Read my Facebook page at https://www.facebook.com/ron.mccune.3 to see all of my postings about many different subjects. This posting will continue onward with postings of the date I am adding to this posting. A lot of major disasters in the world, especially concerning our environment, are occurring and I feel the need to address them because the end of cilivization is in our future unless we stop this global warming problem. I will fully explain as time moves forward as well as add more details about all the projects I am trying to get done.

Right now, it is hard to think, type and post when I am living in such hard times. My personal life is in despair. I need help from you. I am now living in the streets of America. If any of you would like to help me or help me get any of the projects I am trying to get done, you can donate and send money directly to me to my bank account thru your bank account’s money transfer system called Zelle. My bank account has my Zelle account opened and operating.

Zelle is a money transfer system that most major banks in America use that allows their bank account’s customers to use their bank account to send or receive money from others who also have a bank account with a major American bank. It’s kind of like PayPal but Zelle is free and is only available to customers who have an account at the banks in America who are participating in the Zelle money transfer system. You will have to activate your Zelle account at your bank in order to use Zelle at your bank. After you activate your Zelle account at your bank you will then use either your phone number or email address to send or receive money. Once you activate your Zelle account at your bank you can then send money directly to me. You can use your bank’s Zelle account to send me money by using my email address which is presidentron999@gmail.com. You will have to activate your Zelle account in your bank so that you can use Zelle to send money to me or others with an opened Zelle account at their bank.

Because I am poor, disabled, and old I have just experienced the worst six months of my life! I now am homeless as the housing market in my area renders me unable to find an affordable place or even a place to live.

Also, I am trying to get a lot done before my old age and life’s circumstances puts me in a rougher times or the poor people’s toaster oven. There is a lot I have to say and all of you have better listen to what I now have to say because what I have to say to all of you is very important. Us humans have now set in motion the circumstances which will shortly, in about 3-5 years, lead to the end of cilivization as we know it!

I have sent this information to President Biden and Vice President Harris and all the members of the United States Senate. I have gotten nowhere with their administration and Congress, so it is up to all of you to save yourselves because I don’t believe President Biden and his administration do not believe in my solutions and observations.

So, you folks are on your own to save yourselves because I feel that Biden and Harris are clueless when it comes to solving any of our problems, be it global warming, gun violence, criminals, crime, poverty, immigration, government budgets, our economy or anything else!

All these politicians want is our vote so that they can keep their jobs and collect a pension for working just 20 years! Not many if any companies offer pensions but our governments at all levels offer pensions! Why? And when these politicians get in office, they do not solve our problems but only make them worse!

That is why I have another project of mine I am going to start with whatever donations I get. I will try to set up a new political party called ‘None of the Above Party’. This new political party will have a candidate on every ballet in every state for every election in that state. We are going to give voters another choice for political office. The new None of the Above candidates will not have much of a platform to win on but will only be on the ballot to offer a chance for anyone who doesn’t like either the Democratic or Republican candidate can vote for the None of the Above candidate. In each voting contest the None of the Above party will only present one candidate for office. We can make that candidate a handicap person just to give them a moment of stardom that they will treasure forever especially if they win. However, if the None of the Above handicap person wins the election, then that candidate agrees to resign from office as soon as possible and we will have new elections. We also will give that handicap winning candidate, as well as all of the ‘None of the Above candidates a sum of money to compensate their effort, win or lose! Handicap people will love to be a candidate and it will enable handicap people to have their spot in the limelight so that they can voice their concerns. I’m sure along the way we’ll discover that many handicap people have a brilliant mind inside a body that doesn’t work perfectly but does have an excellent way of judging good from bad and creating good for all!

And voters will love having the pleasure of not having to only vote for a Democratic or Republican candidate. An option of being able to vote for a None of the Above candidate doing will eventually get these Democrats and Republicans out of office and get started on remaking our country better than what these Republicans and Democrats have done! Because from what I see the Democrats or Republicans aren’t doing what needs to be done about much of anything! This is a project all Americans should get behind!