I want all of you to observe nature in ways that make you realize just how our daily routines are destroying the Earth. With the Coronavirus lockdown the world is experiencing some drastic changes is going on in our environment which should show us beyond a doubt that we can change the pace of global warming just by doing some things differently. About 2-4 months ago different nations enacted shutdowns that resulted in far less pollution in many parts of the world. The Earth during this lockdown time has also been creating some massive storms throughout the world. I am told that California is experiencing rain at a time of the year that it usually doesn’t rain. There are more clouds above many areas of the Earth and they are bigger and more normal looking than the what I call cornfields of clouds that we have been seeing much more of in the last 2 decades around the planet. These cornfield rolls of clouds don’t produce rain and only help to absorb water from the planet after which these clouds hold the water till the Sun makes the water evaporate into nothing. The Sun can make any planet’s liquid content, such as water, evaporate if there is no atmosphere that contains clouds to stop the sun’s hot rays from heating up water or any liquid on that planet. Mars and Venus had some encounters which resulted in the Sun toasting those planets into a gigantic piece of floating rock and the Sun can do the same to the Earth if we don’t start doing something to give the Earth more clouds. Now there seems to be more rain in a lot of places around the Earth since the Coronavirus shutdown and the shutdown has a lot to do with that. And that goes to show you that if we do stop flying turbo jet airplanes and rockets of all kinds while also stop using cars and combustion vehicles and things of all kinds then the Earth can produce more clouds and rain. We are going to need for this to happen because the Earth soon will be exiting the era where the North and South Poles as well as the snow and ice covered mountains and glaciers were able to provide the Earth with some colder weather to help the Earth produce clouds. This new era that the Earth will be going into in about 15-20 will be here and NONE OF YOU are even talking about it or making plans on how to stop it or live in this new period of Earth’s existence! Here we got the WHOLE NASA establishment looking at anything and everything they can as long as someone gives them money to but NONE of NASA people or anyone else in government or the press or anyone else is talking and planning to do anything about the end of the Earth as we know it! Oh, you don’t think it’s going to happen? Well let me ask all of you this, what kind of Earth will we have if we don’t have any North and South Pole ice or any ice around the world for 9 months out of the year during summer, fall and spring? How will streams, creeks, rivers, lakes and oceans get their water if there is no water coming from melting ice? How will people, animals, trees and plants live in areas that have no more water? How will the Earth produce enough clouds to shield the whole Earth from the heat of the Sun’s hot rays if there is more hot air in the atmosphere and not enough cold air because there is no more ice or snow anywhere on the Earth for 9 months of the year? Huh NASA, government officials, scientist, the press or anyone else, are you going to tell us now about these things or are you going to ignore them? More on this subject later. .