To understand where a hurricane is going just watch the upper part of the hurricane. When it sticks it’s pecker out of it’s rotating spiralling hurricane force then that is an indication of where it is headed. A hurricanes pecker is like ours, it only comes out when needed. Watch the top part of a hurricane and as it is spinning you will see a quick flash like an arrow exerting from the hurricane. That pecker flash usually happens as the hurricane is approaching the area 100-200 miles before Puerto Rico. That flash is like a directional signal to the hurricane on which direction the hurricane will soon take. A hurricane is like a gigantic blind octopus looking for the deepest warmest water to swim in. The earth’s contour under the water determines where the hurricane wants to go most times. Sometimes prevailing winds can push the hurricane towards and or onto land. Florida has some deep water areas along the eastern coast of Florida which causes most hurricanes to travel along the coastline of Florida and the eastern coast if they don’t go into the Gulf of Mexico and then towards the Texas or New Orleans area.