My name is Ronald McCune. My phone is broken so until I get another phone, I will have no phone. You can contact me at my mailing address I live in my car so to contact me until I get a phone or address you can just send mail to me at his house.The reason I am contacting you is to request that all of you to please look into all the things that I am trying to get done before I am no more. I have answers to many of the world’s problems but having answers to problems means nothing if nobody is listening. However, the world is in flames as we got WW3 going on in Ukraine and now WW4 about to go off in the Middle East between Israel and the United States against the whole Arab world. The war that is now just beginning between Israel and the Palestinians will quickly evolve into a much deadlier conflict as soon as the Israeli Army invades the Gaza strip. That invasion will set of a massive military retaliation from the forces that oppose Israel. The armies of Israel will never be able to hold off an attack from all sides of it’s borders as forces who oppose Israel rush into Israel and destroy everything that they can in Israel. All the soldiers and their war weapons and Iron Dome protection will not be able to stop all the invading forces whose goal is to destroy Israel and kick the Jewish population out of the Middle East. Israel is outnumbered in fighting force, Tanks will not help Israel as they become iron coffins, just like the Russians learned in Ukraine. Israel will look like Gaza looks today. Israel will be bombed to the stone age as Arab warriors from around the world join in the massacre of revenge that the Arabs who oppose Israel want.This is the situation that the world is in. The United States is being dragged into this war by Israel and also is responsible for all of this happening in the eyes of the of the Arab world. The rest of the world will also be drawn into the war as the try to save Israel from total destruction. What the world has seen so far in this war pales when compared to what is about to happen to Israel which will look like Germany did after WW2. How will and how can the world pull the Israeli people out of the destroyed rubble that will be what is left of Israel. Israel will exist no more as Israels leave the Middle East and seek shelter elsewhere.That is the situation we all face within weeks. I tried for decades to convince the Israelis and Arabs to make peace instead of war. Now the BIG war is here and there is no peace in sight. I am hoping that the reality of what is about to happen in this conflict will cause all warring parties to pause and take a good look at what it is that we have done and are doing as well as figure out a way to stop it. In this war between the Israeli and the Arabs there is no easy answers to ending the violence. There is too much hate and revenge in the minds of all on the battlefield. Perhaps if everyone sees the future as I tell it then maybe everyone would put down their arms and talk peace so that what I say will be will not be.This Israeli and Palestinian war must be stopped for another important reason. And that reason is that the world’s atmosphere is as of today suffering from human activity. Read my webpage at solutionstoglobalwarming.com and you will learn exactly why our planet Earth is on the verge of changing from the Ice Age and into a whole new way of climate around the whole planet that will cause the end of cilivization as we know it. I explain why this is so on my webpage. All of you have better read my webpage so that all of you learn exactly what global warming is; when global warming started; what causes global warming; and how we can easily end global warming if we all stop flying jet engine airplanes and rockets of all kinds.I am a 72 year old disabled man who is finally getting over a chronic cellulitis flare up episode that I have been dealing with sinch last February. I have chronic cellulitis for about 40 years and every 2-3 years it flares up and I have to get either antibiotic pills or go to the hospital for antibiotic IV treatment in order to bring down the cellulitis infection so that I can live with the infection. This episode of the infection has been the worse flare up I have had in the last 40 years. They gave me the 3 strongest IV antibiotics that they could in February and the had me on antibiotic pills and the more IV antibiotic pills. Yet about a month ago my body went into a sepsis attack as the cellulitis infection started travelling through my blood stream from the infected area and sent my body into a sepsis state. Having no phone, I could not walk or call for help but luckily, I was in my car and was able to drive myself to the hospital.I tell you all of this because I want all of you to please help me to end global warming. With the war in Ukraine and the war between Israel and the Arabs there will make global warming worse and is going to cause massive pressure on our atmosphere to maintain a temperature that will not get hotter.I need your help to stop this atmosphere from getting any hotter. My plan is to have tens of thousands of petitioners to go to every airport and rocket launch pad in the world and LEGALLY AND PEACEFULLY close them down with tens of thousands of petitioners who will PARTY 24/7 at all airports and launch pads while they petition all the people they encounter with the facts about global warming and why people should not fly jet engine airplanes anymore and go back to flying propeller planes only! If we can stop flying jet planes anymore then I am sure that the temperature of our atmosphere will be lowered.Let’s do it! Help me do it! I am disabled and recovering in a nursing home from this cellulitis attack I am now having. I am at the Oxnard Manor health care center in Oxnard, California. I can’t do much at all because I am now in a nursing home with very little strength to do anything. However, I have to do something. My plan was to educate the world about what global warming is so I made a webpage called solutionstoglobalwarming.com and was hoping that educating people to understand global warming would be enough to get people to not fly jet planes anymore. However, after nearly killing myself for the last year and a half trying to go to the beaches of California and educating people, I realized that my age and health prevented me from doing so. I have only one option left and that is to go to rock concerts and school yards and try to use my megaphone to first understand what global warming is and why we have to immediately shut down all major airports and launch pads worldwide! Like I said, I need your help! Will you help me end global warming or not.On my webpage I am arguing with the ChatGPT AI computer about what is global warming and how we can end global warming if we stop flying jet planes and rockets. I have to educate an AI computer about global warming. Read it and learn something! Your future depends on doing what I say you should do! Either do what I say or you will all DIE as human cilivization comes to an end within 3-5 years! I pray that I hear from you. JUST INVESTIGATE what it is that I have to say. Also on my webpage is a link to my Facebook page which has many writings of mine that I have been sending to people around the world hoping to change the world into a better place for all of us to live. Read my Adelynn’s Miracle Beans recipe and diet plan and get educated about how to easily rebuild your body perfectly! I can teach you a lot if you would only listen. I am nearing the end of my life and can only hope that all of you do what I say you should do. Hope to hear from you.