This article says it all! Read https://www.facebook.com/ron.mccune.3 to see more about global warming and how to easily stop global warming immediately! Rockets are the number one cause of global warming because rockets are the only thing that we are putting into our upper atmosphere that is extremely hot! Jet engine airplanes are another major cause of global warming but rockets are much more harmful. The temperatures of rockets exhaust can reach 3200 celsius or 5800 fahrenheit. The temperature of jet airplanes ranges from 800 degrees to 1200 for passenger jets and 1200 to 2500 degrees fahrenheit for military jets. Check out flightradar24.com to see how many plane flights worldwide there are at that moment. Now that sight doesn’t include military planes at all. Before the coronavirus situation we were every day flying about 9000 flights a day across America. Worldwide there was about 90,000 flights a day. On the internet it says that were 5038 rockets ever launched worldwide! That’s a lot of heat and pollution! I read where SpaceX rockets use 440 tons of fuel that pollutes and heats up our environment! The hot exhaust from rockets and jets is what is causing our environment to heat up so much as well as causing our environmental cloud and rain making apperatise to malfunction badly to the point of breakdown of the system. Once Mother Nature’s cloud and rain making molecules system is no longer in the atmosphere enough then it stops working forever and then life on Earth cannot exist anymore because then the Sun will evaporate all the water from the cloudless and rainless planet and all life will die. That is where our planet’s future is headed unless we stop it now! The Ice Age is over in 2023 as the North Poles ice completely melts during spring, summer and fall months. A new climate era starts in 2024 so yo better bring Earth’s temperatures down now so to cool the planet. Rockets and jet engine airplanes started flying in the late 1950’s. In the 1960’s rockets and jet planes really started to become more in use worldwide. In the late 1960’s we started feeling that the planet’s was getting warmer. By the mid 1970’s we were talking about global warming. During the 1970’s many more people worldwide were flying jet planes and rockets and automobiles. During the 1980’s and on the world was talking non stop about global warming in a big way because it was obvious that are planet was warming up! So when you wonder why there is global warming think about all the heat we put into our atmosphere from rockets and jet planes and combustion engine automobiles! Stop flying rockets and jet engine airplane and stop using combustion engine cars and we will effectively slow down global warming drastically enough so that global warming wouldn’t be a problem no more! Ever! Global warming would end because rockets and jet planes are the main reason why there is intense heat in the upper atmosphere. Hot air molecules emitted by factories and other places on Earth don’t have the same heat density once they reach the upper atmosphere as when the heat from rockets and jet planes do. Factories heat emissions temperatures lessen as it leaves smokestacks. The heat from jets and rockets are released into a part of our Earth’s environment where is is very important to maintain a certain temperature. Now us humans have been messing with Mother nature in a big way ever since the industrial revolution started in the late 1800’s. Heck we were using coal as our main source of fuel for years. During winters the snow would have a blackish dotted look to it as the snow pulled coal residue out of the atmosphere as the fell from the clouds to the Earth. We even had World War one and two and no global warming! And the industrial revolution that started in the late 1800’s was polluting the planet and environment heavily! Yet we had no global warming then! It wasn’t until we put heat up into the upper atmosphere where the only cold Mother nature gets is from the cold of other space and the cold from the ice and snow on Earth. The temperature of our upper atmosphere is around 32 degrees below zero. Rockets heat range can reach 5800 degrees fahrenheit. How is a 32 degree below zero molecule able to stay 32 degrees below zero when that molecule encounters molecules that range from 800 degrees to 5800 degrees! Really folks, use your common sense! Stop heating up the upper atmosphere and global warming will end! Rockets and jets are the only hot things we humans send into the upper atmosphere! Stop doing it and global warming ends! It’s as simple as that! Now stop flying rockets and jet planes so we can end global warming once and for all!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!