Folks, I will show you how to end global warming in 1-3 months. And you better do as I say because you don’t have any more time to waste! We are at the end of the Ice Age we were in and in about 3 years the North Pole region and its waterways and oceans will not have any more ice or snow on its surfaces during the 6 month long 24/7 Sun Bake ritual in Northern Hemisphere region of the North Pole. The whole world’s weather system will be changing in about 3 years folks. So get ready for the roughest ride of your lives! You think coronavirus times are bad just wait and see what Mother Nature got cookin up for you in your new cesspool that you created for Mother Nature to deal with as Mother Nature readjust its capabilities accordingly to our new heated up, polluted atmosphere you created for Mother Nature to operate in. What are you going to call this new era we are going to be in in about 3 years. I’ll tell you what it’s going to be! It’s going to be a Hell on Earth and the only way you can prevent this Hell on Earth from happening is for you to do what I say that will end global warming in 1-3 months with results showing up within days from starting what I say you need to do! First of all to show you the urgency of the matter I talk about. Just think about this, Polar Bears sleep all winter and come out of a winter long hibernation in the spring and go looking for ice floats to go hunting for seals and other food. In about 3 years there is not going to be any more ice pieces floating around the Oceans of the North Pole region from about April till late November. Snow or ice glaciers or mountain top snow or ice or snow anywhere in the North Pole region every year from now on will be scarce and not last all year long when the Sun is up.!!!!! It’s over folks! Our Ice Age era is history soon and that is the situation that our situation is in. Now about those Polar Bears and ALL the other animals and mammals and of course you humans just what are we going to do? What are we going to do when Polar Bears only have a dusting of snow on the ground till late time every year to hibernate in? Do we build a Polar Bear igloo to hibernate in? How are Polar Bears going to get on ice to go hunting for seals and other food? Should we build floating wood rafts for them to paddle around in and maybe give them fishing poles? Are we going to set up a drive thru lane at McDonalds and other places for Polar Bears to get take out food or are you going to let them invite themselves to a garbage can near you! Come on folks, we need some answers to our problems now! What are you going to do when the mountains have no more snow or ice and summers become a 24/7 hot environment where first creeks then streams then rivers

and then lakes disappear if not reblemshed by a very lot of rain. This causes plant life to suffer and maybe die from lack of water and animals suffer and flee to other areas to live like maybe your front door or refrigerator begging for food or taking it. What are you going to do when birds leave for better pastures and insects rule the day as the world’s environment favors their species. For insects can live in areas with no creeks, sreams, rivers, ponds or lakes. Insects only need that tiny pit of water that Mother Nature dumps back onto the planet after that water which was zillions times zillions water molecules packed together that dropped down back to Earth during the long hours of night after being heat treated and evaporated by the sun only to be saved by the night relieve from heat and land on leaves and vegetation everywhere for insects to drink so that they can keep on living with no problem. A drop of water on a leaf is all the water an insect needs to live on for the day. Unfortunately all the animals need more than drops of water and will be in deep trouble! No water means big time trouble! We got to get water/food/care/security animal stations opened immediately worldwide to help animals get through this new upcoming disastrous era we are about to go into in about 3 years. And seeing that warm times will be here longer guess what the far Northern Hemisphere is going to experience? Insect World! Bugs will be around longer in the year because of less cold winter and longer summers and will progress more so in their development to who knows what. So everybody in Alaska and Russia and China and Canada and everywhere else I ask you to feed the animals and get ready for a bug invasion. So you see folks, you got problems! But here’s your solution! First you have to stop flying rockets of all kinds worldwide. This goes for weapons too. Then you have to stop flying turbo jet engine airplanes of all kinds worldwide and go back to using propeller airplanes. Doing these two things will first of all stop putting so much heat into the upper atmosphere where clouds form. Then it will stop the mass vacuuming of water molecules from our atmosphere. Being that we are now in an era where the Earth has a lot more fresh water in it’s oceans means that there is a lot more evaporation going on in our atmosphere at the moment. We MUST take advantage of that NOW and let that humidity build up in our atmosphere so to build up the amount of clouds in our atmosphere so that the clouds can block the hot rays of the Sun and also produce rain because right now it is important that the Earth gets all the rain it can get so that we don’t end up with the problem of no rain, no clouds, no ice or snow in the North and South Poles and no more glaciers and no more snow covered mountains anywhere that last all year long. In this new era we are entering it is important to immediately cut down on the heat we put into the atmosphere. Jet engines and rockets are the two biggest causes of heat temperature rise in our atmosphere. In the last twenty years and especially the last ten years the Earth’s global warming accelerated because of many more rockets being sent up to space every year! All that heat is stuck in the atmospheric bubble we live in and the ONLY way Mother Nature can cool off the Earth from the heat that the Sun and us HUMANS put into this atmospheric bubble we live in is to turn half of the Earth away from the Sun at night so that it cools down and to bring in colder molecules from space as much as possible all the time so to offset anything going on on Earth that creates heat. Well Mother Nature sure had some periods in its history where the Earth heated up. That time that that meteor smashed into the Gulf of Mexico and lit the world on fire sure must of been hot! but the Earth always had a shade called clouds that helped cool the Earth. Those clouds are also Mother Nature’s atmospheric cleaning machine. those clouds have cleaned up a lot of messes over time haven’t they! Clouds are the creator of life because of their water creating abilities and their electric creating abilities which spark life into Mother Nature’s many plants and vegetation with every lightning bolt and sparked life on Earth to grow into all we are! So it’s important that we get this cloud and rain situation fixed immediately because we need them in tip top condition working properly with no problems so that we can create an era where there is enough clouds and rain all the time so to forever be able to live on Earth. If we don’t do this then this era we are entering will become an era where the Sun will bake the Earth a lot more because of less clouds which also means less rain and more water evaporation from the Sun. Take a look at Mars and Venus and you get the picture of what damage the Sun can do to a planet! So let’s stop this global warming now immediately by doing what I say to do! Then also you have to stop using combustion engine vehicles and either all start using electric vehicles or other forms of transportation. I’ll show you how to create a horse driven pollution free transportation system that can easily be built. Why not use nature’s most able animal to deliver power for us to deliver free power for us! Have horses fed and care for well and let them run thru ranges where they automatically get hooked to a device that converts the horses movement onto a pulley that winds up device or spring device or chain system or bolder lifter/stomber device or something that will push/pull a magnetic plate along a rail that will push a cart of people or goods to wherever they need to go. Let the horses move us around and we can add on windmills and solar panels to power it up more. We can build it safe roller coaster style and put it anywhere as it needs no big space to travel around. Then we have to cut down on the use of air conditioning systems and redesign our dwellings. You have to put coverings over cold walls when cold to insulate rooms and other things I suggested already on different postings of mine on my Facebook Page. Soon I will present more plans but for now I need for all of you to listen up and act upon what I say. You are going to have to take it upon yourselves to act upon this because I been trying to get the government to act and I give up on them. Joe and Kamala won’t listen either so you better do something because you all are in deep poop up to your necks!!!! More later.