More facts about nature and our planet. You can put tons of pollutants into the atmosphere and as long as they don’t generate heat, they will most likely will not cause any global warming because the rain from clouds will clean out the atmosphere as it has done for millions of years. However, if you put up anything in the skies that generates heat then you will have problems because heat evaporates moisture and moisture is needed to create clouds. Humidity determines if there is enough moisture to create clouds and there is very little if any humidity in almost every city in the world because jet engine airplanes and rockets are evaporating all the moisture in the atmosphere in almost every city in the world except coastal cities. Us humans have to redesign as much as possible all heat producing sources on Earth. Chimneys and all other heat emitting vents of all kinds must be redesigned so that they trap, and cool down exhaust being emitted from that devise. This has to be done with gas wells also. I believe that I already wrote about this subject on other postings of mine. We can’t continue pumping hot air into our atmosphere because that heat collects in our atmosphere over time and the jet airplanes help circulate that hot air around our planet. You have to keep our atmosphere at a certain temperature because if our atmosphere gets too hot as it is doing today then the world’s permafrost, snow and ice will continue to melt as it is doing today. Every year our Earth’s atmospheric temperature keeps getting hotter. This shows that what us humans are doing is causing more heat to be emitted into an already hot atmosphere. We have to do something to end this rise of heat into our atmosphere. The Earth is surrounded in a bubble of cold air. This bubble is heating up every day by what us humans do. Jet airplanes and rockets add the most amount of hot air directly into our atmosphere. An example to show how the heat from jet engine airplanes and rockets cause the most harm to our atmosphere just fill up a swimming pool or bathtub with cold water. Now take a bunch of hot metal balls and drop them slowly into the swimming pool or bathtub. Make sure you leave a large space between each hot ball as you drop them into the pool or tub. Put multiple thermostats throughout the tub or pool to test the temperature of the water in each area of the tub or pool. You will after a while see the temperature of the water get hotter around the hot balls. But the temperature will fluctuate between each hot ball. The closer the water is to the hot ball the hotter the water will become. The water that is further away from the hot balls will be colder than the water that is close to the hot balls. Now, do another test and do the same thing but in this test have the hot balls be attached to a device that will swirl the hot balls throughout the cold-water tub or pool. You will see that the waters temperature will become warmer quicker than when the hot balls were just put into the cold water and not moved around. This shows how jet engine airplanes and rockets mix up the air in our atmosphere to create a hotter atmosphere because of their mixing of air in our atmosphere. This shows how rockets of all kinds and jet engine airplanes are gigantic blenders of our atmospheric air. And considering the fact that there are around 190,000 jet engine airplanes daily flying around our planet and also monthly numerous war rockets and space rockets flying around our planet and into outer space, we have to realize just what the affect that jet airplanes and rockets of all kinds have on our global warming problem. and considering that these jet engine airplanes and rockets of all kinds are the only thing us humans put into the sky where clouds are and above the clouds it is obvious that they are the main reason for global warming. So, it is obvious that we have to stop flying jet engine airplanes and rockets if we want to end global warming. We simply have to go back to only flying propeller airplanes and stop flying rockets of all kinds.