The end is coming and we are all a witness to it. The South and North Poles are melting along with the world’s glaciers and snow covered mountains and will all be gone in about 10-20 years. When this glop of ice in the above mention article starts moving down the cliff mountains and rocks won’t stop it as it accelerates down the slope deep into the ocean only to set off a Sununi size tidal wave felt for most of the Earth. Water levels will rise temporarily dramatically but with the Earth having too few clouds to stop the Sun’s rays from evaporating the water of the Earth& making it disappear into nothing instead of making clouds to produce more rain this water level rise will soon thereafter& the Earth’s ocean water levels dramatically decrease as less rain world wide caused by less clouds& more of the Sun’s rays evaporate more water and more people world wide rely on ocean water for their water because most parts of the Earth no longer have water because there is no more creeks, streams, rivers, lakes anywhere because of no more snow covered mountains &no more rain.

Right now the Earth is in a change. Global warming has melted the world’s permafrost areas of the Earth and all that melted water coming out of that permafrost is draining into the oceans. Recent weather maps showing the North Pole from 1960’s to today shows that is so. This warmer water from the permafrost will have completely melted the ice in the North Pole in about 10 years. The warmer ocean water will then be travelling all the way to the South Pole where it will melt the South Poles ice in about 20 years.

Once that all happens the Earth will no longer have the same climate & seasons as we have today. No more winters, spring, summer & fall. The Earth will be in a death march where the Sun’s hot rays will bake the Earth into a Mars like planet. The Sun will evaporate all the water from the face of the Earth & whoever is left will have to live in caves & rely on underground water. YIKES!