I need for ALL OF YOU, your government and your news organization to get the facts about how many fracking wells are in the United tates and then the world. Then I need for you to add up all the fracking wells in the U.S. and then the world. Then I need for you to combine the wells of the U.S. and then the world and figure out how big the burning of natural gas is in the U.S. and then the world. Then you have to lay out a picture to the public of how big an area is this combination of fracking wells. I suspect that the area is about the size of Florida. Then you have to draw a picture of the combination of those fracking wells and display how big of a natural gas fire we are burning from all these fracking wells. Also you have to draw a picture or diagram of how much natural gas is leaking from all these wells. Then you have to get the temperatures at different levels all the way up to our upper atmosphere around these Fracking wells, especially for a mile around and up above the fracking well. Then you have to add up all the data and show how each well and the combination of all wells together heats up our environment. I don’t know why no one has figured out yet that global warming greatly increased since 2006 or so when the world and especially America started using fracking to get natural gas but we better stop this fracking of natural gas or we are going to totally destroy our planet in about 20 years when we have melted most if not all of the North and South poles as well as most every glacier in the world. The earth’s atmosphere will no longer be able to produce ENOUGH clouds and rain without cold fronts which will lead to our atmosphere shutting down as it is today and having desert like conditions worldwide! I’M BEGGING YOU for the good of humanity to investigate all of this NOW before it is TOO LATE! Our politicians are a bunch of money whores who refuse to come up with solutions to ALL of our problems and are TOO STUPID to know how to solve our problems! So it is up to WE THE PEOPLE to solve our problems! I don’t see the news media yet investigating these ideas I say we need investigated so I ask you WHO WILL?!!!!! WILL YOU?!!!!!