat entering our atmosphere from the hot rays of the Sun which increases the temperature of our planet. Once there is less rain there is less cleaning of our atmosphere from rain. Rain is Earth’s air cleaning system. Rain has been cleaning our atmosphere for millions of years in times 20 times worse than what we have today. When super volcanoes erupt the ash can cloud out the Sun for decades and more. Heck our ice ages probably came about from super volcano eruptions. But in the past the Earth didn’t have pollutants in the atmosphere that stopped clouds and rain from forming. Now we do.

Now jet planes are a big environmental problem just like rockets. Jet planes are gigantic travelling vacuum machines and also a very hot traveling furnishes and very polluting machine. Jets exhaust temperature ranges from 800 degrees to 1200 degrees for passenger jets and from 1200 to 2500 degrees for military jets. We have about 120,000 of these military and passenger jets flying around our atmosphere EVERY DAY sucking up and burning up and polluting our whole atmosphere around the planet! This heat from jets and rockets has increased our planet’s temperature more than any other thing we do! This heat from rockets and jets mixes with that colder air from outer space and warms it up above the 32 degrees temperature. this causes Mother Nature to not be able to produce clouds as much as it normally would. Heat dries up humidity and creates low atmospheric moisture and clouds need high amount of humidity and precipitation to produce clouds. Our atmosphere has a system whereas the cold from outer space meets up with the air from all that is happening on the ground and mixes together in our atmosphere. If there is ice or snow on the ground in any parts of the world it will affect what happens in our atmosphere. Less ice and snow on the ground and the planet warms easier from the hot rays of the Sun that shines about 12 hours a day. However in the North and South Poles the Sun shines 24 hours a day for about 6 months and then total darkness for 6 months. This causes things to happen. The Earth has been in an Ice Age for a long time now. We had massive amounts of ice in the North and South Pole as well as glaciers and mountain tops all over the world. However we are now at the end of the Ice Age. In 2023 the North Pole’s ice in the waters of the North Pole during summers will be either no more or very little. As the warmer waters travel the waters of the world and reaches the South Pole area more so than now the South Pole in about 2024 will start to lose ice in much greater pace than now which will lead to the South Pole’s ice to start falling apart a lot. This will lead to a disaster world wide of floods from rising waters. After decades of this abuse of our planet Earth has reached it’s breaking point as we move into near 2023. For 2023 will be the first year that there most likely will be no more ice in the waters of the North Pole during the summer. That means that the Ice Age is over and the Earth is onto a whole new climate era that as we are living now we will not survive.