These are facts about our planet. Clouds are the most important thing on Earth. Clouds are the only way that our planet Earth gets any water. Clouds are the only thing that prevents the Sun from heating up our planet. The rain from clouds is the only thing that cleans our atmosphere. Trees are the second most important thing on Earth because trees and the water from oceans, lakes and rivers are the only way our atmosphere gets moisture. Trees and its roots absorb water and then emits water vapor into the atmosphere which combines with water vapors that evaporated from the Earth’s oceans, lakes and rivers. When the Earth has enough water vapor in the atmosphere clouds will then form. Without clouds there would be no life on Earth. There is a war between the Sun and the clouds for all life to exist on Earth. Heat alone causes global warming because it is heat alone that evaporates moisture. Pollution does not evaporate moisture, because pollution only dirties air moisture but does not evaporate moisture. Just as a hair dryer’s heat will dry your hair because the hair dryer’s heat evaporates the water from your hair shows that heat evaporates moisture. Also, your car’s defroster heat evaporates moisture from your car’s windshield during cold weather times shows that heat evaporates moisture. Dyers used to dry clothes are another example of how heat evaporates moisture when you dry your clothes. So, it is a fact that heat evaporates moisture. Jet engine airplanes and rockets of all kinds are the only things that us humans put directly into our atmosphere in such mass quantity that has intense heat that would directly evaporate moisture. Since the 1950’s us humans have been flying and using these jet engine airplanes and rockets of all kinds. We never had global warming before the 1950’s. Heat emitted from human activity at Earth’s ground level dissipates before it reaches the clouds. Jet planes heat exhaust and heat exhaust from rockets of all kinds does not dissipate when it reaches the clouds because jet engine airplanes and rocket’s heat is emitted directly into our atmosphere where the clouds are formed. Jet engine airplanes are sucking up moisture from our atmosphere and like a blender is mixing up all the air in our atmosphere to make it all warmer around our planet. There is about 90,000 or more passenger jet engine airplanes flying everyday around our planet. There is about 90,000 military jet engine airplanes flying around our planet every day. Check out flightradar24.com to see how many jet planes there is flying worldwide at that moment. Since the 1950’s there has been thousands of rockets of all kinds used daily around our planet. Passenger jet engine’s exhaust ranges from 800 to 1200 degrees. Military jet engine airplane’s exhaust ranges from 1200 to 2500 degrees. A rockets exhaust temperature ranges up to 35,000 degrees. Propeller airplanes do not emit much heat at all. Us humans only flew propeller airplanes before the 1950’s. Humans never flew rockets of any kind before the 1950’s. A jet engine’s exhaust could fill an enclosed Super Dome stadium in about 2 minutes. We can fit about 18 enclosed Super Bowl stadiums on top of each other before we would reach the sky where clouds are formed. The Earth use to be surrounded by a cold mass of air from outer space before the 1950’s. Because of all the ice we now have on Earth we humans today get to enjoy a planet that has winters and cold weather. Before the Ice Age that we are in there was no winters anywhere on Earth. In fact, Florida weather extended all the way up to Alaska before the Ice Age. Folks, we can immediately end global warming if we would just stop flying jet planes of all kinds and rockets of all kinds. We have to all go back to flying just propeller airplanes or global warming will eventually soon melt all the ice on Earth and cause us to have no more winters. That alone will cause much harm to all life on Earth. These are all facts! Now, what are you going to do about it? Will you all join me in ending global warming immediately and legally, as petitioners, by going to all the airports and rocket launch pads in America by the hundreds of thousands and petition everyone you see to stop flying jet engine airplanes and rockets of all kinds! WE THE PEOPLE will create a 24/7 Woodstock like party environment at all airports and launch pads in America and then around the world until everyone stops flying jet engine airplanes and rockets of all kinds! We have to do this, or we will all die!