In my opinion I believe, and all of you too should believe if you care to live much longer on this planet, that it is about time that we stop giving money to those that are destroying our planet the most! Rockets are the hottest devise that emits heat that we humans put into our atmosphere. I’ve already numerous times have requested from the government and aero space industry and the environmental organizations and others for the data that shows just how hot and what happens to hot exhaust as it leaves rockets. How far does the exhaust heat and pollutants travel from the exhaust areas of rockets and how does that heat and pollutants interact with other molecules last as it travels through our atmosphere? How all this affects global warming is being ignored as we fly numerous jet planes and rockets into our atmosphere. I read where there is about 440 tons of jet fuel to fly every Space X rocket!

The revenue collected from the sales of products at Telsa Motors and Amazon.com go toward the building of rockets! These two companies are responsible for putting massive amounts of heat into our atmosphere which it appears that to affect our amount of heat we have to deal with in these days of global warming! I feel that the ONLY way we can lower the temperature of the temperature of our atmosphere is to stop flying hot objects of ALL kinds in our atmosphere!

I believe we MUST BOYCOTT TESLA MOTORS AND AMAZON.COM and stop buying all of their products because their profits are doing us immense harm!

We have to stop flying rockets of all kinds and stop flying jets of all kinds if we want to lower the amount of heat we are daily putting into our atmosphere! If we don’t stop putting heat into our atmosphere then in 2023 the North Pole’s summer ice in it’s oceans and waterways will all be nearly all melted and then that warmer water will travel the world. The South Pole will start collapsing in about 2024 or 2025. The weather patterns world wide will change as winters are no more. The heat molecules will overpower the cold molecules as the Earth adjusts to what we humans have given it to deal with.

Weather patterns from the past will mean nothing as humanity has to adjust with a whole new weather pattern. That’s your future! What are YOU going to do about it? Are ALL of you going to immediate stop flying rockets and jet planes are are you going to continue with your ways of living that is KILLING YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Read my Facebook Page for more details!