The following posting is an explanation about the next posting on my website. I have bunched together a lot of small postings that I have made and had put on my Facebook page at https://www.facebook.com/ron.mccune.3 and in the next posting have displayed all of them. However, after I did it, I realized that I had displayed a lot of repetitive information that I had written on my Facebook page. On my Facebook page I post a lot of short postings that I post on news articles from different articles opinion sections. I don’t know how to rewrite my postings on my website so I can’t now change these postings so that they don’t have so much repeating of what I have to say. I don’t know how to rewrite any of my postings on my website solutionstoglobalwarming.com. So please be aware that my posting that I made in the resent posting of mine on my website has a lot of repetitive information. Please understand this and continue reading the rest of my postings so that you get the whole presentation about my theory on why we can end global warming if we would only stop flying jet planes and rockets of all kinds. On the other postings of mine that are on my website are conversations that i have had with Microsoft’s A.I. computer called Bing and Google’s A.I. computer called Bard and the CHAT GPT A.I. computer where I question these A.I. computers about the facts of nature and the reality of what is going on in our environment with regards to global warming. I get all 3 A.I. computers to show why my theory about how we can stop global warming if we were to stop flying jet planes and rockets is true! I get these computers to show how global warming started in the early 1950’s or when jet planes and rockets were first invented and used in the 1940’s during WW2. Wars add a lot of heat to our atmosphere as WW2 and the Viet Nam War and many other conflicts and wars that us humans have had since the 1940’s. Before 1940 we never used military jet planes and never used rockets for delivering bombs so global warming as we have today never existed. The bombs that we used before 1940 were delivered to enemy targets by cannons or tanks and not by rockets. The planes that we used to fly and fight war with before 1940 were only propeller airplanes which don’t emit that much heat at all! Propeller planes only emit the heat from the engines on the propeller airplanes motors which isn’t much heat at all! Propeller airplanes do not emit hot exhaust of any sort or kind! That is why we have to go back to flying propeller airplanes instead of jet engine airplanes which emit a lot of hot exhaust! Again, heat evaporates moisture and clouds need lots of moisture to become big enough clouds to shade the Earth and make rain and snow and to clean out our atmosphere from the rain and snow they produce. Clouds need a cold atmosphere to produce snow instead of rain and we need snow to produce water when the snow melts during warm weather months throughout the world. Without that snow many parts of the world would have no water during warm weather days unless they have tons of water stored somewhere, which most areas of the planet do not have. Farmers need water to grow food. Animals need water to survive in the wilderness. Humans need water to survive. Without water then people can’t live in places that have no water! Many of the areas of the planet will not be able to support live in the near future because they will have no snow or ice to get water from when global warming becomes worse as it is now progressing to be. The ice age we are now living in will soon be over as the ocean’s warm waters and the sun’s hot rays continue to melt all the ice on Earth! We have to do something immediately to stop these oceans from getting any warmer than they are. If we would just stop flying jet planes and rockets of all kinds, then the Earth’s atmosphere would start to cool down and more clouds would automatically start appearing around the Earth, especially over the oceans and tree covered areas of our planet. More rain and then more snow in colder winters would start to appear around our planet also. We can then start using ice making machines to remake ice from rain and ocean water so that our ice age can be rebuilt by us humans and not from nature alone. We make tons of ice for many things. it’s time we start making pyramids of ice and place these ice pyramids on ground around the colder parts of the world and in our oceans too so that we can start getting ocean water colder again! Many different ideas are on my website about how to end global warming and I also have many conversations with the different A.I. computers about global warming and how it began and how to stop global warming. So read all of my postings to get a full explanation about global warming. The scientific community and the governments are misinforming you about global warming. I tell you the truth about global warming!