To understand just hard it will be in the future to get food when the panic button is pushed, and everything starts to unravel, just take a walk down your grocery isle and ask yourselves, just how many people does it take to get each food item for me and my family to eat and also everybody within 30 miles and more if you live in cities? Think about the farmers, ranchers, seed suppliers, food processors, food handlers, slaughterhouse workers, distributers, truckers, clerks, inspectors, water and electrical and fuel suppliers and everyone else that will be needed to bring any food item to your table. Every single food item takes a lot of people to work together to make sure that all of you get food every day. All that will end when some and then more and then a massive amount and then everyone panics and take all the food that they can get. Once those grocery stores are emptied out, they will be impossible to fill up again. You have to also realize that most households only have about a week or two weeks of food at their house. Very few people have more than 2 weeks of food at their house. This will cause a big problem in the future when everyone starts searching for food. That is the future all of you face.