Jet engine airplanes and space and war rockets are causing our global warming problem to become a lot worse than it need to be! Heat evaporates moisture as hairdryers, clothes dryers and defrosters demonstrate. Jet engine’s exhaust temperatures ranges from 800 to 1200 degrees for passenger jet planes and from 1200 to 2500 degrees for military jet planes. Space rockets exhaust temperatures range up to 35,000 degrees! There are about 140,000 jet planes of all kinds flying daily in our atmosphere! These jet planes are like gigantic blenders in the sky as they suck up our atmosphere’s air and mixes it all up which causes our whole cloud producing area of the atmosphere to constantly heat up year after year since 1950’s when jets first started flying and global warming first started to happen. We never had a global warming problem before 1950’s. We MUST go back to only flying propeller airplanes because they don’t heat up our skies or our Earth will cease to exist for life on Earth for all! Our planet needs clouds, big clouds, so that the clouds can shade the Earth from the hot rays of the Sun! And clouds need moisture to become clouds! Clouds are the most important thing on Eart because they provide shade from the Sun, water for the Earth and the cloud’s rain cleans out our atmosphere! We only have several years left to save our Ice Age and if we don’t then Earth will have no more winters as it had before the Ice Age! That means no more snow-covered mountains which means no more stored water for year-round use. That means warm to hot weather everywhere on Earth! That means that us humans can’t put any more heat into the atmosphere or else our atmosphere will become hotter every day which is exactly what is going on today but at a lesser pace! Our atmosphere has reached the point where every day all of the 120,000 jet planes and all the space and war rockets that are flying in the skies of the Earth are adding even more heat into our atmosphere! We are at the breaking point where the Ice Age ends and planet Earth ability to create winters will no longer be possible! The Great Lakes of Lake Michigan, Lake Erie, Lake Superior and other big lakes didn’t even get cold enough to form any great amount of ice during winter. We are at the point where there wasn’t much snow across America and yet rain instead of snow! That’s prove that global warming is now at the point where we will soon have no more winters or very warm winters forever. Come on folks, face reality! Don’t believe this so-called scientific community which says that we have years to go before global warming is a serious problem. Global warming is a serious problem now, today! WE THE PEOPLE will legally end global warming today by all of us becoming petitioners and going in mass by the tens of thousands to all airports and launch pads in America and then worldwide and jam up their traffic of all kinds so that nobody can get to or from their airplanes and rockets! WE THE PEOPLE will turn all airports and launch pads into a 24/7 mini-Woodstock and party 24/7 whereas the crowds will stop anyone from getting to the airplanes! WE THE PEOPLE as petitioners will have different music fest at different airline’s passenger boarding and landing spots 24/7! Anytime of the day anyone can join the party at the airports! We will have vendors in trucks, cars, bikes, skateboards and by foot to carry in all the food, water, gas, toilet needs, sleeping needs that we need and continuously party hardy! I asked the police if this is legal as long as we are petitioners because petitioners are allowed to go on public property and petition for anything and the police said that we could! So, WE THE PEOPLE are going to end global warming now! Let’s do it and end global warming!