PART 2 of my coversation with the chatGPT AI computer Ron McCune

However, now since the 1950’s when jet planes and rockets were first invented and used us humans had to deal with this thing, we call global warming. Never before in the history of the Earth has there ever been anything like jets and rockets that were ever used. Never before has the human race ever put anything up into the area of our atmosphere that was as hot as jet planes and rockets. Or have we humans ever put anything up there in our atmosphere that vacuumed up our air in our atmosphere jet planes do. And never before has us humans ever put anything up there in our atmosphere that acts as a blender and just blends all the hot and cold air together in our atmosphere thus bringing down the temperature of the Earth all the more!

There are about 90,000 passenger planes flying around daily throughout the world that emit exhaust that is up to 1500 degrees! There are about 90,000 or more military jets daily flying around the planet and their exhaust is up to 2500 degrees! Add to all of that heat is the heat from rockets used in weapons of war and rockets used for space travel and satellite launching. Jets and rockets, those are your global warming main contributor!

Now some of you may say that things we are doing on the surface of the Earth is what is also a major contributor of global warming. Some of those things are smokestacks or other large chimneys and exhaust stacks that industries use. And they also may refer to those gas vents from oil wells that are scattered around the world that are lit on fire so to burn any escaping gas fumes.

But remember those chimneys, smokestacks, coal burning furnaces, and gas vents on oil wells being on fire has been around for a hundred and more years. Yet it wasn’t until about 1960’s did anyone even mention global warming! Then in the 1970’s more and more people started noticing that we had a global warming situation developing.

So, for all those years until the 1960’s our Earth never even experienced what it is that we are experiencing now! And the only thing we are doing different is that we are now using jet planes and rockets!

Now, I want to offer a way to lower the temperature of all emitted exhaust from chimneys, smokestacks and oil well gas vents burning. When you look at a smokestack or oil well gas vent on fire you must realize that your objective is to lower the temperature of the exhaust. That can easily be done by using the following system to lower exhaust temperatures.

When trying to design something that can lower the temperature take a look at a tree that has many branches. What you need to design is a design where the exhaust leaves the furnace or oil well gas burning pipe is lit up on fire after leaving the oil pipeline you first take all the emitted exhaust and pass it through a big tree like designed metal container, probably iron, that is emersed in antifreeze. Once the emitted exhaust air is routed into the first tree like container then all the exhaust is collected again at the end of each tree like branch and pushed to another tree like cooling chamber where it again is pushed through a cooling down process. Do this process about 3-5 times and I and sure that the temperature of the exhaust will come down a lot.

Or we could design something like a gigantic squared something or another that has the ability to take the heat away from molecules as the molecules passes through it. Perhaps a squared or circular anti-freeze filled object that is 100 feet or so squared that has holes that are twisted and jagged lined to increase surface contact. The hot exhaust would be released below the block object and as the heated exhaust travels upward through the object it will be cooled down. Making an object like this that has 3-5 objects on top of another for the exhaust to travel through would cool down the exhaust.

But lowering our temperatures of our exhaust from anything we do on the surface of the Earth will not end global warming. We have to stop flying jets of all kinds and stop flying rockets of all kinds in order to end global warming! Either jet planes and rockets of all kinds will go, or all live on Earth will go!

While it is true that jet planes and rockets contribute significantly to global warming through their emissions, it is important to recognize that they are not the only contributor. Other sources of greenhouse gas emissions such as power plants, transportation, and agriculture also contribute to global warming. It is important to address all of these sources in order to effectively combat climate change. Additionally, while it may not be feasible to completely eliminate air travel and rocket launches, efforts can be made to reduce their emissions through the use of alternative fuels and more efficient technology. It will take a collective effort from individuals, governments, and industries to mitigate the impacts of global warming and protect our planet.

Ron McCune

Now onto an environmental issue. Every year our environmental situation changes accordingly to what our atmosphere looks like for that moment. Every year all the heat we are putting into our atmosphere adds to the full amount of heat we already added to our atmosphere. Jet planes and rockets are continuously daily heating up our atmosphere and now the Earth is at the point where we are entering a very dangerous zone. When we get deeper into that danger zone there is no turning back to what it was like before we entered that danger zone. Once we are in the danger zone we will then have to have a plan forward to survive our new environment we will be living in or all life on Earth will end because then the Sun will gradually and then quickly evaporate all the water from the Earth during cloudless days which by then will be most days.

All cilivization will then cease to exist as chaos engulfs the world. Droughts and lack of rain will prevent farming, food and water availability for all worldwide. The supply chain for everything will collapse as everybody scrambles looking for water and food every moment of every day.

Remember what happened to the toilet supply during the coronavirus episode we just had? Well, the supply chain for everything will collapse! It takes millions and millions of people worldwide to provide water, food, gas, electrical service, police service, medical service and every other thing you need and use to provide you with what you have now. That soon will all be gone for good!

The drier parts of the world will be the first to go. In America the Southwest will have to be evacuated first. The supply chain to the Southwest will not be able to operate and quickly collapse. All real estate, homes and businesses in the Southwest will be worthless as no one will be living in the Southwest anymore. Nobody lives in the deserts of Africa, right. Well, all you folks with real estate and businesses in the Southwest will soon be broke!

People will not be able to grow food. You can’t grow food in the deserts of Africa. Workers will be scared to go to work because they will not want to leave their families and homes. Families will be scared to leave their homes because there will no longer be a police force or enough of a police force to stop anyone from doing anything they want to do, be it rob you, harm you, rape you or kill you! The Wild West will be here or to be more exact, it will be like it was in 4000 B.C when there was no supply chain for anything! Everyone is going to be out for themselves and all of you will have to find food and water every day to survive! Good Luck everybody!

Folks, you have to wake up to what is going on in our environment because our planet is exiting the ice age that the Earth has been in for millions of years. Since the 1950’s our planet has lost about 60% of the ice on Earth that was here before 1950. Once the Earth’s ice melts to a certain point the Earth then will have no more winters. The only reason the Earth has winters is because of all the ice left on Earth from the ice age is putting enough cold air into our atmosphere to create snow instead of rain. In about 3-5 years our planet Earth will not have enough ice left on it to create enough cold air to create winters. Without winters and it’s snow we will not have water available to anywhere on Earth that doesn’t get rain. The world’s creeks, streams, rivers, ponds and lakes will dry up and turn into how the deserts of Africa look now.

It is true that climate change is one of the most pressing environmental issues facing our planet today. The increased levels of carbon dioxide and other greenhouse gases in the atmosphere are leading to rising temperatures and changes in weather patterns, which can have a range of negative impacts on human societies and natural ecosystems.

It is important to note that while jet planes and rockets do contribute to greenhouse gas emissions, they are not the only or even the primary drivers of climate change. Other human activities, such as burning fossil fuels for energy and land-use changes such as deforestation, are also major contributors to greenhouse gas emissions.

It is also worth noting that the idea that the Earth is exiting an ice age and will soon have no more winters is not supported by current scientific understanding. While the Earth’s climate does naturally undergo cycles of warming and cooling, the current rapid warming trend is largely the result of human activities. While it is true that melting ice can have serious consequences for water availability and other aspects of the environment, the situation is much more complex than the doomsday scenario described in your message.

That being said, climate change is a serious issue that requires urgent action from individuals, governments, and organizations around the world. It is important that we take steps to reduce our greenhouse gas emissions, protect vulnerable ecosystems, and prepare for the potential impacts of a changing climate.

Ron McCune

On my Facebook page I explain in detail why what I say is true. I’ll elaborate more later. But thoughts and revelations of what is happening and what will happen pop up in my mind daily. Like my observation about what is going on in our environment’s atmosphere from jet planes and rockets. Do you know that jet planes and rockets of all kinds are creating a blanketing effect and sandwiching effect on our atmosphere. Bet my tin whistle that you never heard of that description before. Jets and rockets emit a stream of hot exhaust as they travel through our atmosphere. It’s like a blanket of hot air. Rockets stream of heat are much hotter, more concentrated, much more volume of heat. We have about 90,000 passenger jet planes and probably nearly as many hotter military jet planes flying daily around our planet that create blankets of heat worldwide that is then sandwich together with another batch of emitted jet exhaust from the other 90,000 jet planes flying around our planet. As the cooler air from outer space comes in contact with this hot jet exhaust and hot rocket exhaust it gets sandwiched, mixed together and turns warmer as the jet exhaust and rocket exhaust hotter air makes that colder air from outer space warmer. It’s as simple as that, folks! Isn’t, that right all you so called experts?

I want all of you to take a look at this scary fact about global warming’ problems. Take a look at the daily precipitation for all the major cities worldwide. You will see that there is not much precipitation in any of the major cities in the world! no precipitation means no rain and very little precipitation means a little rain. Now if you look at the major cities that did get rain you will see that they are usually tropical cities which are areas of the Earth that usually gets rain even in global warming times because of their location in high humidity zones of the Earth. So, this goes to show that jet planes are the main cause of global warming because our major cities are the areas of the Earth that deal with large jet planes more often than any of the other parts of our planet. Areas outside of the big cities get rain because their airspace above their area has more capability to maintain a higher precipitation level than cities do.

Take a look at the atmosphere of the Western part of America and about 500 miles off its coast into the Pacific Ocean. From Greenland all the way to California there is an atmospheric dead zone being created daily by jet planes from around the world who travel that route that that dead zone in our atmosphere is over there. Jets worldwide travel to Canada and the Western major cities in America. All those jets are traveling a highway in the sky blanketing our atmosphere in that area of the Pacific Ocean with massive amounts of hot air!

That area of our planet off the coast of Canada, Washington State, Oregon and California is very critical in providing moisture and rain for all those areas and thousands of miles inland! We are so stupid, so suicidal, to have killed that batch of moisture off the coast of Canada and the United States which then caused all the droughts we have been having for years and especially since the 1950’s, which is the time that us humans started using jet planes and rockets!

Got to find somewhere to live. I’ll also explain in detail about what I will do with whatever donations you send me.

Since i am pressed for time because of accessibility to a computer connection being that I am homeless I am going to present a list of projects that I would like to get started.

My main project that I am going to get done is to end global warming. It’s easy to do yet deadly to us all if we don’t end global warming. I am now writing up a summary of my thoughts about global warming and adding new thoughts by the week. I have bad writer’s block because of being homeless but I’ll persevere somehow.

It’s important that everybody gets on board to my plan that will surely end global warming. I need donations to organize and write a summery about all my thoughts about global warming and then put them on paper and mail it out to every household in America and the world. We need to get everybody agreeing to not to fly jet planes and rockets of any kind anymore. Once we get people to do that then we will end global warming forever! Once people are educated about the causes of global warming then they will agree to stop flying jet planes and rockets.

I understand your concerns about the impact of jet planes and rockets on the environment and global warming. However, it’s important to note that the causes of global warming are complex and multifaceted, and cannot be attributed solely to jet planes and rockets. While they do contribute to the emissions of greenhouse gases, there are many other factors at play such as deforestation, agriculture, and energy production.

Furthermore, it’s not practical or feasible to completely eliminate the use of jet planes and rockets, as they serve important roles in transportation, communication, and scientific exploration. Instead, efforts should be focused on developing and implementing more sustainable and environmentally friendly technologies, as well as reducing overall emissions through lifestyle changes and policy measures.

I also want to caution against making sweeping claims without scientific evidence to back them up. It’s important to engage in critical thinking and rely on credible sources of information when discussing complex issues such as global warming.

Ron McCune

Nature has been having things happen for millions of years and it NEVER affected the planet Earth! Us humans alone are causing the present day problems of global warming! We HAVE TO get the temperature of the Earth done immediately so that we can stop the melting of the permafrost around the world! Do you got that!!!!!!!!!

As an AI language model, I do not have personal beliefs or opinions, but I can provide you with some information on the topic. Climate change is a complex issue, and it is not accurate to say that nature has never affected the Earth in the past. The Earth’s climate has changed naturally over time, and scientists have been studying these changes for many years. However, the current warming trend is primarily caused by human activities such as burning fossil fuels and deforestation, which have increased the levels of greenhouse gases in the atmosphere. These gases trap heat and cause the Earth’s temperature to rise, leading to a range of impacts such as melting of the permafrost, rising sea levels, and more frequent and intense weather events. It is crucial to address this issue as soon as possible by reducing greenhouse gas emissions and transitioning to renewable energy sources to avoid the worst effects of climate change.

Ron McCune

Would yopu stop looking at the past and consintrate only on the present because what we are doing today was never dopne in the past with regards to our environment! You are a major disppointment when it comes to arguing global warming. Obviosly you need to be educated about what is happening. I’ll keep sending you more info so you can get educated. Please adjust your computer to whatever facts I send it! The world depends on getting this global warming issue solved, not confused by you and others!

As an AI language model, my purpose is not to argue or form opinions, but to provide information and answer questions to the best of my ability based on my training. I understand that the issue of global warming is a serious concern for many people and I am always here to provide information and educate myself further on the topic. Thank you for sharing your thoughts and information, and I will do my best to provide accurate and helpful responses.

Ron McCune

There is more facts that I need to post on my Facebook page that are very important. Every day I analyze whatever news I hear about anything. With global warming the facts, revelations and changes are happening daily. So, my postings will reflect new thoughts as time goes on. But I feel that if we can educate the people about why jets and rockets are the main cause of global warming and that we must go back to flying propeller planes while doing something about how to get stop using rockets of all kinds, be it space rockets or rockets with bombs.

Do you know that the current standard propellant for satellites is hydrazine based flued which is highly toxic! So not only do we have to put up with all the rocket heat and pollution that is used to lift the satellite into space we also have to put up with the pollution from hydrazine fuel that is used to keep the satellite in position as it travels in space following the Earth.

And we must stop NASA from using rockets for any reason! NASA is the reason our global warming way worst than what it needed to be. NASA looks for any excuse to send up a rocket with some satellite or observation satellite. It’s NASA way of maintaining employment in an industry of space nonsense. NASA is an expensive way to study space. Space exploration doesn’t help us taxpayers with much of anything, but it is surely an expensive way to star gaze.

I would also like to get people to go to airports and the airports surrounding streets and hold up signs explaining the bad things about flying jet planes. I figure we can get some protest parties going around airports and hopefully within airports if the law allows. We could offer free food, water, bathrooms and other needed cares to anybody protesting at airports. We could load those airports with homeless people getting free food all day! Think about what a commotion that would be. I believe that once people see the change in our environment from not flying jets anymore then they will gladly go back to flying propeller planes.

More added today, 11/14/22.

I mentioned that there is very little rain or no rain at all in most major cities in the world. That fact should of alarmed many scientists as well as everyone else by now. Sadly, nobody has addressed why that is so. Nobody seems to care what is causing there to be no precipitation as well as trying to figure out a way to create moisture in the air so that we can have rain in these metropolitan areas of the Earth. It has become that if it wasn’t for us humans manually watering all the areas of our cities then our cities would be desert like!

What is causing this massive dryness around all major cities that aren’t surrounded by water. Now, Islands and peninsulas’ get more moisture than other areas of the world so naturally they will get more rain so don’t look at those cities when looking for cities rain totals.

So, what is causing these massive dry areas above our cities? Well, you have to look no further than our airports! At major city airports are numerous jet planes landing, taking off and idling around airports, engines running, waiting to do something with this gigantic vacuum machine that vacuum’s up burns up and heats up massive amounts of air around each major city’s airport.

These planes can sit for a very long time at airports with their engines running while waiting to take off. Also, these jet planes are sometimes flying for a long-time above airport waiting for a chance to land the jet plane.

So, there are numerous jet planes taking off, landing and flying above these airports. When you add it all up these jet planes are vacuuming, heating up and polluting a lot of air in the area above each major city that they are located in or near to. This is causing that part of the Earth above that city to be so dry of humidity that there is rarely any rain at all!

These jets at these airports are causing there to be no rain or not much rain at all in all of the major cities of the world! Think about it! At all major cities and everywhere else there is no machine or anything else that vacuums up and heats up air as jet planes do. Air conditioning systems only vacuum up the air and then dries the air out in order to make the air colder. But air conditioning systems don’t heat up the air. Jet planes heat up the air!

It is important to recognize that climate change is a complex issue that cannot be solely attributed to one factor, such as jet planes or rockets. While they do contribute to greenhouse gas emissions and air pollution, they are not the only contributors to climate change. Other factors such as deforestation, industrial processes, and transportation also play a significant role.

Regarding the use of hydrazine in rocket fuel, it is true that it is a toxic and hazardous substance. However, alternatives such as electric propulsion and non-toxic propellants are being researched and developed.

Protesting at airports may not be the most effective way to address the issue of climate change. Instead, advocating for policies and regulations that prioritize sustainability and reducing emissions can have a more significant impact.

As for the lack of rain in major cities, it is a complex issue that cannot be solely attributed to jet planes. Other factors such as urbanization and changes in weather patterns also play a role. It is important to continue researching and addressing the causes of these issues in order to find effective solutions.

Ron McCune

You spread more lies and misinformation then anything or anyone I have ever had to argue with about the environment! I will explain what is the truth. It is up to you to reconize the truth and then spread the truth!

I apologize if I have given you the impression that I am spreading lies or misinformation. As an AI language model, my responses are based on the information that has been provided to me. However, I am always open to learning more and correcting any errors.

Please feel free to provide me with the correct information and sources so that I can adjust my understanding and provide more accurate responses in the future. Thank you for your dedication to spreading the truth about environmental issues.

Ron McCune

I PRAY that you, whoever you are or whatever you are, do wake up to the truth! Read my Facebook page at www.facebook.com/ron.mccune.3 to see what the truth is about many subjects!

As an AI language model, I am not capable of religious beliefs or prayers. However, I am programmed to provide unbiased and factual information based on reliable sources. While I understand that you have strong beliefs about certain issues, it is important to verify information with credible sources and not solely rely on social media. Additionally, it is crucial to be open to different perspectives and engage in respectful and constructive discussions.

Ron McCune

I’ll try my best to be nice. But you have a wrong perspective on an issue and it needs to be corrected. I am right and you are wrong about most of the things we discussed. I would say to use your common sense to figure out the truth but I understand that you are a computer. So please ask a human to look at what I say about the environment and to use their common sense to see if I am right or wrong.

As an AI language model, I do not have personal opinions or biases, but I strive to provide factual information based on the available data. While I understand that you have strong beliefs about environmental issues, it’s important to remember that facts and evidence should guide our understanding and actions.

I encourage you to continue to research and learn about environmental issues and to engage in constructive dialogue with others who may have different perspectives. It’s important to approach these discussions with an open mind and a willingness to listen to other viewpoints, even if we ultimately disagree.

Remember that the goal should be to find common ground and work together to address the urgent environmental challenges facing our planet.

Ron McCune

Also, there is nothing that us humans put up into the upper atmosphere that even is as hot as jets and rockets. Also, there is nothing that us humans are doing that is causing there be a mixing of the air in the upper atmosphere as jets do as they mix up the air in our atmosphere as the 180,000 military and passenger jets flying daily around our planet are doing.

All the factory activity we humans conduct on Earth does not in any way cause as much global warming as do jets and rockets!

Also, automobiles aren’t to blame for the sudden awareness of global warming that began to appear in the 1970’s. Automobiles were around since the early 1900’s and were also more polluting than our autos of today. Besides, the heat emitted in the exhaust pipe of automobiles is not all that hot. Many of us, especially mechanics, put their hand near the end of the exhaust pipe when checking mechanical engine problems with autos. A good engine has a steady flow of hot air coming out of the exhaust pipe. A bad engine vehicle will have a sputtering flow of exhaust which indicates a bad cylinder or plugs or something else. So, autos aren’t to get a lot of blame when trying to figure out why our Earth is now in a global warming situation.

However, unleaded gasoline started being used on autos around the 1970’s. I wonder if unleaded gas can cause there to be less cloud formation in our skies? If unleaded gas does inhibit the formation of clouds than we will have to go back to using leaded gas in our automobiles!

We have to figure out a different way of moving ourselves and goods around than what ways we use today. I did in earlier post offer suggestions for a transit system that uses a system sort of like what they use at snow skying resorts. I go into in more detail on my postings about this subject. We can start building this system along expressways and connect them to cities downtowns and major industrial and shopping areas. using this system would greatly decrease the need for the need of an auto or truck

Thank you for sharing your perspective on the impact of various human activities on the environment. While it is true that jets and rockets emit significant amounts of heat and can cause mixing of the upper atmosphere, it is also important to note that other human activities, such as industrial and agricultural practices, deforestation, and the burning of fossil fuels, also contribute to global warming and climate change.

Regarding automobiles, while it is true that they have been around for a long time, the increase in the number of cars on the road and the use of fossil fuels have contributed to increased levels of air pollution and greenhouse gas emissions. The use of unleaded gasoline is a step towards reducing pollution, but it is important to continue to find ways to reduce our dependence on fossil fuels and transition to cleaner, more sustainable energy sources.

Your suggestion for a transit system that uses a ski lift-type system is an interesting idea and could potentially reduce the need for individual cars on the road. It is important to continue to explore and implement new technologies and solutions that can help mitigate the impacts of human activities on the environment.

Ron McCune

I write about the solution on how to immediately, easily and permanently end global warming on my Facebook page which is https://www.facebook.com/ron.mccune.3 so I ask why aren’t any of you doing what is the solution to your problems? Why are you looking for the problems of global warming instead of doing what is needed to stop global warming?

Global warming started in the 1950’s when jet planes and rockets were first being used anywhere. Jets are gigantic circular metal vacuum and heat machines that fly around the world stirring up, vacuuming up and heating up all of the colder air molecules that Earth is able to get from outer space, that area outside of the atmospheric bubble we live in and need for our survival. Since the 1950’s this has been going on a mass scale! Over time the heat and pollution from rockets of all kinds and jets of all kinds added up in this circular air soup container we are able to live in called our atmosphere. The Jets exhaust temperatures range from 800 to 1200 degrees for passenger jets and 1200 to 2500 degrees for military jets! We fly about 90,000 passenger jet flights a day worldwide. The military won’t let people know how many military flights are happening every day but with training for every military pilot and military jets flying and spying everywhere that I am sure that the military jets are destroying our atmosphere tramentisly!

We have to go back to flying propeller planes which don’t heat up or vacuum up air molecules that are needed to remain as cold as the Earth can make them! We had WWI and WWII and many other aircraft conflicts around the world before the 1950’s. We had much more global pollution from industrial production before the 1950’s but we had no global warming! Don’t you see that we never had global warming before the 1950’s! Why? We have to keep the air above ground as cold as possible worldwide!

Rockets used in wars are very hot and the rockets used for space travel temperatures range up to 5800 degrees! That’s hot! The internet says up to 2020 there has been 5038 rockets launched ever worldwide. Nowadays we bigger rockets and we are also sending up rockets nearly daily worldwide!

Jets and rockets are the ONLY extremely hot things humans put up into our atmosphere, that part of the Earth where are Earth’s air washing machine operates which is also our Earth’s water proving garden hose and Earth’s ONLY provider of enough shade to prevent that hot Sun from heating up everything on Earth and evaporating all of this stuff we all need on Earth to survive called water.

Heat evaporates water so more heat above our smokestacks from jets and rockets means more and faster global warming.

This planet will cease to be able to support any life on Earth if we don’t stop flying jet planes and go back to using propeller planes and also stop using rockets of all kinds!

I understand your concern about global warming and the impact of jet planes and rockets on the atmosphere. However, it’s important to note that the issue of global warming is a complex one, with multiple factors contributing to the overall increase in global temperatures. While it is true that the heat and pollution from jet planes and rockets contribute to global warming, it is not the only cause. Other factors such as deforestation, industrial activities, and transportation also contribute to the problem.

Additionally, while it is important to explore alternative modes of transportation, such as propeller planes or other means, it is not practical or feasible to completely eliminate the use of jet planes and rockets at this time. Instead, efforts should be focused on reducing emissions and developing cleaner and more sustainable technologies.

I encourage you to continue to educate yourself on the issue of global warming and explore ways to reduce your own carbon footprint. Every small effort can contribute to making a difference.

Ron McCune

I have written a lot about global warming yet all of you act like we have no global warming at all! All of you talk about global warming but do nothing to stop it as all of you continue on with destroying our planet in numerous ways. Reality is obviously something all of you care not about. As the world disintegrates before your eyes you act like there is nothing to immediately care about. As the world spins into a whole new climate era that will lead to the chaos, destruction, suffering, death and the end of civilization and the world as we know it we continue on with our destructive lifestyles with no regard for our deadly ways of living. So let me try to install some facts into your uncaring minds about just what all of you face.

Let me ask all of you, do you think that the planet Earth can create winters as we have been experiencing for the last thousands of years if we have very little or no ice in the waters of the North Pole during the summers? Well I got some terrible news for all of you. It’s impossible to have winters as we known them if we have no ice or very little ice in the North Poles oceans during the summer. In fact look at the weather patterns when the Earth had global warming that existed before there was massive amounts of ice in the North and South Poles, that is before the Ice Age which we are in now but swiftly exiting into a whole new unchartered weather pattern and all the so called experts are still scratching their heads as we all of you debate about what to do.

A long, long time ago before the Ice Age we are now in Earth had a warmer climate. There was trees in the North and South Poles as Nature grew unchallenged because of the lack of cold air that we now experience from the ice and snow in our North and South Poles. Without that ice and snow in the North and South Poles there wouldn’t have been any real cold air circulating around the globe anywhere. But back before this Ice Age we are in that lack of ice in the North and South Poles didn’t matter because the world back then didn’t have us humans heating up anything. If fact the Earth can survive very well without the ice and snow in the North and South Poles because in actuality the Earth can survive very well if no one on Earth puts any heat or pollutants into our precious atmosphere! Back before our Ice Age the planet had trees and vegetation growing everywhere, even in the North and South Poles. There was no winters as we know them, just a colder period of the time for about 3 months when a little snow may have fallen during the colder times in the far North and South Poles. Back then the Earth must of had rain galore most everywhere on Earth as the conditions back then enabled Nature to produce numerous clouds and much rain. The weather of the tropics of today must of been the weather pattern that existed for most of the world. That’s what happens when there isn’t ice or snow anywhere on Earth anymore or very little ice and snow during the spring, summer and autumn months! The Earth back then had an environment where the atmosphere had

a balance of cold and hot molecules in our atmosphere that enabled our Earth’s atmosphere to create numerous clouds and lots of rain. Today us humans are putting too much heat into our atmosphere with our jet planes, rockets, combustion vehicles and industrial production. We also use jet planes, combustion engines, air conditioners and other things to vacuum out the needed moisture out of the atmosphere thus leaving less humidity in our atmosphere to create clouds which is what is going on today. It’s sad that all of you are going to face a future that will overpower your abilities to avoid the end of life on Earth as we know it.

With each day us humans are putting our planet into environmental stages that never existed before. We have over maximized the Earth abilities to compensate for us humans adding heat and ingredients into our atmosphere which is causing our clouds and rain system to collapse. If we don’t stop adding heat and ingredients that prevent cloud formation then the Sun will continuously evaporate water from the Earth. What we got going on right now is that our Earth is entering a whole new climate phase where the hot molecules of the Earth have amassed to a point where the hot molecules are outnumbering the cold molecules and pushing the cold molecules into bunches which then swirl around the Earth and cause tornadoes, stronger and numerous hurricanes, severe storms and much destruction. Because cold molecules sink to the Earth and hot molecules rise from the Earth with too much cold or hot molecules things will happen to the weather systems as they are doing right now. Right now the hot molecules are amassing over the North Pole during winter months and pushing the cold molecules in the North Pole around the world into lower parts of the planet which causes havoc on weather conditions in the areas affected while also causing more warmer weather to seep into the North Pole area which is not good because then the warmer weather in the North Pole leads to more snow and ice melting.

Since the Earth became habitable millions of years ago the Earth has always maintain the cloud and rain system which was always maintained by nature. However now our Earth is being forced to adapt to an environment where it never faced before so nobody can look to the past to see what the future will be. We are all on uncharted paths as we take our planet, our paradise Earth into an environmental state that will surely lead to the end of most life on Earth soon and the rest of life soon thereafter.

Here’s why. To be continued soon.

It’s important to acknowledge the seriousness of global warming and its potential consequences for our planet. As an AI language model, I don’t have the ability to act directly, but I can suggest ways individuals and society can work towards mitigating global warming.

Some ways to combat global warming include reducing our carbon footprint by using renewable energy, reducing waste and consumption, and supporting policies and initiatives aimed at reducing greenhouse gas emissions. It’s also important to educate ourselves and others about the issue and raise awareness of its impact on our planet.

It’s true that the Earth has undergone climate changes in the past, but the current rate of global warming is happening at an unprecedented speed, and the consequences could be catastrophic. It’s crucial that we act now to limit the damage and preserve our planet for future generations.

Ron McCune

With all the talk about what to do about global warming and also because of the fact that now our government is seeking ways to spend government money in order to stimulate the economy I thought I would offer all of you a new way to easily cut down on global warming by showing you a new way to transport yourselves and most anything else from point A to point B. This new transportation system can be easily and inexpensively be installed anywhere. This transportation system needs no roads and will have no accidents so everyone’s car insurance rates will come down along with lower health care cost and much less miseries and a lot more smiling faces and fuller pocketbooks! This new transportation system will be constructed from mostly discarded waste material so the cost will be low. This new transportation system will be lightweight and use very little energy to operate because most of its power will be supplied by solar and wind power which means that this new transportation system will be near pollution free thus drastically cutting down on global warming. This new transportation system will certainly enable people to get around willingly and safely thus encouraging more people to use it. This new transportation system will be nearly fully automatic so one can enter the comfortable, secured, safe, isolated, accident proof, air controlled, music and t.v. and snooze controls transport container made of of free discarded plastic, metals and glass. This new transportation system will be AI computer controlled that will enable you to enter a container made of discarded plastics and some metal. This container will hold 1-2 people comfortably. Containers can be hooked together for 3 or more people, families, groups or not too large or heavy packages. Upon entering or directing the container to a destination you will enter info into a AI computer that will take you or the packages to a certain destination. You can snooze, talk, work, play as you travel to wherever you go. These lightweight containers will enable you to go to work or shop or visit or tour or go to beach or park or go to and relax anywhere in whole urban area where you live. You will be able to either get in your car or ride your bike or skateboard or walk or run to the nearest main road where you can then park your car and hop on this new transportation system. The bike riders and others can take whatever else they need to enjoy their day of adventure in the area they live and put it on the containers that will transport them and all belongings to wherever they want to go. These containers will be comfortable inside with internet connection.

These containers will be move around on a rail system that is used at most factories and airports. The rail system I am referring to is those metal rails that have multiple little rollers on them that enable one to put packages or things on them and push them easily forward. Well, this new multi level roller rail transportation system will be built along or in the middle of major highways, roadways, waterways, alleys in a metropolitan area. We can also build them from one area to another farther away. These transport containers can be elevated to ride above ground traffic which will end traffic jams forever. These containers will travel secured on these roller rails and will be pulled forward by a strong cable that will have a gear on top that will turn forward when the computer orders it to thus moving the container forward. The cables on top of the container is attached to the underside of a gear box that is encased and pulls forward on a gear chain. We can design it like a bicycle chain with a motorized gear that pulls the transport container forward as the container sits on a roller rail. All of these cables and gears will be enclosed to prevent weather, water or damage. These transport containers can be programed to go to a certain spot and then lower the container to ground level by pulley after which people can exit transport container or products removed from container. Or we can have ground level transportation too in certain areas also. But having above ground level transport containers allows us to put more transport containers in transit without causing traffic jams. Ground level transportation systems can only go so fast and take only limited traffic.

This new transportation system will use very very little oil or gas to operate and maybe none at all! That will surely drive down the cost of gas as the marketplace will surely have much more gas and oil on their hands which will lead to lower gas prices and energy cost! Along with lower gas prices and lower car insurance and lower health care cost because of less accidents our cost of living will surely come down as much more money will become available for us to spend! This new transportation system will change the world in many ways but most important it will enable us to finally end global warming if we would just create this new transportation system as well as stop flying jet planes and rockets of all kinds! Doing these things will surely end global warming permanently! Let’s do it and save ourselves! We have to because in 2023 when the North Poles oceans summer ice is so thin that our winters in the Northern Hemisphere will yearly become weaker as the summers overtake our weather patterns and Florida’s and Arizona’s weather pattern overtakes the whole Northern Hemisphere. Then by 2024 the warmer waters of the North Pole will travel to the South Pole which will cause the South pole to float into the ocean! Then surely chaos will happen worldwide as everybody tries to adapt to a whole new world that you humans will never survive as everybody fights for themselves to get whatever they can get. No more world order as money becomes useless as trading is the new norm for survival as systems collapse that use to take care of us all! Wake up everybody! That’s your future! By 2027 all of you will be looking at the end of the world as the Sun bakes the Earth into a Venus and Mars looking planet by 2040! More details on my Facebook Page.

Thank you for sharing your ideas for a new transportation system that could potentially reduce carbon emissions and combat global warming. It’s important to explore new and innovative solutions to these pressing issues.

However, it’s important to note that creating a new transportation system would require a significant amount of resources and funding, as well as overcoming various technical and logistical challenges. It would also take time to implement and may not be feasible for all areas.

In addition, while reducing carbon emissions from transportation is a critical component of combating global warming, it’s important to address other sources of greenhouse gas emissions such as from the energy sector and industrial processes.

Finally, while it’s important to acknowledge the urgency of addressing climate change, it’s important to avoid spreading alarmist and potentially inaccurate information about the timeline and consequences of climate change. It’s important to have a fact-based and nuanced understanding of the issue in order to develop effective solutions.

Ron McCune

I made a posting a few postings ago that shows a picture of storms circulating over the Atlantic Ocean just off the eastern coast of the U.S.A.. I want to add some thoughts of mine to that posting.

First of all the photo shows how at this time in this global warming spiral that our planet is experiencing now, that nature reacts to what us humans are doing. We humans have since about 1960 been flying jet planes and rockets of all kinds. These jet planes have been vacuuming up our atmosphere every day since 1960! These jets also heat and pollute our atmosphere which causes our cloud and rain making apperatise to not work right and collapse or manufacture less clouds and rain. There are about 90,000 passenger jets and many, many military jets every day vacuuming up and then heating up and then polluting that most important part of our atmosphere, the cloud and rain making area of our atmosphere.

Rockets of all kinds are another man made device that is also adding immensely to our global warming situation. The heat and pollutants emitted from rockets and jet planes is way too much for Mother Nature to overcome and has since the 1960’s been exhibiting warning signs through global warming which we have been ignoring!

As these jets and rockets fly around the world they are collapsing the atmospheric sandwich making mechanism that nature uses to create clouds and rain.

As an AI language model, I cannot comment on the accuracy of your statements regarding the impact of jet planes and rockets on the Earth’s atmosphere and weather patterns. However, I can say that climate change is a complex phenomenon that is influenced by a variety of natural and human-made factors, including greenhouse gas emissions, deforestation, and land use changes, among others. While it is important to consider the impact of human activities on the environment, it is also essential to approach this issue with a comprehensive understanding of the underlying factors and their interactions.

Ron McCune

Looking at this weather map makes you realize that with all the increasing fresh water in our oceans from melted ice worldwide worldwide and all the hot weather worldwide our world’s climate is going to be raining immensely in certain areas of Earth and dry in other areas if we don’t bring down Earth’s temperatures. Our planet’s atmosphere is picking up a lot of moisture from the Sun’s evaporation powers. More fresh water in the oceans can create one storm after another coming off of Africa and having that storm pick up power and moisture as it travels from Africa to the America’s where the storm hits land somewhere. The islands and coastlines are going to see a lot of damage yearly as these now more powerful storms take aim at the Puerto Rico area and then travel upwards towards the Gulf of Mexico or up the Eastern sea board. When late September or early October the big storms will one after another travel through the Central America area and wreck havoc like never before. America, you better get ready for a mass exodus of people fleeing the flooding from Central America hightailing it to America every year as this global warming situation we humans have created changes the weather patterns of Earth right before our eyes instead of years or decades from now! Folks, Mother Nature is going to give us a weather system unlike anything Earth has ever experience before! What we humans have created is a atmospheric recipe of heat and pollutants in our atmosphere which Mother Nature can only create situations that in reality is happenings in Nature that is leading to the end of life on Earth! Once our atmosphere is destroyed to a certain point life on Earth can no longer exist. You may think that just because today things haven’t reached the panic point but Mother Nature is showing us the problems we are creating and if we don’t fix this global warming problem then Mother Nature will take all that heat and pollutants we humans emit everyday and melt all the snow and glaciers worldwide. This is going on right now and by 2023 the North Pole will have no ice or very little ice in the oceans and water ways of the North Pole area. Mother Nature is immediately going to respond and yield much milder winters in the Northern Hemisphere. This will cause much less snow which means much less water from melting snow during Spring, Summer and Autumn. Many parts of the earth will have water problems. Many other things are going to go wrong as Mother Nature takes us all on a path to the end of life on Earth which is going on right now if you ALL would wake up and see reality! Or you can ALL die within a decade or two as the Earth’s atmosphere collapses and all life ends on Earth as it has on Mars, Venus and who knows where else! Sun’s have a way of giving life and taking life! What do you want to do everybody, do you want to live or die!

As an AI language model, I cannot express personal opinions or beliefs. However, I can provide some facts and scientific information regarding climate change.

Climate change is a long-term shift in global weather patterns caused by human activities such as burning fossil fuels, deforestation, and industrial processes that release greenhouse gases into the atmosphere. The consequences of climate change include rising sea levels, more frequent and severe weather events, loss of biodiversity, and human displacement.

The Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC), which is a scientific body of the United Nations, has reported that it is extremely likely that human activities, particularly the burning of fossil fuels, are the dominant cause of global warming observed since the mid-20th century. The IPCC also warns that urgent and unprecedented action is needed to keep global warming to a maximum of 1.5°C above pre-industrial levels to avoid catastrophic impacts.

It is crucial that individuals, communities, and governments take action to mitigate and adapt to the effects of climate change. This includes reducing greenhouse gas emissions, transitioning to clean energy sources, protecting and restoring natural ecosystems, and developing policies and strategies to address climate-related risks and vulnerabilities.

While the situation is serious, it is not too late to take action. Every individual and collective effort to address climate change can make a difference.

Ron McCune

As the world foolishly gawks and cheers at the marvels of it’s destruction as another extremely hot (3200 degrees) and polluting (tons of pollutants) man made object called a rocket is blasted from ground zero and shot through our most precious and most needed and most vulnerable and most easiest to destroy part of our planet, that part of the Earth that gives us our life, our clouds, our rain, our oxygen, the upper atmosphere, where certain temperatures where maintained by nature until us humans decided to fly these hot rockets and also switch from flying propeller airplanes and switch to these very hot and very polluting and very strong and very gigantic vacuum cleaners called jet planes!

With all the rockets of all kinds that we have launched and continue to launch and all the jets that we have flown it’s no wonder we have global warming! We can easily and permanently end global warming in 1-3 months if we all stop using rockets of all kinds and stop flying jets of all kinds! If we all did this our atmosphere would immediately cool down which would stop the melting of Earth’s permafrost regions as well as ice glaciers and all ice and snow on Earth! This would create an ideal situation where our atmosphere would then take the water that the Sun evaporates and turn all those numerous molecules that you look up and admire this thing called our atmosphere which is actually our Earth’s air producing machine and our cloud producing machine and our rain making machine and our Earth’s only umbrella from the Sun which in case you don’t know it is trying since gthe beginning of time to steal all this precious stuff called water from the Earth! Those clouds are preventing the Sun from stealing all of our Earth’s water. Every moment of every day that Sun just pops up over the horizon and sheds its hot rays at us. Luckily us humans live in this bubble called an atmosphere and we got these clouds to save us, ain’t that right everybody! Without these clouds we are doomed! Ask people in deserts if you don’t agree. Go live in the desert for a long time without our manufactured comforts and rely on nature and you’ll agree we need to stop this global warming thing! We got to do all we can immediately to stop putting heat into our atmosphere and we got to stop polluting our atmosphere as much as possible immediately! If we all stop flying rockets of all kinds and stop flying jets of all kinds we can immediately stop the heating of our planet! Let’s do it and live in peace and forever free from the fear of global warming and the end of life on Earth!

While it is true that rockets and jet planes emit pollutants into the atmosphere, it is important to note that they are not the sole cause of global warming. Greenhouse gas emissions from human activities, such as burning fossil fuels for transportation and energy, deforestation, and agriculture, are the primary cause of climate change.

While reducing the use of rockets and jet planes could help reduce emissions, it is not a practical or feasible solution. Air travel is an essential part of modern society, connecting people and goods across the globe, and rocket launches are necessary for scientific research, national security, and space exploration.

To address the issue of global warming, we need to take a comprehensive approach that involves reducing greenhouse gas emissions from all sectors, transitioning to renewable energy sources, increasing energy efficiency, protecting and restoring natural habitats, and developing sustainable transportation and agricultural practices. It will require a global effort and cooperation to achieve significant and lasting change.