To end global warming we must ALL, civilian, military stop flying jet engine airplanes and using rockets of all kinds. Jet engine airplanes are gigantic vacuum machines sucking up the upper atmosphere water molecules, heating them up and polluting them which results in destroying them. Go to flightradar24.com to see all the planes in the air at that moment of the day. There are about 92,000 jet flights a day by civilian aircraft. Who knows how many military planes are in the air everyday. A lot I’m sure. Civilian airplanes exhaust ranges from 800 degrees to 1200 degrees. Military jets exhaust ranges from 1200 degrees to 2500 degrees. There is nothing else that is so hot like these jets that we humans put into the sky. As you vacuum your floor with your vacuum watch how dust balls are sucked into the vacuum from areas not directly in front of the vacuum. That same action is going on in the upper atmosphere. These jet planes are vacuuming up a lot of good cloud producing water molecules and leaving exhaust that further destroys water molecules! We will NEVER end global warming until we ALL stop flying jet airplanes and go back to using propeller airplanes because they don’t destroy our environment. We had WWI and WWII and we didn’t experience global warming. It wasn’t until we started flying jet engine airplanes in mass in the 1960’s which is when the global warming started. Take a look at the weather maps after 9-11 when the air traffic was stopped after the twin towers attack in New York. See how the cloud production worldwide increased dramatically for a while while the order to stop flying was initiated then. We can immediately start producing more clouds and more rain if we don’t fly jet planes! Check out the Facebook page of Ron McCune from Chicago Illinois to see more details about this.