I have a website called solutionstoglobalwarming.com and a Facebook page at https://www.facebook.com/ron.mccune.3 and on there are numerous ideas I would like for you to look into to see if there are any suggestions of mine that may interest you. On there I present my theory that we can surely end global warming if only everybody would only stop flying jet engine airplanes and go back to only flying propeller airplanes because propeller airplanes exhaust isn’t hot like jet planes exhaust. Heat is what is warming up our atmosphere thus the main reason for global warming. Heat evaporates moisture and moisture is what clouds need to become big enough clouds so to provide shade from that great big ball of fire in the sky we call the Sun. We have to also stop flying rockets of all kinds because they too heat up our bubble of air that we call our atmosphere. On my website and Facebook page I explain all of this in more detail. Global warming started in the 1950’s when jets and rockets were invented and used in mass. Yearly these jets and rockets heated up our atmosphere to where our global warming problem is today. For millions of years the Earth never had a global warming problem as we have today. That’s because the only thing heating up our atmosphere constantly, daily was the Sun and the Sun can only add so much heat to our atmosphere. It is the jets and rockets that are adding more heat and adds that heat directly into the area where clouds are formed! Clouds are the most important thing on Earth because they only provide the Earth with water for all life, and only clouds provide enough shade from the hot rays of the Sun as well as is the only thing that cleans out our atmosphere! Worldwide, there are about 150,000 jet engine airplanes flying in our atmosphere blending up all the air in our atmosphere! Take a look at flightradar24.com to see how many planes are flying in our atmosphere at any moment. And that site doesn’t include military jet planes and private jet planes! On my website and Facebook page I have conversations with Microsoft’s AI computer called Bing, CHAT GPT and Google’s AI computer called Bart where I get those AI computers to present the facts about how these jet planes are causing much of our global warming! WE can end global warming if everyone would go back to only flying propeller airplanes, I get the AI computers to show. Read it and learn something important! Please start building propeller airplanes so that we can end global warming! We don’t really have to do much else to end global warming if we did only fly propeller airplanes because when we stop flying jets and rockets our atmosphere would cool down because our atmosphere would again start making big clouds and the Sun would be blocked in most parts of the Earth from heating out planet up! We had no global warming before the 1950’s yet we had worse pollution, more deforestation, more industrial pollution and coal burning furnaces in most every dwelling on Earth! I explain all of this, and the human race needs for your company to start making propeller airplanes in order to end this global warming problem! I show how we can take the water of the oceans, lakes, rain- water, sewerage water and make dams anywhere to provide electricity. Also, I present many other ideas on my website and Facebook page that will change the way we live, heat and cool our dwellings, provide electricity, provide peace worldwide and make life better for all. I am a poor, disabled, old man that is going to die in a few years from my chronic disease problems and I hope you can take my ideas and use them to save the world.